The Voice UK: Comedian Matt Lucas and singer Nathan James “get on like a house on fire”

Little Britain star Matt Lucas has reportedly become very close to The Voice wannabe, Nathan James.

Matt, whose husband Kevin McGee committed suicide in 2009, struck up a friendship with Nathan – who we’ll meet on tonight’s edition of The Voice – when they met at a gay bar.

They became a good deal closer after bumping into one another when Nathan auditioned for Les Miserables, in which Matt was starring.

Nathan — who’s also tried out for The X Factor and ITV1’s Superstar — told the Sun, “Matt and I see each other whenever we’re about but he lives part-time in LA…

“Last time I saw him was three weeks ago. He’s helped me to try and book a couple of gigs.

“We don’t go for dinner or anything. If I’m out in town and he’s out in town we say hello — it’s very casual. We’re in the same circles.

“He was in Les Miserables. I had rehearsed for Les Miserables and he complimented me on my voice. It just happened.”
And a friend of Matt’s said, “He and Nathan get on like a house on fire and Matt is always beaming like a Cheshire cat when I see them together.

“There’s a resemblance between Nathan and Kevin who is still desperately missed by Matt.

“Matt and Nathan are friends who enjoy one another’s company when they are out.”

The paper adds, “A spokeswoman for Matt refused to comment last night on his friendship with Nathan.”

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