The Voice UK: Max Milner isn’t happy about having dancers on stage!

It seems there’s a bit of a ruckus backstage on The Voice as some of the finalists have refused to appear on stage with dancers.

And apparently, some of the acts were particularly determined that they wouldn’t have any elaborate routines on-stage after Jessie J claimed that backing dancers had detracted from Sam Buttery’s live show performance.

Of the dancers debacle, Max Milner said, “I personally agreed with Jessie’s comments about Sam Buttery last week.

“I like to think I can hold a stage and have a presence on my own without dancers.

“I can dance and I know dance works, but it really depends on the song. Personally, I’d rather not have dancers…

“I’d rather people just saw me and a guitar. I’d like it to be focused on my vocals.”

And Team Danny star Aleks Josh told Digital Spy, “I have a thing where I won’t sing with dancers. If they give me them, they give me them.

“But I don’t want them. I just want to sing. The meaning is the thing for me. I don’t need to make it any more lively.”

And Bo Bruce added, “I sent Danny an email saying, ‘Don’t let dancers anywhere near me’. He sent one back saying, ‘Don’t you worry’.”

We’ll find out who does or doesn’t use dancers when The Voice UK airs tonight at 7:10PM on BBC1.

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