The Voice UK: Shansel Huseyin gives big regrets after singing “Nessun Dorma”

Shansel Huseyin auditions for The Voice UK 2012

Shansel Huseyin admitted that she was desperate to succeed on The Voice, because all she ever wants to do is sing.

The talented teenager told Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby that she isn’t taught and is definitely not posh and admitted that her vocal skill often surprises people, as they never expect her to be able to sing in an operatice style.

She said:

‘People can’t tell I’m 17 when I sing. My mum says I sound like a 30 year old.”

The brunette beauty doesn’t have a lot of experience behind her either and confessed:

“I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve never performed in front of loads of people. It’s like musical royalty out there isn’t it?”

Dressed in a leopard print dress and bright red belt, the unassuming teenager then proceeded to belt out a stunning rendition of “Nessun dorma”, as performed before her by Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent.

From the first note the coaches looks flabbergasted, but as they failed to run around we could hear the nerves beginning to affect Shansel’s voice and her tuning became a little off at times.

Huseyin looked gutted when she wasn’t chosen for any team, but Tom Jones tried to sweeten the blow by saying:

‘That was beautiful.’

Shansel then admitted she has never had a singing lessons and only started singing opera, when she was ‘taking the mickey out of Katherine Jenkins on the TV’.

Jessie J commented:

“I didn’t turn around because I thought you were going to be a lot older, and I thought I would be intimidated by you.”

Will admitted:

“I’m kicking myself in the butt right now because something told me to turn around, because there is an opportunity to reinvent radio. Then when i turned around and you told me you haven’t had lessons, you’re seventeen years old and you were just taking the mickey out of something you saw on TV, it’s my fault I missed an opportunity to invent here on The Voice. I mean that from the bottom of my heart!”

Do you think the judges were wrong to pass up on the chance to coach Huseyin? Leave your comments below….

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7 Responses to “The Voice UK: Shansel Huseyin gives big regrets after singing “Nessun Dorma””

  1. kim says:

    I can’t believe nobody turned round she was really good I knew she sung opera but I didn’t expect her to be that good. Poor girl I hope someone else in the industry noticed her talent tonight and gives her the break she deserves.

  2. Debs says:

    If there were a ‘wild card’ option, might well get a chance to bring her back. It may be there’s a misunderstanding about what these ‘coaches’ are really after: someone ‘ready to go’, who just needs grooming and polishing for the public and a big record deal; or people whose talent is obvious, but really need COACHING. Hard to tell without feedback.
    This young woman needs to learn how to breathe, her tuning and timing would improve immediately from there on. She could well go far in a competition like this, but not if the ‘coaches’ keep competing for the finished article. Perhaps this show isn’t as much fun as it could really be, if the egos of the successful were not so busy outshining the future stars!

  3. Anthony says:

    This show is turning out to be in direct competition to the XFactor, just different judges and format! At least BGT is giving all types of talent a chance. From JJ’s comment, Susan Boyle wouldn’t have had a look in.
    What chance for people like Shansel, who are not being judged on their voice, but on how old they might be.
    Unfortunately the judges are blinkered, or have been instructed, on what type of music to go for and like Simon Cowell, money rules.
    Or maybe i’m just getting old and can’t stand the screaming and shouting that passes for music these days.

  4. k says:

    I agree with above the programme is called the voice so regardless of whathey thought her age was its not about age its the voice. It defies the object of the show.

  5. Sawyers says:

    That young lady deserves a record deal, I don’t care about fairness, impartiality, honesty or politics. I care for talent. This young lady was magical, the fact she was 17 was the icing on the cake. Few came as hard; and the judges were afraid (especially Jessie J – coward). The future is scary, I know. But she is the future and I ready even if the rest of the world aint.

    Potentially her biggest fan.

  6. London_Massive says:

    She wasn’t good at all. She can’t sing classically – hardly shock of the year: you have to train to be able to sing classically in the same manner you need to train to play classical piano. I get the impression that all these folk who say she’s ‘amazing’ have never, in all respect, bothered to listen to classical music; but then to my ears she was all over the shop: no control whatsoever – couldn’t you all hear that? The judges didn’t turn around for that very reason: she wasn’t very good; the shock on their part was that she was so young: it’s the age factor that made her more salable in their eyes, doesn’t that tell you something about her singing?

    Instead of trying to fake classical singing she should have sung contemporary style – ‘belting’ they call it. Sounds like she has a nice voice, so why go in for the gimmicks?

  7. Jaycee says:

    For all those that knock Shansel just ask yourself “How many 17 year olds do you know of with that raw talent and massive potential?”
    Once she gets the correct voice coach and training, Shansel will polish up into a great performer.
    Look at Britains Got and their opera singer Jonathan. Put these 2 to-gether and you could really have a great pair worth listening to.
    To Will i am, if you do sign her up, and this is not a publicity stunt; which I don’t believe it is; please let us know when you have signed her up once you are no longer under contract to The Voice.
    Trouble on the show is that all 4 judges were listening out for a ready made potential money producing star that slotted neatly into rock,pop or the ballard categories.