The Voice UK wins battle for viewers yet again

It was announced last week that Simon Cowell and ITV bosses had conceded defeat and as of next weekend, BGT will air half-an-hour later at 8.30pm to avoid clashing with BBC’s The Voice.

And today, viewing figures would seem to suggest that that is a wise move as The Voice once again triumphed over BGT with an average of 11.8 million viewers tuning into The Voice as opposed to the 5.8 million who watched BGT during the twenty minutes that the two programmes overlapped.

However, BGT bosses weren’t too disheartened over the figures according to TV Choice magazine, given that a total of 12.2 million tuned into the show last night, and 12.9 million watched on ITV+1.

Meanwhile, The Voice scored a peak audience of 12.1 million overall…

So, when the dust of the time slot change settles, which show do you think will come out strongest?

Personally, I’ve found The Voice auditions relatively dull, but I’m hoping the excitement factor will ramp up significantly during the Battle Rounds, which kick off next weekend.

And the only reason I’ve stayed on to watch the last twenty minutes of The Voice on a Saturday is because I have BGT recording and can, therefore, wazz through the adverts.

Do you do the same?

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