The Voice: thinks Jessie J was a fool to pick Ruth Ann St Luce

Ruth Ann St Luce may have made the judges on The X Factor laugh, when she gave Simon Cowell a new nickname during her audition back in 2010, but the young singer was much more divisive when she tried out for The Voice earlier this year.

Ruth performed ‘Run’ (the Leona Lewis version) for the panel and soon into the song Jessie J turned in her chair. But after watching his pal spin, burst out laughing and later explained:

‘I wasn’t laughing at the girl singing, I was laughing at the state that Jessie J is in right now.

“She picked a girl that she shouldn’t have picked, because she was all over the place.”

Danny O’Donoghue didn’t understand Jessie’s decision either and commented:

“She was singing in a different key to the song!”

However, Jess was adamant that she had chosen well and not just out of desperation and insisted:

“Yeah, she did go off pitch, but I’m here to work on someone I feel could be phenomenal and I think she is definitely that person.”

“She’s 17, I couldn’t sing like that when I was 17!”

Do you think Jessie got it right, or did the boys have a point? Leave your comments below….

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