The Voice’s says Michael Jackson wanted to duet with Cheryl Cole before his death

Michael Jackson was keen to meet and possibly work with Cheryl Cole, according to her manager

The Black Eyed Peas star previously worked with the late singer and collaborated with the star on a number of unreleased songs. In an interview with The People this weekend, he revealed that during one of the last chats he had with the ‘Bad’ hitmaker, he expressed an interest in working with the former X Factor judge.

Will told the newspaper that he was penning a song for Michael before he passed away in 2009 and explained that he told Jackson all about his new pal Cole.

“I told Michael Cheryl was the hottest thing in the UK and he was keen to meet her,” said. “I was gonna write them a song.”

Will has accepted a seat on the judging panel of the new BBC talent show The Voice, which debuts on BBC One later this month. He previously hinted that he has arranged for Cheryl to perform her new single, from her third debut album, on one of the live episodes.

One thing that Cole won’t be doing, is returning to The X Factor, as she took to Twitter last week to tell fans that she is sick of all the speculation surrounding her and the ITV show.

Chez will make her big screen debut later this year, as she recently filmed a cameo for Hollywood movie ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting.’ You can watch a video of the beauty in the film trailer here.

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4 Responses to “The Voice’s says Michael Jackson wanted to duet with Cheryl Cole before his death”

  1. OllieOllieOllieOiOiOi says:

    HAHAAHA this made me laff so hard.. a leged like him wantin 2 sing with a nobody like her.. dont make me laff.. hed probs never heard of her! now hes died its easy to say fings like that.. and shes the hottest thing in the uk? ive sin betta looking girls with more brains on the underground!

  2. DannyBoy87 says:

    Urrrmmmm na shes not the hottest thing in the uk shes a no1 and shes not even pretty unless shes airbrushed….. ive ad betta lyk

  3. Jem says:

    Those 2 comments are by the same person using different names – and I bet it’s a woman :-D

  4. nick says:

    @ dannyboy87 and @ ollieOllieOllieOiOiOi, I agree with both of you. Cheryl is an overated nobody!