Wife Swap Surprise!

After watching prudish Wilma Tofts on Mondays Wife Swap show I was fooled into believing she was the perfect housewife and mother, and spent the rest of the evening with a guilty awareness of my shortcomings and failings in both roles.

Imagine my shock when I read todays Daily Record and found out that Wilma (really what mother chooses a name like that, it’s no wonder she turned out like she did!) is not so squeaky clean after all.

In fact she is a bit of a wannabe and craves fame at any cost. So much so that she whipped up her top and bared her boobs at last years Big Brother auditions.

They musn’t have been much to look at though as she had to settle for the less popular Wife Swap instead. I wonder what she will pop up (or out) on next!

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