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The latest X Factor 2014 news: Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole return!

X Factor: Mel B warned NOT to go partying whilst at judges’ houses, but where are the judges off?

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X Factor bosses may be brave, or a little bit stupid as they’ve warned Mel B that she must NOT go partying under any circumstances whilst at judges’ houses… you’d have thought they’d have warned the contestants, but nope, this wild judge needs a warning of her own.

It has been reported that Mel B is set to jet off to Cancun for judges’ houses this year with her category, which could prove to be a bit of a disaster.
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Sinitta hints at X Factor judges’ rivalry? Mel B is “Queen” & Louis Walsh won’t be cowed by Cheryl Cole

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It’s no secret that X Factor judges Cheryl Cole – or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini as she now might be – and Louis Walsh don’t get on, which is primarily thanks to lingering resentment of their former relationship when Louis was manager of Cheryl’s group, Girls Aloud.

And in fact, ahead of the judging line-up being revealed this year, it was widely reported that Cheryl was hoping Simon Cowell would not invite Louis back onto the panel in the show’s new run… Read more & comment »

Cheryl Cole’s dad forced to move out of “unsafe” council house! Spare room at Chez Fernandez-Versini?

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Though Cheryl Cole has only just wed her French beau Jean-Bernard, it seems their honeymoon period could be interrupted by a visit from Tweedy in-laws…

And that’s because apparently Cheryl’s dad Garry Tweedy has had to move out of his council house in Newcastle as the entire row of houses on the street has been condemned and deemed unsafe for human habitation. Read more & comment »

X Factor Flash Vote is gone for good! Nicole Scherzinger & Dannii Minogue to make a comeback?

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There’s good news for fans of X Factor who hated the Flash Vote as it’s been revealed that it has been ditched and won’t be coming back…

The controversial voting system was introduced last year, and saw viewers given just 10 minutes to vote for their favourite singers.

Once voting was closed, then the two singers with the least votes were in a sing-off the following day – Sunday – and one would subsequently be eliminated. Read more & comment »

Simon Cowell’s partner Lauren Silverman just loves “girl’s girls” Cheryl Cole & Amanda Holden

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When it was revealed last year that X Factor boss Simon Cowell was set to become a father for the first time, the rumour mill went into overdrive as it was simultaneously reported that the mother of his child was the wife of Cowell’s then close friend, Andrew Silverman.

And while Simon’s former lover and right-hand woman Sinitta reacted badly to the news, the majority of Cowell’s inner circle said nothing and chose only to congratulate him on the news that he was set to be a daddy. Read more & comment »

X Factor wannabes sign up to be marketed in space or in fact, anywhere in the universe?

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Ahead of the last run of Britain’s Got Talent, it was reported that show boss Simon Cowell realised that by only signing singers to his label Syco, he was missing a trick or two, given that acts such as dance troupe Diversity have gone on to make a fortune after their time on the show.

So with that in mind, the music mogul apparently had his lawyers write up a contract that each and every finalist had the choice whether to sign or not, but of course, if they did sign on the dotted line and went on to achieve a good level of success, Cowell would get a cut of the profits. Read more & comment »

Cheryl Cole to REMARRY Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini this week after family’s upset over secret wedding!

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When it was revealed last week that X Factor judge Cheryl Cole had wed her French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini during a secret ceremony on the paradise island of Mustique, the hush-hush nuptials raised a number of eyebrows within the showbiz world…

And of course, given how fast the pair got hitched – having been dating for just three months – there was speculation that perhaps Cheryl is pregnant, or even that it was all a publicity stunt designed to boost sales of her new album. Read more & comment »

Cheryl Cole says she returned to X Factor as she has “unfinished business” Simon Cowell

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After Simon Cowell embarrassingly sent Cheryl Cole packing from her new job on X Factor USA only days after she took on the role, unsurprisingly, dozens of media reports claimed that Cheryl was livid and that she would never forgive the music mogul for humiliating her so publicly.

Then, at the end of the last series of X Factor UK, when it was first revealed that Simon was headed back to the show as head judge, it was mooted that he was doing everything in his power to lure Cheryl back, as well as her fellow former judge, Dannii Mingoue… Read more & comment »

Cheryl Cole responds to pregnancy rumours? Nicola Roberts is just glad she’s happy!

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Ever since X Factor judge Cheryl Cole announced on Instagram that she had wed Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini – assuming the wedding was in fact actually registered in the wake of a mix-up regarding the groom’s hugely long list of names – earlier this month, there’s hardly an hour goes by without a new headline about the couple surfacing.

And as we reported yesterday, after a friend of Jean’s called Cheryl his “baby momma”, speculation that Cheryl is pregnant was rife. Read more & comment »

Cheryl Cole PREGNANT?! Friend of hubby Jean Bernard calls her his ‘baby momma’

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When X Factor judge Cheryl Cole took to Instagram to announce that she had married her French beau Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, more than a few sceptical peeps took to Twitter to moot the suggestion that it was all a big publicity stunt, dreamt up by Cheryl’s PR team to help flog her new album.

The consensus of opinion on the social media site however was that idea was just plain stupid and noted that if the whole thing was a publicity stunt, then surely a secret wedding with next to no guests was so low-key, it didn’t even register on the PR radar. Read more & comment »