Before X Factor 2012 results are revealed Christopher Maloney denies trying to strangle Janette Galbraith!

Christopher Maloney has denied claims that he attacked a co-star when he was performing on cruise ships.

The X Factor hopeful is on tenterhooks, waiting to hear if he has made it through to next week’s X Factor semi final but before he takes to the stage, as Dermot O’Leary reveals which two acts will perform in the sing off, the 34 year old has had to face yet another day of accusations.

He’s been called a diva and a loner in recent weeks and last night Gary Barlow blasted his fellow judges for acting like Chris had ‘killed somebody’ but that’s almost exactly what the newspapers are implying today. They are claiming that Maloney once tried to strangle a fellow cruise ship performer.

Janette Galbraith told The Mirror that she once shared a cabin with the Liverpudlian, when they both performed on board a cruise ship and explained that they never really got on.

She said that the crooner acted very much like a diva back then too and one night she set him straight, told him exactly what she and the other performers thought of him and apparently sent him over the edge.

She said:

“I gave him a few home truths about what the other singers and dancers ­really thought of him. I told him that no one liked him.

“Suddenly he flipped. His face totally changed. It was like he was someone else. His eyes started to burn red and he began shouting.”

Janette added:

“He lunged towards me and grabbed me around the throat. I screamed and tried to get him off.

“Somehow I managed to get loose and ran out of the cabin, crying. I cried for hours that night.”

Galbraith revealed though that there will be no official record of the attack, because she didn’t report him to officials….she says out of fear.

She was moved cabins and says she didn’t speak to the singer after the incident, though she claimed that he never once apologised for his behaviour or spoke about the argument.

The tension between them didn’t last for long, as Janette says a short time later Christopher was thrown off the ship for drinking in front of passengers. She added:

“I was so relieved.

“We went our separate ways and I just tried to forget about him.”

Unreality TV contacted the X Factor team about the allegations and were told that Chris denies the allegations fully. A spokesperson on behalf of Christopher Maloney said:

“Chris denies the allegations.”

Many fans of Chris have been reacting against this story online and some believe that Simon Cowell and his SYCO team are behind the claims and are using the newspapers to force Maloney out of the competition.

One fan messaged Unreality TV saying:

“if this show is not willing to sign every possible winner of the show then they should stop it.what they are doing now is so sickening,disgusting and violating human decency and morality,so far its the dirtiest and scandalous show i’ve ever watched. [sic]“

A supporter named Lynsey added:

“As I said on Twitter, what perfect timing for a story like this to come out. After all, the “diva” stuff didn’t work, so they had to pull out the big guns to try and stop people voting for him. Who cares if it’s most likely a load of rubbish?

Seriously, the media witchhunt is getting boring now. It’s overshadowing the whole show.”

Sarah Jane continued:

“Fishy how this all comes to light a week after Tulisa lost all her acts & we all know how bitter & spiteful she was about Christopher getting further than any of Tulisa’s girls. I wouldn’t put it past her to hire someone to make up this kinda story about him because I’ve seen the lengths she went to last year with lying about Misha B being a bully & the fact she & louis have made up huge, malicious stories about his diva, arrogant, fake behaviour which has “alienated” the whole group of contestants against him. I mean common, if she can lie about something like that, she can tell lies about anything in my opinion. However this kinda lie is 100 steps too far, accusing someone of attempted murder!! Bloody hell! [sic]“

What do you think X Factor fans? Is Chris violent or is this all being cooked up to keep him out of the final? Leave your comments below…

Here’s a reminder of one of Chris’ performances last night, and you can see where we ranked him in our quarterfinal charts by clicking here…

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18 Responses to “Before X Factor 2012 results are revealed Christopher Maloney denies trying to strangle Janette Galbraith!”

  1. Tahaweh says:

    All you Christopher Maloney supporters need to drop the
    scales from your eyes. This guy is a loner and not prepared to blend with the others. All he wants is to win! This tells you a lot about him and I think it is rubbish to think Simon Cowell started this. I hope he leaves tonight as I don’t like him nor trust him. Liverpool is only voting for one of their own, but one is not a goodun.

    • G says:

      Not a fan of his but the treatment he has received is despicable. It isn’t just Liverpool voting for him and to think so is abit naive imo.

    • Roger says:

      “All he wants is to win” – Yes, everybody else. This is all about winning, that´s all they call a CONTEST. This is not high school anymore.

    • Roger says:

      “All he wants is to win” – Yes, everybody else. This is all about winning, that´s all they call a CONTEST. This is not high school anymore.

    • Lynsey says:

      He wants to win – of course he does. Neither he nor anyone else would be in it if they didn’t.

      As for saying his supporters should drop the scales from their eyes, maybe you need to open your own eyes and not see every little thing that is written about him as the gospel truth about him. Fact is, none of us know what the contestants are really like. We only know them from the performances they give and the stories told about them. For the record while I may look like I defend Christopher I’m not a fan – his style isn’t really my thing. I just don’t like the way he has been turned into the show’s whipping boy because he and also Rylan have dared to be in longer than some other contestants – which isn’t their fault at all.

  2. G says:

    She didn’t go to the police. Some might say how convenient.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah because if you’re afraid of someone the first thing you do is go to the police, there’s no way the person who attacked you will find out. Fear can easily stop someone from reporting an attack. Don’t be so bloody ignorant.

  3. Roger says:

    I can see Simon´s gang searching all around Liverpool trying to find someone who would go to the press to say rubbish about Chris in exchange of money. And Janette Galbraith was the chosen one. I guess now she´s got more money by lying than what she could get in all her life by singing. #loser

    • Sue says:

      For the record, Simon Cowell, nor the producers scoured to find someone to lie about Christopher Maloney. I personally know Janette Galbraith and she WAS his co-star on the cruise ship, she is not some random person elicited for scandal. It was her own decision to tell her story for her own reasons. Comments have been made about how ‘convenient’ it was she did not go to the police, but she was on a ship in the middle of the ocean and when you have to work with the same people day in, day out you do tend to not make official complaints. Think about it people, if this story was not at all true then Christoper Maloney would be suing her for defamation of character!

  4. Lynn says:

    They did this to another act, sadly it paid off as Danyl never recovered the nasty press, and this guy has so far, he is not my cuppa tea, but this is bullying now, and I hate bullying. Leave the man alone, he has every right to be there, the public put him there, and have voted him back each week. If they cannot get him out by normal means, they will make up this type of story and hope the public will not vote, actually makes me want to vote for the guy! so it could backfire big time on the producers and Slimon C.

  5. Phil says:

    As they say – you shouldn’t always believe what is in the papers.

    No crime if somebody is a loner – To me Jahmene is as well and we have heard and can understand the reasons for that – we don’t seem to be hearing why Christopher is like he is, from the one person who can tell the truth – himself.

    Give the guy credit for putting himself in front of the circus that this show has become and the publicity it brings with it. For him & Rylan to take the constant crap they have got since day 1, to me they have proved themselves to be a lot braver than the ones hiding behind computers / phones and writing such twaddle.

    Of course they want to win the show and who knows what will happen. neither would be my choice to win but there is always a chance of that happening and if it does then fair enough as nobody can say they haven’t been made to work hard for it.

  6. billbo says:

    why wont louie and tulisa grow up jarmane is definetly going to win if pinky and perky dont run him down to

  7. derek says:

    on his merits chris is where is he by the pubic vote…the alleged attack is wihtout merit, becoz nothing was reported. and never would have come to light, until he appeared on xfactor….it makes one like myself very suspicious…..that its a lie….and the panel cant fault his singing…so he would have my vote….a lot of people with money could also have their sights on chris….making sure he does’t get through….but hes the peoples champ….without doubt

  8. Ray says:

    This is bullying, trying to push Christopher from the contest, actually this makes me want to vote for the Christopher..

  9. kerry says:

    So what if chris is a loner,if i was him i would not want to mix with the others either,i mean what has he got in common if any of them,CHRIS CAN SING,they cant,the sweet looking boy band,goody jahmene and mean and moody james,chris and rylan are the only ones worth watching.

  10. Ella Henderson, James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas Massive Fan!!!!!!! says:

    I hope that Christopher and Rylan are in the bottom 2. Rylan’s a genuine, nice, funny person and a brilliant entertainer (he’s 3 times better than Jedward and that’s hard to do as an entertainer but Rylan has done just that). Christopher’s a strong vocalist but he’s absolutely desperate to get votes, really annoying and uses the same “well, the public are voting for me, I’m the public’s choice, I was the wildcard and they voted me through.” I admit, I used to really like him. When he first auditioned, I thought, “Wow” because he was a great vocalist and he seemed like a very nice, nervous guy but he wasn’t what you’d call “amazing.” By Judges Houses, I still liked him, possibly not as much as I did when he auditioned, but I thought, “Christopher’s good but Carolynne Poole is a country sensation, Melanie Masson is a magnificent, roof-tearing, Janis Jopplin-like singer and Kye Sones had a great voice with a nice bit of soul flowing out of his mouth.” So, I basically knew that Christopher was out and he was until Dermot revealed that the judges could pick wildcards. Christopher was the obvious choice. But I thought Amy Moutram would win the 13th place in the Final 12 as she had a lot of soul, something that is rather amiss in Christopher’s voice. Week 1: Christopher’s was getting a bit cheesy but still good performance. Week 2: Boring. Week 3: He gets a bit desperate for votes and starts to annoy me, still strong performance. Week 4: He gets really annoying and his voice is getting so predictable and why are really good singers going out while he stays. From that day onwards, I stop being a Maloney fan…………………. Week 7: Jame Arthur and Ella Henderson in the bottom 2. Ella leaves in deadlock. Ella was the best of the lot!!!! She must return the final won’t be the same without her!!!! Christopher and Rylan stays. Unbelievable. Utterly shocking. My body swells with anger. This is just not on!!! Stop voting for them!!! Vote for Union J, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.

  11. Ella Henderson, James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas Massive Fan!!!!!!! says:

    But anyway, I do admit that this is sickening. Accusing someone of murder just because you want him out of the competition. That’s not right.

  12. Lynne says:

    Leave him alone he wouldn’t get this far if he couldn’t sing you are trying to make him quit, we’ll tuff he is excellent and if you didn’t like him you shouldn’t of put him through