Britain’s Got Talent: Loveable Rogues cried after audition and performed with The Voice’s Jaz Ellington

The Loveable Rogues have admitted that they were so moved by the positive reaction of the judges when they tried out for Britain’s Got Talent, that they cried as they left the stage.

The London trio were featured on the ITV show on Saturday night and were seen wowing the crowd and the panel with their quirky self penned track ‘Love Sick.’

David Walliams said he would buy their album and Simon Cowell loved their personalities as well as their musical skills and that feedback was a little too much for Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay and Té Eugene.

Eddie told Lorraine Kelly:

‘He was welling us up all, his eyes were filled when I turned around, he was quivering.’

He added:

‘We seen him on the adverts and stuff like that and said ‘Te you’re crying’ and he was like ‘no I’m not!’

But is just such an emotional journey that we have been on so far and I’m so happy that we’ve done it as the three of us, because we can go through it together.’

The boys were so amazed and shocked by the reaction and positive comments they received, that they couldn’t remember a word of it when they got home and Sonny joked:

‘We couldn’t remember what happened on the day, so we were terrified watching it. It just whizzed past.’

The Loveable Rogues have been praised for their individuality since they appeared on the hit TV series and for the fact that they performed an original track instead of a cover version.

They revealed that it was their need to be original that inspired them to audition for BGT instead of The Voice or The X Factor and explained:

“That’s one of the reasons why we decided to go on Britain’s Got Talent, because it gives you this platform where you can do things like that and we’ve gone the hard way doing loads of gigs, so we’ve naturally started to write songs that you can just listen to and it feels like you already know it.

We get that quite a lot, people asking ‘what song did you cover, who is the artist?’.’

Meanwhile, it turns out that the trio have links with one contestant on their rival BBC show, as they revealed that they have previously performed with Jaz Ellington, who is a finalist on The Voice UK.

Jaz was seen triumphing in his battle round performance with Jay Norton on Saturday night and therefore winning himself a place in Team Will. Explaining how they know each other, The Loveable Rogues said:

‘We did a showcase with him last year in London and he is just incredible. It’s nice that we have both got this opportunity now, because the industry is changing and it’s hard to be seen and this is a great opportunity for both of us.’

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