Cheryl Cole says her love for Tre Holloway is “intense” as she adds that he’s “like family!”

Cheryl Cole has of course been dating dancer Tre Holloway – whose real name is Walter – for months now, but for the majority of the time, the former X Factor judge has remained fairly tight lipped about the romance…

However, in an interview with The Sun this weekend, Cheryl – who has of course recently re-launched her Girls Aloud career – has opened up about Tre, and about how much he means to her.

She told the paper, “I am experiencing a really intense situation [with Tre].

“There’s an intensity, there’s a trust, there’s a love — a genuine love.

“He is very experienced in what he is doing. He is a ridiculously talented character.”

On Friday, after Cheryl and Tre left LA and headed home to London – where Cheryl has been signing copies of her book at the Corinthia Hotel, which is of course where the X Factor finalists are staying – Cheryl also spoke about her plans to spend Christmas with her family.

And she had particular praise for her brother Gary, seemingly apropos of not a lot.

She said, “My little brother Gary is vital to me, he keeps it extremely real — some might say too real.

“He’ll tell me if he thinks something’s rubbish, no problem.

“It’s lovely to have the comfort of a bit of home. Someone who knows me from my old life. I love having him around.”

And while offering up the first hint that she may marry Tre, she concluded, “I love having people around who feel like family.”

*Rushes out to buy a hat.

Here’s a reminder of Cheryl and Tre on-stage earlier this year…

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