Cheryl Cole & Tulisa Contostavlos to get revenge on X Factor’s Simon Cowell by signing for Strictly Come Dancing 2013?

cheryl cole

BBC bosses are keen to poach two of the X Factor’s biggest stars for their new series it has been reported.

Sources say that producers are desperate to sign both Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos for the 2013 run of the dance competition, in a bid to hit back at rival TV show The X Factor.

The two reality TV series’ go head to head each autumn and for the last two years Strictly has consistently won the weekly ratings battle. They are hoping to further their lead this year by signing up two former judges from the ITV singing show it has been claimed.

Cheryl has very much avoided any sort of TV work ever since Simon Cowell sacked her from The X Factor USA back in 2011 and even though he has repeatedly insisted that she is welcome to rejoin the UK show at any time, she has so far refused to make a return.

cheryl cole, kimberley walsh

Cole is a huge Strictly fan and last year was in the studio twice to watch her best friend Kimberley Walsh perform. She also gave a live performance on the show herself.

The BBC source told The Express:

“She was completely entranced by the dancing. She’s an enormous fan, and I think watching Kimberly made her keener than ever. It would be a great coup if we got her.”

Tulisa on the other hand left The X Factor in a much more low key manner but weeks after being dropped she was arrested on suspicion of assisting in a drug deal and is currently on police bail.


The BBC source said: “This could be the ideal way for her to make a fresh start.”

Strictly returns to our screens in September and other stars said to be considering a stint include Tory MP and former I’m A Celebrity contestant Nadine Dorries and football star Fabrice Muamba.

Do you think Cheryl and Tulisa should take part? Leave your comments below…..

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19 Responses to “Cheryl Cole & Tulisa Contostavlos to get revenge on X Factor’s Simon Cowell by signing for Strictly Come Dancing 2013?”

  1. Daryl Gomm says:

    Cheryl – Yes

    Tulisa – No

    I think Cheryl Cole would be an excellent addition to the show but this show is far too classy for Tulisa.

    Only thing is I think Cheryl is slightly above the show.

  2. Sarah Jones says:

    Both should say yes to BBC as I think Cheryl would have good dance skills and Tulisa needs to get her career on track, I think Tulisa would be a good partner for Brendan.

  3. chants says:

    if either of these two are on SCD then i won’t be watching, i can’t stand either of these two.

    • emily lou says:

      That’s your problem, leave Cheryl alone a lot of people would like to see her on the show thank you

  4. Nikk says:

    I want them both It will be incredible to be there I hope so they say yes

  5. sandra says:

    yes to both very hot women cant wait to see simon face when he is told hahahaha

  6. vivien says:

    Please not cheryl but defo tulisia

  7. Rhys says:

    Yes I’m sure BBC would hire Tulisa for the show considering she’s part of a massive drug scandal at the moment! Another article made up…

    Cheryl would be great on the show though, but I think she’s too big for it and the show is too bland for her personality.

  8. emily lou says:

    Yes to both of them Cheryl would be fantastic
    I would love to see these two on the show

  9. Hazel says:

    Doubtful! I mean Tulisa’s not even gone to court yet so its a bit risky for the BBC, and Cheryl is too big a star for the show surely?!

  10. trigger says:

    Cheryl will never be employed by the BBC. Greedy Tweedy is all about money, money. Personally Im sick of the lip syncing, show pony.

    • jerry Lee says:

      Do you enjoy spending most of your life, looking through Cheryl articles just to say the same thing over and over again, again I’ll ask, do you know Cheryl personally as you seem to think you know her inside out.

      • trigger says:

        Oh stop jumping on anyone who has an opinion different to your deluded obsession of Cheryl Cole. Don’t you see? Its kid’s like you who are turning people off her.

      • jerry lee says:

        First of all, i’m not obsessed with Cheryl, I’m just annoyed by your own deluded obsession with spending time, looking through almost every Cheryl article just to say the same thing over and over again.

    • emily lou says:

      I agree with jerry Lee seems it’s you that has the obsession with Cheryl Cole, you need to get a life and leave her alone, and stop acting like a kid or in your case a goat

  11. Paul says:

    I agree with trigger. Her erm “product” is well spent.