Christopher Maloney already cut from X Factor 2013 tour ad – has he been dropped?

Eagle eyed Twitter users have claimed that Christopher Maloney has already been cut from an advertisement for the upcoming X Factor tour.

The 34 year old finished the show in third place on Saturday night and had already won a place in the tour lineup, along with five other contestants. However, it was reported this morning that he was facing being cut by bosses, after he showed up to Manchester Central Arena yesterday and behaved abusively to staff and fellow singers.

Insiders say the Liverpudlian was a little hung over, after going on a bender in a Mancunian gay club the night before and was less than pleased when he arrived for rehearsals of the last ever group performance, and discovered he would only have one line in the Christmas medley.

It’s been claimed that he kicked off, big style, using some very offensive language towards Carolynne Poole and causing chaos backstage as he yelled at producers.

He apparently stormed off, insisting that he was going home to Liverpool but returned to the venue later when the contestants were on stage. When he was told it was too late to perform, he left again and later took to Twitter to accuse staff of inciting a ‘witchhunt’. He had some choice words for Poole too.

His tweets, his abusive behaviour and his general conduct are said to have angered bosses and Metro have claimed that they are currently trying to find a way to stop him coming on tour with Ella Henderson, Union J, District 3, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.

The fact that he’s already been cut from an ad airing on TV tonight could mean that they’ve already made up their mind!

What do you think of the whole drama? Would you like to see Chris on tour? Leave your comments below…

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28 Responses to “Christopher Maloney already cut from X Factor 2013 tour ad – has he been dropped?”

  1. kaz harper says:

    if christopher isnt on that tour im not going, he is the only reason i got a ticket :/

  2. rockinsue says:

    chris should be there he was the peoples choice and those who spent their time and money voting for him should get to see him

  3. Alfie says:

    I voted for him! Looks like he is not a nice person!

  4. Lisa says:

    I think its in absolute joke if he has been dumped from the tour producers should put themselves where he was and what he went through he was bullied terrible on the show and x factor should be ashamed of themselves for letting it go on for so long. Even if he did have a rant last night he has had had weeks of death threats bullying so maybe he hada bit of a meltdown.

  5. Julie Franklin says:

    He was the people’s choice by being voted in wild card then top of the votes for first 7 weeks and coming 3rd so HE DESERVES PLACE IN TOUR……

    After all the abuse he and his family and fans have endured over the weeks without any support from xfactor and obvious hype in pr in last few weeks to ensure he left then one blip in all these weeks is understandable. Give him some space people and hope he is ok – dont like this culture developing where ppl love to be so nasty and revel in others misfortune.

  6. jesse says:

    i didnt like chris bolony i mean malony i liked rylan
    i think the boses should grt divafever to replace him on tour xxxxxx

  7. lorraine robson says:

    christopher was the peoples choice he deserves to be on the tour i think that’s why everybody’s going why are people making things up to give him a bad name you cant drop him from the tour you people are going to far with the bullying if hes not going i hope you have millions of pounds to refund everybody hes put up with abuse from judges ,contestants , the papers and even celebrities and hes not once retaliated other contestants such as carolyn even got he fans involved in the bulling and you thing shes done nothing wrong? if you drop him a lot of people are gonna be really angry after all we are only going for him your not been fair at all

    • Robert says:

      The people voted for Barabas! Lets put it this way the reality check that stunned the Country was finding James and Ella in the bottom two. That was the end of Christopher. The audience at Manchester booed him! The TV producers cut to a commercial and told the audience off!
      This is the most likely reason for dropping him because of the very real possibility that he will be booed at every venue on the live Tour. I suspect that the live Christopher can’t cut the ice with the other 6 Acts! I blame the TV Producers for their failures in X Factor 2012

  8. Mandy says:

    If he has been abusive to the production staff then he shouldn’t still have a place on the tour. If member of staff working for me is abusive to another member of staff then they would be dismissed for gross misconduct. Why should Christopher be any different!!

  9. Max says:

    Sorry people, it seems some of you missed the show last night.

    James Arthur was the people’s choice.

  10. Jane says:

    Phoney Maloney – it was all an act – he finally showed his true colours ! He had a fantastic opportunity to change his life and he blew it .

  11. Lynsey says:

    On the one hand, he should be on the tour seeing as he came third. On the other, if he has been abusive to staff on the show and being unprofessional then it would be better if he was left out. Sad for the people who wanted to see him (rightly or wrongly), but it would probably do him a favour. I honestly think the man is on the verge of a meltdown.

  12. Leesa says:

    After his disgraceful treatment by ‘judges’ and newspapers vile reporting its a wonder it took him so long to respond …..this year we have witnessed an all time low X Factor. The only winner is slimy simon !!!!
    Christopher entered a singing competition and did not deserve bullying, public humiliation and death threats.
    Whether you like his singing or not there is nothing the man can do that’s not met with public hatred.

  13. Robert says:

    Percentages without the number of votes can be very misleading! If say less than 1 million voted. I do not believe that Christopher was the popular choice because the independant surveys produced the opposite results! Instead we seem to be looking at gay power faction voting. Christophers real background has been withheld and as the lid has been lifted a different and diffident personality has emerged. He is the cuckoo in the X Factor nest 2012 and we can now all see this! Chuck this Diva off of the X Factor tour

  14. Anne Welbourne says:

    I am utterly discussed the way Christopher has been bullied and treat..he only did his best, it’s outrageous how the judges and members of the public have treat chris…you should all be ashamed of yourselves..chris should be allowed to go on tour as he has a lot of fans including me. Leave the poor man alone

  15. Anne Welbourne says:

    GROW UP You chris haters and give the poor bloke a chance…go pick on somebody else

  16. kat says:

    not so “nervous” now is he?! And he was on twitter saying he had a ‘sore throat’ and the Dr signed him off. yeah, ok then. I love it when these people go on these shows and get ideas above their station. I might buy tickets now he isn’t going to be there. all we need to do is get rid of Rylan and it would be perfect. :)

  17. Tony Maloney says:

    I want Chris to be in the tour so that people can tease him.

  18. Lisa Burton says:

    Rylan has already created a career & has a £250,000 deal with CBB. Furthermore, Rylan declined bad mouthing that BLEEP! Rylan has … class & that is one main trait Maloney will [never] have. People are already demanding refunds [if] Maloney on tour, adding to this sorry state of affairs extra security [if] Maloney allowed back – so, Cowell is to be praised for his ‘feelings’ as to that BLEEP & destroying the XF & Maloney being ‘cut’ from the ads’ is stating the obvious. Maloney oozed craziness, speech, behaviour,body language,dress-sense, overall persona. He displayed his gratitude to his ‘fan’s’ by celebrating his ‘winning’ [before] the actual vote, wasting whatever few bob on champagne & drag queens!! while his elderly, true ‘fans’s dipped n2 their pensions to vote for him – hope Maloney remembers their kindness when the freezing weather kick’s in..NOT, too busy selling yarns of his saddo version of being ‘bullied’. Go away you sozzled hasbeen & apologise to the people you hurt.

  19. Kat Heferman says:

    Definitely should not go on tour – something not right about all the so called voting for him – so not genuine – phony maloney fits what the general public see

  20. Ghee says:

    This is the first time ever, that a person who actually liked by the public, unfortunately hated by Louis and Simon. And those other Candidates who are now booked to do the Xfactor Concert Tour was trained to tell something bad against this poor Man, Maloney! Or else, they wouldn’t join the Tour! Simon Cowell can buy puppets, can fixed Shows, can kick out any good judges, and those rubbish and idiots like Tulisa and Louis stayed. Simon Cowell and Louis suffers from mental disorder. As Gary said, Maloney is forced out of that Show!

    • Robert says:

      Ghee the problem is that he was booed by the LIVE audience at Manchester. The Tour is LIVE performances. The Judges were responding to their and the live audiences response. I suspect there is a distinct difference between the Live Christopher and the TV edited version. I think that the in the flesh version can be foul mouthed and he was a DIVA. Nasty eyes and frankly creepy and very very cheesy

  21. Nick says:

    Yes of course Christopher should be allowed on the tour. If he does not appear then I won’t be watching X Factor again or should I say the Fake Factor. Christopher was the people’s choice and I don’t see the bosses axing Tulisa or Louis Walsh who are both horrible people. Not to mention the abuse he took from them week after week. Don’t think I need to say any more but watch this space…

    • Robert says:

      But the problem Nick is he was booed by the LIVE audiences! The telephone voting was completely at variance with surveys and polls. What we don’t know is the number of votes as a proportion of the numbers of viewers. What is very clear is that his votes collapsed after week six and he was nearly eliminated at the semi final! So the message from the phone votes actually is that Christopher had become past his peak! His support was collapsing. Another X Factor five minute wonder thats Christopher.

  22. nelson says:

    chris maloney is good singer very unique very talent

  23. Lisa Burton says:

    Robert: Happy N.Y. and back to this sorry saga of CM & the Xf tour. Yep, hes’ allowed back but with seperate dressing room & rehersals set aside due to the dislike from the other acts. Methinks seperate bus/arena/town…Wembley are baying for his (CM) arrival & whilst this being sad he has only himself to blame. He was warned to stay off Twitter but returned & due to his ‘gobby’ posts there was a severe backlash which involved his ‘Nan’.
    I guess with £100,000 at stake he will suffer the boos & continue but, I doubt if he will last the full duration as the boos will be overbearing which will have him departing, getting paid & blame bullying…again.
    By the by, can someone explain how he (CM) got ‘offers’ of deals 20 minutes after he was voted out? Wasn’t he still on stage? so either a pigeon carrier, smoke signals or a text!!
    He must have the rear of a rihno or, so desperate for the fee he’ll tolerate anything. Can’t see him surviving the complete tour especially in my zip zone – London (Wembley Arena). Something seriously amiss with this man & he’ll either crack-up (suing XF) or perhaps he’s still trying to catch his ‘dream’.
    Good luck to him…

  24. carolyn Morris says:

    I went to see the x factor show on Friday night in Cardiff ,and between Chris and Ryland ,they stole the show His stage presence was magic , his voice fantastic , Why is it that some have to be spiteful and put the boot in for this young man ,In fact the winner didnt hold a candle to Christopher Perhaps if he wasnt pushed and bullied ,he wouldnt have lashed out at anyone good luck Chris Maloney ,you deserve a break :)

    • Robin says:

      Really glad you liked Chris. Its sad but the live X Factor audiences booed him! Both have previous entertainment experience and this obviously helps them. Now for a reality check! Neither Ryland nor Chris are original artists nor recording Stars. All that glisters isn’t GOLD!