Christopher Maloney offered a record deal & preps for X Factor tour!

chris maloney

Christopher Maloney has been offered a record deal he has confirmed.

The Liverpudlian finished third on The X Factor last year and even though his time on the show was marred with controversy, it seems that there are record labels out there willing to work with the former cruise ship singer.

James Arthur won the series and automatically landed himself a recording contract with Simon Cowell’s SYCO. It was later confirmed that Jahmene Douglas, Union J and Ella Henderson had also been signed to various Sony labels.

In an interview with The Liverpool Echo the 33 year old revealed that he will soon be making his first album and explained:

“The final three get a record deal but we get told in different stages. There’s been a few offers made so my management are negotiating the best deal.”

Maloney revealed that he no wants to start work on his new songs, though he admitted there is unlikely to be anything original on his debut release.


He’s planning on singing covers for the most part and said:

“I just want to get in the recording studio and make an album for my fans who are looking forward to hearing my music.

“It will probably be covers at first, but who knows. If I could emulate Jane McDonald’s career, that would be amazing.”

Maloney will soon be appearing on The X Factor tour, which kicks off later this month and he has thrown himself into rehearsals with the dancers and other former contestants. He tweeted today saying:

james arthur, jahmene douglas, union j, christopher maloney

“good morning guys, arrived at rehearsals! can’t wait 2 get started again. bit of a soar throat today tho #fell asleep with the air con on xx”

“rehearsals are going really well! really productive. having a great Time with everyone. its gonna b a brilliant tour, get ur tickets now xx”

The scouse singer also appeared on Loose Women yesterday and once again met his idol Jane McDonald. The seasoned cruise ship singer tweeted him afterwards saying:

“@ChrisMaloney77 real pleasure to meet you…what a lovely man…good luck in everything you do. Love Jane xxx”

christopher maloney

However it appears that not everyone is a Christopher fan and a source told The Mirror that some people were unhappy when he was allowed to come on tour, especially after his behaviour on the night of the final show. They said:

“There is unhappiness over this decision to let him back. He wasn’t universally liked whatsoever.”

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6 Responses to “Christopher Maloney offered a record deal & preps for X Factor tour!”

  1. sunnah says:

    I dont think chris should be on the x factor tour when he said f******* he used inappropiate language

  2. Lee says:

    Sunnah, if you belived that made up stuff then you will belive anything!!

    Well in Chris mate :) all the best!

  3. Mandy says:

    To be fair none of us (unless we were there) know if everything that was in the press about the way Chris acted on the night of the final is true or not.

    Good luck to Chris, he’s not my cup of tea at all but there must be a fanbase out there waiting for his music bearing in mind how long he managed to stay in the competition.

  4. Sharon Lewis Koho says:

    The facts are there if you really want to find them, countering reports by Gary Barlow, X Factor’s Dermott, and the Liverpool ECHO for a few. Chris missed the Sunday final because he was ill and couldn’t even sing. But if you like tabloid gossip.., I’m following facts, an amazing singer who’s genuine “loveliness” and courage will disprove hype and sing his way to fame. Really now, six weeks performing on a cruise ship twelve years ago doesn’t make a “seasoned performer!” If so he’d still have been singing! I stand behind him in full support! Buying all his albums will be a joy!

  5. Lori says:

    Well I guess I know which album will not be a sell out. To be fair, I don’t know anyone who likes him. Some people believe the papers, but others don’t. I say congrats Chris on making your dreams come true, but please don’t turn into one of those divas. We have enough in the world. And what about District 3 and Melanie Masson… they’re extremely talented! They should get a record deal!

  6. Lisa Burton says:

    Good Lord, is that all! Oh’, yeah it’s just began to snow – YIPEEEEE