Diana Vickers Leaves X Factor & Eoghan Quigg Rushes Onto Stage

Diana Vickers - X Factor 2008

Diana Vickers - X Factor 2008

Diana Vickers has missed out on a place in this years X Factor and I can’t imagine how anyone could have watched her departure without crying. As Diana was drawing to the end of her last song, White Flag, Eoghan Quigg rushed onto stage sobbing and enveloped her in the tightest hug. Haven’t they been denying rumours of a relationship for weeks now? Well they just kind of outed themselves I think.

Diana has performed badly ever since she took a week off due to laryngitis and has been at the bottom of our weekly chart consistently, tonight I think she deserved to go.

So next week we see JLS, Alexandra Burke and Eoghan Quigg in the final. Who do you think will win? I’m rooting for Alex, what about you?

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