Do You Want a Free Makeover?

If so then don your worst clothes, backcomb your hair a bit, put on your brightest pink lipstick and turn up for the next X Factor auditions!

You may have seen Sarah Lowe a few weeks ago on the show being cruelly rejected by the judges. What you may have missed was her magazine makeover the next week in Reveal magazine.

Then last week it was the turn of Fiona Rae Griffiths, who appeared as half of the act Total Eclipse with pal Pam. Simon Cowell told her that she looked like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain, not a compliment I think you would agree.

Not two days after the show had aired I switched on my TVonly to find Fiona on the couch with Lorraine and Phillip on This Morning about to undergo a TV makeover. I didn’t watch for long enough to see the outcome but lets face it…..anything would be an improvement.

I think I’ll give it a go next year, I need a new look!

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