I’m In A Boy Band: JLS’ Marvin Humes feels guilty about fainting young girls

One Direction may be the band of the moment, but JLS still have their fair share of young female fans and Marvin Humes has confessed that he always feels bad, when he sees how many faint and take ill at their concerts.

Unreality TV have been along to a number of JLS gigs over the past few years and can confirm, that the screams of the mostly young teenage fans are deafening and the desperation of the girls to reach their idols, overwhelming.

Paramedics are always on hand to deal with the amount of young ladies who pass out at the band’s concerts and in a new BBC2 documentary ‘I’m In A Boy Band’, Marvin has confessed that he finds the scenes hard to deal with.

Humes feels bad for his young groupies and admitted:

“It still bothers me when lots of girls faint and when you see dozens and dozens of girls being carried over the barriers.

“You kind of feel guilty and think ‘We have caused that’.”

Back in 2009 four people needed hospital treatment and 60 others were injured, after JLS showed up to perform at a Christmas concert in Birmingham city centre.

The year before five young girls were treated by Ambulance workers at a concert in Fairfield Halls, Croydon, south London.

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