It looks like Cheryl Cole has a bit of a girl crush on Rihanna!

Cheryl Cole has been singing Rihanna’s praises again.

The former X Factor judge once admitted that she had a bit of a girl crush on the Barbadian singer and it seems that her feelings of admiration haven’t been dampened any in recent years.

The ‘Call My Name’ singer praised Ri Ri in a recent interview, saying that she admires how the stunning star does what she wants and is so ‘free’. She explained:

“You know what I love about Rihanna? I lnow she gets a lot of criticism, too, about what she wears and what she sings about, but she is so free.

“She doesn’t give two f***s. I love that in her. I love that sense of freedom about her. She’s gorgeous and free. A perfect pop star.”

Cheryl has had her fair share of public dramas – malaria, a cheating husband….the list goes on and on – and she thinks that Rihanna has definitely been in the same position – remember Chris Brown and his flying fists? – and drew comparisons between herself and the globally famous singer.

Speaking to Heat she added:

“She’s been through the same thing absolutely. And you can imagine how intense it is when all the world’s eyes are on you. So she knows that feeling.”

“But she’s free-spirited, she just doesn’t give a s***.”

“Maybe it’s going through everything she’s gone through that has enabled her to get to that point. She’s like, ‘Whatever. What more can you say about us? You can’t hurt us any more’. I love that about her. It’s liberating. She’s liberal.”

Cole is set to release her third solo album “A Million Lights” on the 18 June 2012, with lead single “Call My Name” being released on the 10 June 2012.

Watch a preview below….

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