It’s confirmed – all last year’s X Factor UK judges will be back this year… goddamn it

March 23rd, 2012 by Lynn Connolly

I have to say it was a headline that made me sigh…

Kelly Rowland will be back on the show this year!’

That sigh was closely followed by – ironically enough – a Kelly-esque, “O man!” But am I on my own in wishing she wasn’t coming back or do you all love her? Or should I say “y’all”.

Now, this is my own view and not representative of Unreality’s, but though I did in fact like Kelly at the beginning of last year’s show, by the time we got to the live rounds, I was ready to slap my TV in the face every time she was on it.

Yes, I know she’s American and therefore ever likely to go around being American, but it was the OTT nature of it that did my scone in. For instance, one thing that irritated me to death was the attachment of the word ‘Miss’ to every female’s name…

Similarly, the whole “O y’all hush now…” thing, followed by the finger clicking – often in Louis Walsh’s direction – bugged me too. She was horrible to Louis, and while he may appear to be something of a buffoon, he’s been on that show a long time, and made a fortune managing artists…

How dumb can he therefore be?

So I often had to wonder, what’s with the disrespectful attitude towards him? Actually, Gary Barlow did a lot of that too, but I have to let him off with a caution, primarily because I fancy him. The only person who really showed Louis any respect last year was Tulisa.

To conclude, I’ll be glad to see Gary, Tulisa and Louis back, but I’m hoping that Kelly may yet drop out. Perhaps due to a sore throat mayhap…

It’s confirmed – all last year’s X Factor UK judges will be back this year… goddamn it
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