It’s confirmed – all last year’s X Factor UK judges will be back this year… goddamn it

I have to say it was a headline that made me sigh…

Kelly Rowland will be back on the show this year!’

That sigh was closely followed by – ironically enough – a Kelly-esque, “O man!” But am I on my own in wishing she wasn’t coming back or do you all love her? Or should I say “y’all”.

Now, this is my own view and not representative of Unreality’s, but though I did in fact like Kelly at the beginning of last year’s show, by the time we got to the live rounds, I was ready to slap my TV in the face every time she was on it.

Yes, I know she’s American and therefore ever likely to go around being American, but it was the OTT nature of it that did my scone in. For instance, one thing that irritated me to death was the attachment of the word ‘Miss’ to every female’s name…

Similarly, the whole “O y’all hush now…” thing, followed by the finger clicking – often in Louis Walsh’s direction – bugged me too. She was horrible to Louis, and while he may appear to be something of a buffoon, he’s been on that show a long time, and made a fortune managing artists…

How dumb can he therefore be?

So I often had to wonder, what’s with the disrespectful attitude towards him? Actually, Gary Barlow did a lot of that too, but I have to let him off with a caution, primarily because I fancy him. The only person who really showed Louis any respect last year was Tulisa.

To conclude, I’ll be glad to see Gary, Tulisa and Louis back, but I’m hoping that Kelly may yet drop out. Perhaps due to a sore throat mayhap…

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14 Responses to “It’s confirmed – all last year’s X Factor UK judges will be back this year… goddamn it”

  1. Blake says:

    HAHAHA. agreed.

  2. Tim says:

    Glad to see Louis and Tulisa back again. Really wanted Dannii back instead of Kelly. I liked kelly at first, then she began to get on my nerves. Gary too I liked until he employed the dirty tactic of slagging every act unfairly NO MATTER WHAT, except for his own acts. Of course judges have got to back their own acts, but his attack on Amelia just before the final 2 vote was disrespectful, and in the final few weeks up to the final, he didnt have a good word to say about anybody apart from craig and marcus even when Craig was really bad and voted out.

  3. nick says:

    Biased article. I liked Kelly and I personally hate Tulisa! Kelly’s crime as far as I can see was to stick up foe Misha and a lot of people don’t want to admit it. How one can say Gary was bad is beyond my imagination. Tulisa used all tactics to pull down other contestants apart from hers. Yes, there was a division, but Louis himself made it clear long before that he was going to be pals wit Tulisa, so no big deal if Gary and Kelly did not get on well with them. Tulisa and Louis publicly bullied Misha. Why are they forgiven for that? If it was because Tulisa cared about her acts, why did she not humiliate Kitty after the alleged racist remark to that boy from the Risk? Kelly did not bully any contestant, but supported them regardless of whether or not they were in her group. So what exactly did she do wrong? I smell something here!

  4. Silvio says:

    I hate to agree with you, but I agree with you. Kelly walked in on that panel as the person to beat, and by the end of the series she gained more enemies than fans. I hope her attitude changes with her second season.

    Also, I must say that Gary was all kinds of bad. I don’t mean just the condescending nature of his critiques, I mean his all persona. From his contestants choices, to his musical choices to the whole “I’m better than you” shtick he had. I can welcome Kelly back, but I really hated Gary. I’d trade him for anyone else.

    Louis is useless, and I was impressed by Tulisa. I wasn’t fazed by the whole Misha Debate, because frankly, if you’re dumb enough to fall for “that”, your vote is worth nothing.

  5. Romelo says:

    Kellys attitude coincided with the daily negative stories in the media from (friends of Tulisa/Gareth & Louis) insiders, stories about Kelly then Misha then Janet then Amelia all then highly favoured by the public. Coincidence? maybe, but I’ve be pulling my hair out if the country believed every word of against that of the one American. Tulisa is s,art she knew kiss Louis ass and he’ll speak highly of you to Simon, that is the extent of their friendship.

    I agree she got OTT towards the end but saying you’d rather the presence of the manipulative Louis and Tulisa is crazy.

  6. Romelo says:

    So You didn’t like Gary or Kellys behaviour towards Louis but because you fancied Gary you want him back? Great.

    Louis spent most of the time starting arguments, falsely accusing people and goading Kelly and Gary but the fact that they stuck up for themselves against poor old Louis makes them out of line?

  7. Quiana says:

    Is this blog mean’t to be taken seriously? Kelly is the best thing to ever happen to that crap show. I’d rather have Kelly treating Louis Walsh like the monkey he is than Tulisa Cocksuckalot’s nasty breath on primetime television. Kelly and Gary are the only reason anyone still watches the crap show. Also, you Brits kill me with your Anti-American spill. Anything we Americans do you want to hate but the real shade is everything we do you are secretly trying to copy.

    • nick says:

      Brillant! You said it real well Quiana. I am not American, but everthing you said is true! Mmmmwwwwaaaaaa!

  8. nick says:

    Why did Kelly become bad towards the end? Wouldn’t anyone feel annoyed and even uninterested if they are in a show where a contestant is bullied by judges, but instead of supporting the bullied contestant, the media and XFactor bosses supported the bullying judges themselves. I was not impressed by Tulisa at all. I actually now hate her for what she did to Misha. It worked on her favour becacause even up to today, people still call Misha ‘Misha Bully’. I however think we should also start saying Tulisa Bully-Liar-Chav. There was nothing honest about her. She is manipulative!

  9. clare campbell says:

    Hoooooray, Im glad all the judges are returning this year especially kelly. She was my favourite judge last year.

    • nick says:

      Yes @ Clare Campbell! You are cool mate!! I loveeeeeeeee Kelly Rowland. The negative media coverage actually made me to like her more. She is great!