James Arthur ‘I have no qualms with being associated with The X Factor’

by Lisa McGarry

James Arthur has insisted that he has no problem with being associated with The X Factor.

The 23 year old won the series on Sunday night and is hoping to avoid the curse which has befallen many other male winners of the show, who have ended up being dropped by record label boss Simon Cowell.

Many have blamed the stigma of the reality TV beginnings on the eventual flop of their careers, but James thinks he can buck the trend and told Digital Spy:

“There isn’t a platform out there better than The X Factor. It’s all politics. You’ve got to know someone who knows someone who knows someone to get the type of coverage you’ll get on The X Factor… I had to do it purely because, who doesn’t want to be successful?”

“The stigma attached to it is kind of ridiculous. I know for a fact that everyone in the industry watches it… I have no qualms with being associated with The X Factor; it’s done nothing but nurture me and develop me and it’s changed my life, so I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.

“Leona Lewis, One Direction – some of the biggest-selling artists in the world have come from The X Factor, and if I can emulate that even a little bit, I’ll be more than happy.”

In saying that, James very nearly didn’t audition for the ITV show because he didn’t think he was the kind of contestant that would do well.

He didn’t think he had the looks or the ‘package’ needed to succeed on the series and continued:

“I didn’t think I’d fit the criteria of the show because you do have to have the full package, and I’ve never looked at myself as a Justin Bieber.

“But I had belief in my abilities and faith in the set of skills I had as a musician. I’ve surprised myself, but I have a lot more self belief now. I hope I have changed the game a little bit in terms of people who play guitar and write their own songs and maybe don’t feel they fit the criteria of… X Factor.”

James is hoping to move forward singing his own material and he hopes he has altered the show simply by being different.

He continued:

“Hopefully I’ve made some sort of history on the show just by doing something a little bit different – I’m not professing to be the greatest thing to come out of The X Factor or anything like that, but I’ve definitely stuck to my guns and I think that’s helped me.”

James has broken sales records with his debut single ‘Impossible’ and that’s just with the downloads. The cd version becomes available today and Arthur will be singing copies in his hometown.

His management team tweeted:

“Don’t forget James will be at HMV Middlesbrough today at 5pm signing copies of #Impossible Get down to see the man himself! #JamesArthurHQ”

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Lisa McGarry

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