JLS: Ortise Williams working with brother to cure MS


Proving that he is not just a pretty face, JLS boy Ortise Williams has admitted that he and his brother hope to find the cure for MS.

The boy’s mum was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during their teenage years, rather than face the despair the boys came up with a cunning plan to help.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Williams explained: “When I was 16 my brother and I began researching the internet to try to find a cure for MS. We put a plan together – my brother would become a scientist and I would go into the music business and try to make lots of money. That way we’d have both the means and the ability to find a cure.

“We’re determined to see our plan through. It’s one reason I’m passionate and determined about making JLS a success. My brother is studying biomedical science at Westminster University.”

Ortise’s mother was originally diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS, but when Oritse reached 14 years of age that developed to the more severe secondary progressive MS.

He added: “Since then she has grown steadily worse and has become more disabled. There have been scary moments. Just before The X Factor last year, I found her collapsed in the bath. I had to lift her out but if I hadn’t been around things could have been very serious.

“She has had to start using a walking stick and a frame but she’s an independent woman and doesn’t use a wheelchair. Still, she recently got a fold-up wheelchair for when walking gets too hard and some days are better than others.”

Luckily JLS’s debut single shot straight to number one and their second one titled ‘Everybody In Love’ is expected to do the same, so Ortise should continue to see that money rolling in.

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