Journey wouldn’t allow Joe McElderry to cover ‘Don’t Stop Believein’

80’s rock band Journey, have revealed that they said no when Simon Cowell asked if Joe McElderry could release a version of ‘Don’t Stop Believin.’

Joe performed the song twice on the X Factor live shows and Journey claim that Simon wanted to release it as Joe’s debut single. Maybe if he had been allowed, Joe wouldn’t have been beat by RATM.

Journey guitarist Neal Schon told The Sun: “We knew about Joe’s song because Simon had contacted our management as he wanted to re-do the song with a different kind of arrangement.

“We listened to it and we declined. We said there was nothing wrong with the original version. If it’s not busted, let’s not fix it.

“My buddy Randy Jackson, who was on American Idol in the US with Simon, was stressing the fact that we should really let him do the new version because it would probably go to No1. But we stuck to our decision and now the song is doing well as it is.”

The song re-entered the British singles chart last December. It is expected to be in the top five this week, after the airing of Glee on E4 which featured a version of the track.

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