Kandy Rain call Danyl Johnson Fake, Arrogant & Two Faced


X Factor rejects Kandy Rain have hit out at hopeful Danyl Johnson calling him fake, arrogant & two faced. Though they refused to comment on Danyl when we spoke to them last Monday, it seems they have sold the whole sordid story to The News Of The World.

Azi Jegbefume, told the newspaper: “He is the most fake person in the entire world. He’s really two-faced. He can turn on tears in a flash.”

“He thinks to himself, ‘How will this look if I cry on camera? Will it make me look good?’ That’s how he works,” says Azi.

“He’s so arrogant. He’s walking around the house like he’s a champion as if he’s won the show already,” Azi added.

Azi also spoke more about the bullying incident, which Louis Walsh referred to earlier this month saying:

“We had to call one of the producers to the house, we were that upset.”

“The producer told me he would have a word with Danyl. But he didn’t apologise.”

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