Leona Lewis confirms that she’s dating One Direction’s Liam Payne?

Leona Lewis has given her first interview about Liam Payne and unless we’re very much mistaken, it sounds like she is dating the One Direction star.

The interviewer opens up his article in The Sun by stating:

“The east London girl has started dating One Direction’s Liam Payne”

Which isn’t a very ambiguous statement.

Later in their chat, the ‘Trouble’ hitmaker insisted that she wasn’t going to open up about the true nature of her relationship with the handsome singer, saying:

“Well, I… I’ve always been very private and I don’t talk about my relationships and things like that. I’ve learnt from the past.”

She clearly doesn’t deny the rumours, which she would right if she wasn’t dating him? Unless she’s just using the publicity to stay in the public eye and sell more copies of her new record….which surely someone as nice as Lewis just wouldn’t do…..would she?

Leona went on to describe 1D’s daddy bear as ‘super sweet’ admitting:

“Yeah, we are friends, he’s so lovely. He’s super, super sweet and we really get on with each other.”

She also told The Mirror:

“[Liam] is a really sweet, lovely guy. I’m a fan of One Direction. We have been friends for a year-and-a-half.

“I know you have to ask [if we're dating]. I’ve learned from having relationships before that have been speculated about, it’s best not to talk about it. I think that’s important.

“Usually the other person doesn’t get a say, so it’s really one-sided and unfair.”

She’s been receiving a LOT of attention from Directioners too and ever since the rumours started circuating last week, the ‘Collide’ crooner has been inundated with questions and comments from Liam’s fans.

However, they shouldn’t expect an answer any time too soon, as she insisted:

“I’ve had a lot of messages asking me questions but I refuse to talk about it. I’ve never been like that and I never will be.”

Leona is currently on the promo trail, in advance of the release of her third album, Glassheart, which is scheduled for release later this year. It was preceded by the single “Collide”, which became her seventh top-five hit in the UK and ‘Trouble’ which was released on the 5th of this month.

Do you think there could be a chance that Liam and Leona are in the middle of a fauxmance, designed just to help them shift more records, or could Payne really be dating again, so soon after his split from Danielle Peazer?

Leave your comments below…

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9 Responses to “Leona Lewis confirms that she’s dating One Direction’s Liam Payne?”

  1. LL fan says:

    That’s a fake picture of Leona and Liam. It’s been photoshopped.

  2. staystrongharry says:

    Sooo after reading this, are they dating or not?

    This one direction fandom is so confusing , algebra is easier than the fandom . God help me

  3. SavStylinson says:

    I don’t think they are dating. Liam is to sweet to date another person so soon after his split from Danielle. I don’t think Liam would do that to Dani.

  4. Lisa says:

    first of all liam and danielle just broke up because it was too much from the fans they stalked dani and followed her at her flat and when she is on the street the fans run after her ..and cant leave her alone and i dont think liam would just after 2 weeks date another girl. Maybe they like eacht other and go on very well but i dont think that they dating eachother yet

  5. Regan Horan says:

    they are so NOT dating. I’m a Directioner , and knowing Liam, he will NEVER date somebody so soon, after a breakup from a really long relationship with Danielle, Liam just isn’t like that, and that picture ? fake , photoshopped. Liam and Leona are NOT dating.

  6. Regan Horan says:

    and if that was a recent picture of Liam and Leon , Liam wouldn’t have any hair !! he shaved his head for cancer! and that hairstyle on Liam, its from 2011 -.- you people will do ANYTHING for a story . smh.

  7. Yasminnni says:

    omg zo fake. I’m sure Liam didn’t date anyone so fast afther his breakup with Danielle and the picture is sooo fake!! You can see that they’re standind both in differend lights… All the papers just invent stupid story’s like this for attention!…

  8. Alexandra says:

    This is such a stupid rumor. Liam was in an interveiw like 3 days ago and he said he is completely single and only had a drink with Leona. This is bullshit

  9. Lindsey says:

    That is so not a photo of Liam and Leona. It was toatlly photoshopped. You can tell because his head does not like right on that body…