Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne become a crack songwriting team for One Direction’s new album

liam payne, louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have revealed that they have joined forces and become a bit of a crack songwriting team over the past few months.

The One Direction stars had some hand in penning tunes for their previous two albums but they want to have more input than ever in their third record, which is set to be released before Christmas this year.

The band have been on tour since February 2013 and Louis told The Sun that he and Liam have used their time together and their days off from performing to work on new tracks for their album and so far, he seems pretty pleased with what they’ve come up with.

He revealed that something about this year’s process feels ‘different’ to them and explained:

liam payne louis tomlinson

“We wrote three songs on the last album but this is different. Liam and I have been spending our days off writing.”

The new album is expected to be rockier, edgier and a lot more mature than One Direction’s first two albums and it’s already been revealed that Justin Young from The Vaccines has been working with the lads on some of the tracks.

Scouting For Girls singer Roy Stride also confessed that he wrote a song for the record, but he’s not yet sure if it will be chosen for the final product.

Louis Tomlinson is interested to hear what fans will think of the new album, especially since he played an increased role in putting it together and he said:

louis liam one direction

“It’ll be interesting to hear what people have to make of it but you’ll always get criticised.”

One Direction are celebrating three years of being together this week and Liam thanked fans for their support and love on Twitter.

He posted:

“3 years already ! Wheres that time gonneee! I have loved every minute of it! Thank you for being the best fans ever i love everyone of you!”

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3 Responses to “Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne become a crack songwriting team for One Direction’s new album”

  1. whatever says:

    Good for them if they try to write more for the album!
    I hope that they will work hard on improving lyrically, great lyrics are the key to people’s hearts IMO.
    The Best Song Ever is a good song, I like it, but the lyrics are not their best ever IMO.

  2. random person says:

    Cool. I think it’s grand that they’ve been helping make the album, and I can’t wait to hear it.

  3. TME says:

    Its awesome that their putting more help into writing the songs. I can’t wait to hear the new album. I love all you 1D guys!!!!!:-)