Nadine Coyle admits Cheryl Cole and Girls Aloud are “not my friends”

The Girls Aloud reunion is looking very unlikely as Nadine lashes out at Cheryl in this week’s heat magazine.

The feud between band members has been raging for years, but the most bitter divide has always been between Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole. And it doesn’t look like it’s set to be resolved any time soon. heat sat down for an exclusive chat with Nadine in Los Angeles last week. If what Nadine, 26, says is anything to go by, the long-awaited reunion is looking very unlikely.

Nadine said: “They’re not my friends. I don’t speak to them or socialise with them.”

She added: “I have my own friends that I’ve grown up with and the girls are very much my colleagues. I wouldn’t socialise with them outside of work.”

While Nadine is estranged from the rest of the group, a close pal of hers tells heat that problems between her and Cheryl could be irreversible.

“Nadine and Cheryl have never been close, and they’re not about to start now. They are two very different people who were forced upon each other in the band,” says Nadine’s friend, who adds, “Cheryl has always hated the fact that Nadine has a better voice than her and was always given lead vocals, but the sad truth is that having the better voice doesn’t matter as Cheryl’s had a string of solo hits and Nadine’s solo career has fallen flat on its face. Nadine is shocked at how well Cheryl has done given her ‘lack of talent’. Now she’s said openly to her friends that the band need her for the reunion because she carries a lot of the songs.”

Despite the reunion being planned for just a few months’ time, heat can reveal that none of the girls have spoken directly to Nadine yet and all negotiations are being handled through their management. Nadine’s friend says, “Nadine has had no contact with the girls about it. She only communicates with her management.”

The full article appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).

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3 Responses to “Nadine Coyle admits Cheryl Cole and Girls Aloud are “not my friends””

  1. Linda Elroy says:

    Um, the “biggest issue” has never been between Cheryl and Nadine. It’s a tabloid fabricated spat because Cheryl is the most famous and they do anything they can to make up stories featuring her if at all possible. Would anyone care if one of the other girls had issues with Nadine? No. They also wouldn’t really care if it was just accepted that the other four aren’t very close to Nadine. Have to throw in there that her and Cheryl’s relationship is the problem. Pathetic.

    • Seymour says:

      Agreed! It’s seriously pathetic on how people made Cheryl as the villain. When you click, you click. When you don’t, you don’t.

      I’m sorry but Cheryl’s voice isn’t that bad, yet she’s charming. Having a better vocal never really means that you’ll be on top anw. Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera comparison as an example.

  2. sylvie says:

    it’s just stupid you are saying it’s cheryl’s fault i mean if you don’t like eachother than you don’t, the only reason why cheryl’s name is in this story and not for example kimberly is because cheryl is more famous and you think more people will read this story. so quit it and give us real news