Nicki Minaj didn’t know Cheryl Cole would be featured on single

Nicki Minaj has admitted that she had no idea Cheryl Cole would be featured on her recent single with

The American rapper collaborated on ‘Check It Out’ with the Black Eyed Peas star and the X Factor judge was added to the video at a later date for the UK release.

The addition was a surprise to Nicki but she isn’t upset and would actually really like to meet Cole one day.

“As far as Cheryl goes, I have never met her and I didn’t know that she was going to be on the record or in the video,” she told the Daily Star today.

“She was put on afterwards. But I’ve heard so much about her. She seems so lovely and wonderful and bubbly, so I would love to get to know more about her.”

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2 Responses to “Nicki Minaj didn’t know Cheryl Cole would be featured on single”

  1. ali says:

    ‘lovely wonderful’ people don’t get convicted for assault. cheryl cole is far from being lovely or wonderful.

    • jerry says:

      yes we already know, we always have to get reminded so that we hate her and she’s the worst person in the world, everybody makes mistakes, I know what she did was awful but she hasn’t done it since, many people have done worse things over and over again.