One Direction 2012: After Liam Payne is besieged by fans, Harry Styles has to abandon his car due to the crowds!

Harry Styles was forced to ditch his top of the range car and walk home this evening it has been reported, because he couldn’t drive through a waiting crowd of fans.

The One Direction singer was journeying to visit his mum in Chesire, when a large group of supporters surrounded his brand spanking new Range Rover and made it impossible for him to safely make it near his family home.

Onlookers say the 1D star got out of his vehicle and signed some autographs for the waiting girls and later parked his car in a neighbours garage, as he couldn’t make it any closer to his parents’ driveway.

However, not content to have already made contact with their idol, the screaming fans stayed on and chased the curly haired cutie to the house, remaining at the property until he later left in a mini and headed out with friends.

An observer told The Sun:

“He was furious. He doesn’t mind signing autographs but when he can’t get in his front door it is ridiculous.”

At the same time that Harry was coming under siege, his bandmate Liam Payne was also facing his own troubles.

He and girlfriend Danielle Peazer had just returned from a romantic trip to Venice, but it was straight back into the lion’s den as he was inundated with fans knocking his door and slipping notes through his letterbox until almost midnight.

He ranted at the girls online ( you can read the comments here ) and told his fans that while he loves them dearly, he finds that sort of behaviour quite ‘scary.’

Do you feel sorry for Harry and Liam, or is it all part and parcel of being famous? Leave your comments below…

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