One Direction 2012: After Liam Payne is besieged by fans, Harry Styles has to abandon his car due to the crowds!

Harry Styles was forced to ditch his top of the range car and walk home this evening it has been reported, because he couldn’t drive through a waiting crowd of fans.

The One Direction singer was journeying to visit his mum in Chesire, when a large group of supporters surrounded his brand spanking new Range Rover and made it impossible for him to safely make it near his family home.

Onlookers say the 1D star got out of his vehicle and signed some autographs for the waiting girls and later parked his car in a neighbours garage, as he couldn’t make it any closer to his parents’ driveway.

However, not content to have already made contact with their idol, the screaming fans stayed on and chased the curly haired cutie to the house, remaining at the property until he later left in a mini and headed out with friends.

An observer told The Sun:

“He was furious. He doesn’t mind signing autographs but when he can’t get in his front door it is ridiculous.”

At the same time that Harry was coming under siege, his bandmate Liam Payne was also facing his own troubles.

He and girlfriend Danielle Peazer had just returned from a romantic trip to Venice, but it was straight back into the lion’s den as he was inundated with fans knocking his door and slipping notes through his letterbox until almost midnight.

He ranted at the girls online ( you can read the comments here ) and told his fans that while he loves them dearly, he finds that sort of behaviour quite ‘scary.’

Do you feel sorry for Harry and Liam, or is it all part and parcel of being famous? Leave your comments below…

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56 Responses to “One Direction 2012: After Liam Payne is besieged by fans, Harry Styles has to abandon his car due to the crowds!”

  1. OneDirectioner says:

    Okay…I am a HUGE One Direction fan…but I highly doubt I would do any of this crap! I mean, seriously!? Can’t you see they are trying to just spend time with their loved ones (in Harry’s case) or just came back from a trip and probably just wants to go rest (in Liam’s case)?! I agree…I think the Directioners that were there with Harry and Liam took it a bit too far….after all, they are just normal people. They said so themselves. So just….calm down.

  2. Deej says:

    I haven’t been a Directioner for long. my sister who’s 2 years younger than me recruted me. but my point is wheal i love all the guys & we all know how much they love their true fans this is just compleatly over board. Harry couldn’t even get all the way home, that’s just not right. he was stopped by screaming fans. come on girls try to control yourselfs. & poor Liam was scared witless. if i was in eather of their shoes i would be too. as for Liam, i would be crying too. It’s too much for people to handle. people just need to employ at least some self control. sorry for the guys for having to deal with that mob.

  3. Dancer says:

    Come on girls take a chill pill they may be super hot and great singers but the are just people and they perform for us. So control yourselfs you scared Liam to death and come on People you kept Harry from spending time with family! You expect them to love you guys and you act like kreepey stalkers so back off and let them live there lives!!!

  4. Eman says:

    Aww I feel bad for Harry and liam ..,,,that sux
    That’s what happends when your famous

  5. Eman says:

    One direction fans should calm down I know you guys love them but really make Harry abandon his car ….. Really?

  6. i-luv-1D says:

    Ok so i am a HUGE one direction fan but i mean seriously if i did that i would feel soo guilty. That picture of liam crying makes me wanna cry. It’s terrable to overwhelme somebody so much. Fans just need to relize that they need alone time and family tine to themselves just like any other person.

  7. Ashley says:

    I am a huge fan of Liam payne and one direction but come on girls if we all love one direction then why make them feel scared and miser ale instead of letting them have the time if their life of being a teenage sensation!! And I feel so bad that those girls made Harry give up his car!! I mean couldn’t they just take a breather and start jumping up and down instead of running to the car and putting some safety at risk!!! Also I just wanted to cry when I saw Liam bursting with tears in that picture I mean leaving little note cards at his door and sliding them under his door!! I mean like it was 12:00 at night!!!! Just calm down girls!!! Take it easy and let them enjoy being a teenage sensation instead of them almost calling it quits!!

  8. Nisha says:

    I love 1D with all my heart!!!! But this right here is just sad. Yes we want them to know that we love them and all but you have to understand that they also have a life of there on then just singing all the time. If I was Harry ill be mad too. come on girls dont make yourself look bad like that in front of them. I just fell guilty even those I wasnt there.

  9. Sophie says:

    That is part of being famous but come on that is so stupid sticking notes under his door and following his car u realize u could get run over I love them but I would never go that far

  10. Nicole says:

    Ok,girls calm down yes im a HUGE Directioner but i wouldn’t chase them or follow them everywhere they go yeah they’re cute don’t get me wrong but following them and knocking on their doors until almost midnight?! come on now that’s ridiculous!! there’s no need to being doing that!!! just calm down!! just cuz they’re famous doesn’t mean you need to chase them down like i said before yes they are really cute and attractive but chasing them and slipping notes under their doors is unnecessary…. it does get to them so calm down!!!

  11. carisa says:

    Okay,girls calm down i’m a one direction fan too.But, you all do not need to freak over them.I’m a HUGE fan and i probably have way more posters than all of you girls in the world

    • Isabella says:

      No way i have way more posters than you and my hole room is 1D and my pillow my things my tv my bathroom my jacket my clothes also

      • Hottie says:

        Ok. It doesn’t matter who has the most one direction stuff. All that matters is that we all love them. We don’t hav to brag about what we hav. Just appreciate it. Nobody’s better than others becuz they hav more one direction stuff than others. We should just care about them. For godsakes. This is about poor Harry and hot Liam. Not what u do/don’t hav. I’m not here to fight so don’t start s***.

  12. Isabella says:

    I hate that who do all those things to them if your harry and liam i would do the same way what would you feel think about it ok and come down im a 1D fan also ok dont knock on thier doors put notes under thier doors at midnight they also need some sleep

  13. Isabella says:

    Also my tshirts

  14. Isabella says:

    My pajamas also

    • Beatrice says:

      so what? is that ALL? you know i hate showoffs. but i have to say this too: i have almost all the merch. i need 2 more dolls and 1 more poster.
      but you dont need to show it off.

  15. Isabella says:

    And my toothbrush tooth past my pencilcase my bag my cover of my books and notebooks every thing that i have is 1D!

    • Madison says:

      OMFG!!! Just SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!! Who cares about your 1D stuff anyways!!! BRAGGER and just think of OTHERS FOR A MINUTE!!!!! Anyways this is about the boys NOT YOU!!! God your pissing me off

  16. sianna says:

    even though i am a huge one direction fan i would not do that . that is an invasion of privacy

  17. Isabella says:

    Well sorry it was not me it was just my

  18. Isabella says:

    Cousin hehe but im a 1D fan sorry hehe…………….

  19. Isabella says:

    She lied she doesent have any she lied ok so come down ok
    This is the real isabella ok she used my ipod so sorry

  20. 1dluver says:

    OMG! I love Liam Payne!! That is terrible!

  21. Isabella says:

    What i dont get you?

  22. Ashley #1 directioner says:

    There’re is a line between a fan and obnoxious and that’s a little obsessive
    I love Harry Liam Nial Zayn and Louis wit all my heart and because I am a directioner I probably would get hype but if I say Harry or Liam gettin upset or any one else I would back off cause that’s not cool to me all those girls that were basically harnessing them don’t care about them at all cause if they did they would consider how what they do might effect Harry or Liam so yeah the need to chill


  23. Bonnie Reynolds says:

    I think that’s really messed up. If I saw Harry walking down the street I would ask him for an autograph but I wouldn’t make him abandon his expensive car even after he was trying to be nice and signing autographs. If the fans were considerate enough to think of Harry and Liam instead of themselves that wouldn’t have happened!

  24. Danielle says:

    I am a massive 1D fan but I would never do that. MY POOR BABIES!!!! hahahaha, lol I feel so sorry for them, I follow Liam and Harry on twitter and they posted about it. Its upsetting to read that sort of stuff really especially when you know it takes a lot to make Liam cry.

  25. Genesis says:

    I love one direction and would do anything to meet them but the fact of invading their privacy as they did I consider it as a lack of respect for their person and their privacy and they may be famous but nobody has the right to make that I think thry should give more privacy for the group of artists so that they dosen’t feel suffocated by her fans whom I trust they love! <3

  26. Hottie says:

    One direction is the best boy band in my eyes. Fans shouldn’t be that’s overwhelming and stressful for these boys. Girls can be so stupid sometimes. We all know we love them. But for future references plz leav them alone and let them get rest and to their friggin parents houz! Like seriously? We’re smarter than that girls. And a lot more mature.

  27. Maddy says:

    poor guys.I absoulotely luv them but dont take it that far.!

  28. toni leigh says:

    i feel so sorry for the guys becouse they cant get any privit time and is always followed or worse i am so sorry for what happend to you liam and harry

  29. toni leigh says:

    i feel so sorry for you liam and harry

  30. Irene says:

    Ofcours they are famous and got meny fans but, they also need a normale life and some privacy…. Poor Harry and Liam.. I love U guys

  31. Lydia says:

    I feel so sorry for Liam and Harry, because it`s great when fans can meet them but when fans following til his house or they don`t have their privacy. It`s not great. I feel so sorry for the guys. I love you forever

  32. Sydney says:

    Ok I can’t beleive somebody would do that I mean if you really like one direction leave them alone because sometimes they just want to go out and not be trampled by screaming, crazy fans

  33. Allison says:

    I think that one direction would love to be alone sometimes i mean come on it would suck to leave a car just to get home and getting home from a trip you would just want to relax so do be crazy fans if you love them don’t be scary to them

  34. Caitlin :) says:

    That’s absolutely over the top. I love one direction so much, and my room is full of the posters. But seriously?? They we just trying to do there daily stuff and then suddenly they end up being harrassed ?? Yeah, that’s what they call it. Harassing!!! Poor Harry and Liam, I know how hard it is. I hope they are both okay after that and can go outside again!! Awwh !! I feel so sorry for them!! I’m sure that I would freak out if I ran into them, but there is NO WAY I would do that to them. The poor cuties!

  35. Hannah says:

    I’ve been a directioner since the very first eisode they were on the X factor. I love them a lot but girls, this is just taking it too far. While I’m sure 1D loves their fans, do any of you WANT to see Liam cry? If you dont stop, Harry, Liam and all of the others will end up like JB. accidentially losing control and punching paparazzi. Look, I know everyone loves 1D. Who doesnt? But you just can’t overwhelm people like that. How would you feel?

  36. Eye says:

    You made Liam cry and you made it to where Harry couldn’t even make it all the way home. I’m mean come on GIVE THE GUYS SOME SPACE!

  37. Liam's number1fan says:

    Aww Liam I feel so bad h should probably date me instead of Danielle and Harry I feel bad fir u to thAt stuff shouldn’t happen

  38. bj says:

    That is just insane. There is a fine line between being a fan of someone and being comletely insane and those people are flirting with it! A wise person that I know once said “You can have favorite people, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything with them.” Everyone needs some time alone. If I saw a celebrity that I liked and there was a group of people bothering him/her, I would call the police or something! I am a very anti social person and I hate crouds, and I am not even famous! Celebrities probably hate being “Stalked” you could say… people need to calm down… isn’t seeing them on T.V enough?

  39. Alyssa says:

    I love them both so much! I feel so bad for them that they can’t even get in their own house

  40. lala says:

    me encanta harry y si siento pena por ellos pobres los adoro one direction

  41. 1Dxgurll says:

    Girls, girls, girls. I am a TOTAL directioner. But seriously??? We need to calm down. These boys are a once in a life time opportunity for us. So lets take it, or you can leave it. Nothing more and nothing less. We can love them of course but honestly? That is way over the top. They have feelings just likeus so lets consider what we do before we go out of control like that.

  42. I says:

    i love one direction so much especially harry but come on? i know they are so irresistable and all but you dont need to act like creepy stalkers to get their attention. they are people too and im pretty sure you all wouldnt like if you were famous and people were always in your face and stalking your house. Just take it easy and love them without making them mad or making them cry.

  43. harryluverxx says:

    Poor harry and liam! shame on you girls1 give them a bit privacy.

  44. 1Dxxx says:

    omg the picture of liam broke my heart! and yet harry still looks hot when hes all annoyed <3 :)

  45. christine j sojka says:

    i’m an adult and i’m NOTafan of one directions! but i have to tell you that the girls who areallowedto date the membersof “one direction” are only allowedto date them because of THEIR SOCIALSTATUSAND NOTHING ELSE.the membersof “one direction” area bunch of weak minded wusses WHO CARE ABOUT APPEARANCES.THE GIRLS THEY DATEARE NOT THEIR “LOVED ONES” ASTHEY CLAIM.THOSE GIRLSARE JUST BARBIEDOLLS WITH THE SOCIAL STATUS TO BESEEN WITH THEM.THE MEMBERS OF”ONEDIRECTION” AREWEAK MINDEDAND NOT REAL MEN.HOWEVER I’M NOT saying that they’re gay either.they’re obviously too much into being famousand in their life that’swhat they’ll REALLY careabout long after their fans havegrown out of them and moved on.the fact that one of them iscrying over thisstupidgarbageshowsyou JUSTWHATWUSSES THEY ARE!aREAL MAN WOULD NEVER CRY OVERSUCH STUPIDITY!I WOULDN’T EITHER.IT TAKESAHELL OFALOT MORETO MAKEAREAL MAN CRY.ITTAKESAHELL OFALOT MORETO MAKE ME CRY ALSO.

  46. Bryanapaynexoxo says:

    I feel really sorry for Harry and Liam. I mean I’m a directioner too, but I wouldn’t hoard their car or go to their freakin’ door step and freak them out. Sure they are famous and we love them but couldn’t you go to a concert or send them fan mail instead of stalking them?!

  47. talissa de fatima silva flexa says:

    good i love one direction they are amazing the best singers in my ponion they can be beautiful but have an incredible career staff speaks seriously disturbing they do get harry until he gets out of his car to read the crying it was already far too personal I I know you guys love them all hey if you guys really love each other more than they actually documents showing that another way of not following them like glue hey people they love us but dammit I were disappointed that they are cats too but they are also normal people like us who realized their dream he also has family like all of us they have a girlfriend i dai be disturbing because it speaks to people if they are serious ne jealous and envious even have to tell the truth but because of this that the girlfriends swears jente vai them I want them to be happy with their girlfriends that they are very lucky to have such wonderful boyfriends as you read payne niall horan zayn malik louis tominlimson harry styles love you guys wonderful beautiful cats who sing really well until I can seem nosy but I respect the people and space them be who they are that good and my opinion love you beautiful boys of my heart

  48. Hollie says:

    Ok. I’m a One Direction fan and I feel sorry for them both becuase they shouldn’t have to deal with that all the time. I think they should get some privacy. I would hate to have to deal with that all the time!!

  49. leeann says:

    i feel sorry for you guys lov u ;)

  50. leeann says:

    i feel sorry for you guys lov u p.s will u play at GA.