One Direction 2012: Cara Delevingne ‘doesn’t care about looking pretty’ for ‘cold’ Harry Styles

by Lisa McGarry

Cara Delevingne may be a high end fashion model and one of the most elegant young women in Britain but it’s been claimed that she really doesn’t care very much about how she looks.

She’s appeared in ad campaigns for Burberry and tonight, is hoping to pick up a trophy at the British Fasion Awards but Cara’s pal Georgia May Jagger insists her pal is just a plain old tomboy.

The pair met through various shared modelling jobs and in an interview with Grazia Mick Jagger’s daughter spilled the beans and explained:

“Cara’s a massive tomboy… And not very fabulous at all! I mean, obviously she is, but I see her in a completely different way.”

Cara has reportedly struck up a bit of a romance with One Direction star Harry Styles and it was reported last week that despite her management banning her from seeing the young hunk, he is totally smitten with the stunning model.

Insiders claimed that he told his dad she was ‘the one.’

Harry once said that he likes ‘normal’ girls and as strange as it might seem, Delevingne appears to be just that. Georgia added:

“I know her as a she really is, which is funny and wearing, oh, some kind of jumpsuit. And making weird faces. She doesn’t care about looking pretty.”

“I shouldn’t be outing her!”

As we mentioned Cara will be donning her glad rags tonight for her glitzy awards ceremony and we hope she’s sparing a thought for the man in her life, because he is freezing his wotsits off in New York as we type.

Styles is currently rehearsing for One Direction’s big concert in Madison Square Gardens and he tweeted a few minutes ago telling his seven million followers:

“The sun has got his hat on… It’s cold.”

We wish Harry would put his Twitter to good use though and after Liam Payne used his to deny rumours that he is dating Leona Lewis last night, it would be nice if Styles could set the record straight on who he is or is not seeing.

Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne? We can’t keep up!

Lisa McGarry

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