One Direction 2012: Eleanor Calder asks Larry Stylinson fans to stop trolling her university – fans claim Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles kissed last night! (VIDEO)

Eleanor Calder has asked fans of her boyfriend to stop sending emails to her university.

The pretty brunette is currently studying for her degree in Manchester, however she has received an email from college bosses asking her if she could reach out to certain One Direction supporters and ask them to stop sending constant streams of messages and emails to their service.

As Louis was busy in LA, preparing to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he and the rest of 1D later scooped a massive three awards and gave a show stopping performance of their single ‘One Thing’, Eleanor tweeted her followers saying:

‘Just had an email from my university asking ‘’ to stop sending emails to their service desk.. Please stop :)’

She added:

‘Same goes to – its very annoying an intrusive.’

Judging by the first email address, it’s pretty clear what the subject of the emails has been.

The messages have obviously been sent from a ‘Larry Stylinson’ believer, someone who probably hates Eleanor, believes that her and Louis’ relationship is totally fake and in actual fact the star is dating his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles.

The rumours surrounding the two lads have been non stop ever since they shared an apartment together last year and even though they definitely haven’t spent as much time in each other’s company of late and Harry seems much more taken with gay DJ Nick Grimshaw these days, there are still many fans who believe that Styles and Tomlinson are actually romantically involved.

We had a number of emails ourselves this morning, from fans who insist that Harry kissed Louis on the lips last night, as they were awarded their first trophy at the MTV VMas. We couldn’t see it ourselves in the video they included though, check it out and see what you think.

Do you feel bad for Eleanor? Are you a Larry Stylinson believer? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…

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67 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Eleanor Calder asks Larry Stylinson fans to stop trolling her university – fans claim Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles kissed last night! (VIDEO)”

  1. dyanne says:

    i definitely won’t believi that harry is a gay he’s just naturally cute with curl hair ……… that’s why they say he look like a girl…. ….:/ NOMATTER WHAT THEY SAY………..//..//.
    !!!!!!!!I LOVE HARRY!!!!!!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    LARRY STYLINSON IS NOT FREAKING REAL get over it people!! U are just tearing them apart even more! 💔 this pisses me off when stupid people don’t see it 😡💢❕

    • Sofia says:

      Sorry to be blunt but I hope you can take a step back and realise that you are completely deluded

      • tommothehomoandbabycakes says:

        Larry is as real and clear as water. They do love each other, so bad, they went to leeds festival together, slept in a tent, do things in the tent, live together, Harry keeps wearing his Leeds bracelet and t-shirts about “love is equal” and stuff and Louis the same. They went both on a date for Valentine’s day and Louis gave his boyfriend a ring. Louis loves more his babycakes than his beard. Finally, let me tell you something:


        xox, yap, it’s me

    • Kathryn says:

      Shut up, Eleanor, go drink some Starbucks.

    • Ems says:

      lmfao are you Rachel from Glee because you’re just as dumb and annoying

  3. Kathryn says:

    Laughing so hard because people still waste their time writing articles about us Larry shippers for believing in one relationship instead than another. Apparently, haters make us famous, haha. You all keep writing about us and we’re not even celebrities. Honestly no big deal if we think that Louis and Harry are more than just friends, cry me a river. By the way, we’re sorry that people are so jealous of us, but we can’t help it that we’re so popular.

    • Sofia says:

      Ahaha laughing so hard because they’re MAKING US FAMOUS lol like, stop hating on us for supporting the possible (certain) love of two band mates. Also, I was listening to Cry me a River when I read that lol!

  4. fangirlwhatelse says:

    I ship Larry heeaaapps but I really can’t fathom why anyone would go to such lengths. Tinhatters like that keep giving our ship a bad name and it’s embarrassing. (Honestly, they must be 10 year olds with way too much time on their hands or something.) STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL DELUSIONAL DIPSHATS! Sorry. I love most of them, I really do. It’s just a select few shippers that are just… *facepalm*

  5. Amy says:

    Larry is real if you look at the way their heads tilt. I can’t believe that “mature” adults would write something that mocks someonelse’s belief. Would they do this about the Muslim faith? No. Would they do this about Christianity? No. But yet,it’s okay to bully the teenage girls that already get enough death threats and enough negative messages from the rest of our “fandom” We don’t need anymore. It has truly become sad when the adults of this generation are bullying the teenagers. Heads up to unrealitytv : not all of us hate eleanor, in fact most think she’s irrelevant to what we believe.
    P.S. writers, guess what? you arent in high school anymore.

    • Hi says:

      To compare a relationship to religion is absurd. A relationship is not based on belief. It is about two people and how they feel towards each other. I do not see why people feel it is their business to decide what is real and what isn’t when it comes to someone elses relationship.

    • Katherine says:


  6. LarryIsReal says:

    You are ignorant to think that an entire group of fans are to blame for the actions of 2 people. Which I’m sure if you did your research, you would know that those email addresses do not exist. It was checked as soon as Eleanor wrote those tweets. If you did your reasearch, you would know that management is behind everything involving Eleanor and Louis’ relationship. Louis himself confirmed that he had nothing to do with management blocking Larry fans on his Twitter. You are making fools out of yourselves. Next time, research up a bit before making a post if you want anyone to actually take you seriously.

  7. ellie says:

    p.s. if you go on tumblr and type “larry stylinson gifs” or “larry analysis”, trust me you’re gonna change your mind.

  8. LarryIsReal says:

    oh and Louis and Harry are in a relationship. They have admitted this multiple times. People just choose not to believe it because they actually want to think they have a chance with them. There is an enormous amount of evidence that proves that they are in a romantic relationship. Get your facts together before posting lies.

  9. Katherine says:

    I ship Larry and I don’t hate Eleanor. I can’t understand why people would troll her…

  10. larry. says:

    Um how much did Modest Management pay you to write this? Larry is real. You’re irrelevant. Stop writing articles about us making us look like the bad guys. We support our ship & have our own beliefs regarding this subject. Please respect that. If you say larry ruined Harry & Louis’ “friendship” you’re an idiot. That article was fake, and they hugged really tight yesterday, proving how close they still are. Also, Jay tweeted that they’re still close as ever. Stop believing everything the media wants you to believe, and look behind the lines a bit.

    • mhm says:

      No sense of intelligent life around here.

    • please says:

      Don’t say that. I’m a Larry shipper and I am completely sane. Please don’t lump me up with them. All I want to do is fangirl normally and have Larry feels, although that’s quite hard considering the fact that when I try to find fanfiction or gifs on the Larry tag, all I see is management conspiracies and various other bull now. Larry Stylinson used to be an awesome ship – probably the king of all ships in the 1D fandom, but thanks to SOME people who took things too far and continue to delude themselves, it’s probably the worst ship now and the whole fandom looks down on it. I just made myself sad.

    • Zgirl says:

      Thanks to SOME of you Larry shippers the definition of scapegoat has changed. A scapegoat is a person who receives all the blame for something.

  11. Lauren says:

    Did you see that hug? We’re [Larry Shippers] are not tearing their friendship apart. If you honestly believe that, you are incredibly stupid and I weep for you. And honestly, if you don’t believe in Larry just because they’re TWO BOYS, you are an idiot. You are rude, goodbye.

  12. Braille says:

    What I want to know is, WHY do people keep spreading those two emails around? Eleanor tweeting them was bad enough. The university should have some sort of protocol for email spam, right? I do, it’s called a junk folder. The responsibility to take care of this institution does NOT fall to ELEANOR CALDER’S FANBASE.
    What if those are those girls’ personal emails? I’ve seen some 1D fans, Larry and Eleanor fans alike say and do some NASTY things, and releasing other people’s emails to the public with a vague suggestion of what they MIGHT have done in these emails, is opening them up to possible hijacking of the account, personal information being taken…at the very least they’ll be sent a lot of hate by Eleanor’s fans. And you, article-writers, instead of mentioning the spam, you PUT THE EMAILS HERE TOO. I AM HONESTLY ASKING YOU: WHY?!
    Look, I have zero reason to hate Eleanor. She’s just another pretty girl that I’m pretty indifferent to, I don’t have any quarrel with her. But I’ve seen how people can hurt and get hurt over the internet, and this was a POOR DECISION on the behalf of both Eleanor and the article writers.
    Sorry I took all this just to go off on one little thing. To me it doesn’t matter, the Larry/Elounor thing, let people believe what they want to believe as long as they don’t send hate, but this…it unreasonably pisses me off.

  13. DMM says:

    I personally dont think Larry is real romantically, but I think they’re really close like brothers, I ship Elounor but that’s my opinion and I don’t really care what other people ship tbh. Dont bother hating me for not believing in Larry, its my opinion and I don’t care what other people think of it. But its not right when some of the Larry shippers hate on Eleanor because they don’t think its real, if they aren’t real then it’ll end soon and Larry will be together if that’s true..

    • fangirlwhatelse says:

      I don’t hate you :) In fact, I think this is the most sensible comment I’ve come across so far. I agree 100% that it isn’t right to hate Eleanor when they know nothing about her or her relationship with Louis. I personally like to think Larry is real romantically <3 but I am open to the possibility that it isn't. None of us know the truth unless we know them intimately, so why bother nosing yourself into business that isn't yours? Tbh, I hate it when some Larry shippers jump to conclusions so quickly and think they know everything when they don't. It's ignorant, insensitive, and rude. If you want to ship Larry then ship them properly please.

  14. srsly says:

    I personally do not ship Larry, nor do I have a problem with people merely shipping a BROMANCE, as 1D fans do to other ships such as Zarry, Nouis etc. But what I find utterly disgusting is the fact that some Larry shipper would be so deluded to personally email her university, calling her a beard. This does effect her own life, her education. It is merely a ship, and even if you for some reason, do actually believe it is real, why on earth would you get in their personal lives. Since you Larry shippers believe that they are in love, as a romance would you really do that to any normal people. Say, a friend of yours was in love with someone else (this is only hypothetical), that they didn’t admit is or isn’t public about it, is it your business what they are doing with their love life. NO. In fact, if I was that friend I would absolutely despise you. And to make it even more so worse is the fact that you do not know anything about them, you guys are merely fans (as am I), you know nothing about what is going on in their lives. And to go to the extent to send someone hate, and effect her education because you feel strongly about a SHIP is atrocious. She had every right, to show their email, I mean really they are the ones email a university about this. I am not saying every single Larry shipper is like this but those that are like this need to grow a brain with logic in it and a sense of plain morals too. Oh, and did I forget plain RESPECT. P.S I am not an Elounor shipper, I am completely indifferent to all of the girlfriends.

  15. are we not adults? says:

    I’m still confused why after this all this time there’s still be articles written essentially bashing teenage girls for what they believe in.
    First, to show their emails was a bit callous. She could have contacted them privately and asked them to stop, like an adult would as opposed to putting their emails on a public forum for over a million people to see. Now we have to other girls open to abuse and bullying in another form on the internet. Brilliant.
    Second, I just want to know who writes this articles because a mere glimpse into the community that “ships” Larry would show you that most of the fans are loving and opened armed.
    Most of the people are indifferent towards Eleanor, and don’t send her hate. The fact that these articles keep on popping up without any fact checking at all or any effort to give a non-bias opinion absolutely kills me.
    However, I suppose if all you write about is celebrity gossip your articles don’t need to be taken seriously anyway. It seems as though the internet is fully of unwarranted opinions that come with closed minds.

  16. are we not adults? says:

    And most Larry shippers are ashamed of the others who go out and spread hate because it’s the exact opposite of what they want. They don’t want attention, they just want to ship in piece.
    There are multiple levels to shipping Larry, which would be understood if someone did more than scan over a couple of emails and write up 500 words on the topic.
    There are many who support them and believe it’s a romance, but know that nothing is confirmed and that there’s a possibility of them not being together in any way.
    What kills me is the incredulous manner this is being written; as if gay men haven’t been in boybands or had beards before.

  17. Lauren says:

    She’s so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Elounor shipper(s). We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started shipping Larry which was totally great and gorgeous but then Louis was getting close to Harry, and Elounor shipper was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with laptop, she’d be like, “Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-rainbow Larry party, I was like, “Elounor shipper, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re a Larry hater.” I mean I couldn’t have a Larry hater at my party. There were gonna be Larry there in their *birthday suits*. I mean, right? She was a LARRY HATER. So then her mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she’s on delusional pills.

  18. alice says:

    Stop implying that fans are stupid for believing what they believe.

    Also, if Harry and Nick are a couple and them spending time together is evidence of this, Louis and Harry must be married because of the time spent in each other’s company.

    Larry shippers aren’t idiots. We’re people who look at the bigger picture and put two and two together to look past bullshit articles like this.

  19. alice says:

    PS: Bearding isn’t as unusual as people think. It has happened, (Lance Bass, Mark Feehily) so it’s not necessarily foolish to believe that Eleanor and Louis’ relationship isn’t real. It’s not as though people thought this out of nowhere- many things do not add up, lies have been told, and there are so many sketchy things going on, people naturally are going to doubt the relationship between Elounor and Louis.

    I’m just sick of people dismissing Larry supporters and believers as delusional rabid fangirls when in reality the majority are smart and skeptical when it comes to things like the kiss in the video above. Is it so bad to believe that two people are in love when there is barely any evidence suggesting otherwise?

    On the subject of the emails- that was a stupid thing to do, but there are morons in every fandom.

  20. Laura says:

    can you just shut up?! Why do you alwayse have to make articles about the irrelevent Eleanor Calder?! She is no one. NO ONE!

  21. NatLi says:

    First of all the emails she published DO work, I emailed the lstylinson one and she came back to me saying she only sent 1 email only asking if they had a student named Eleanor Calder attending the uni. So Eleanor posted a real working email asking them to stop and her saying “rude and intrusive” she’s being intrusive by posting a working email to over 1 million people and some of those people do send hate. I’m sure it’s illegal to post someones email without permission. Can I also point out she only did so to prove she does go to university cause lately people have been speculating that she isn’t even registered. I do ship Larry but I don’t send hate to Eleanor, we are not all the same and people bashing on us is terrible. You are adults and we are teenagers. And again I’d like to point out that most of the people who ship Larry are over 17. I’m nineteen and I don’t confuse reality with fantasy. So don’t call me stupid for seeing two people in love. We wouldn’t ship them if there weren’t evidence and type in anywhere “Larry Stylinson” and you’d see for yourself that there is more than a friendship going on there. I’m not trying to convince anyone but before you bash on larry shippers and call them “deluded” please try to understand our point of view and respect our opinions. And the people writing these atricles…Journalists shouldn’t be biased and you clearly are

  22. Oh look, no intelligent form of life in these Elounors. says:

    Oh look, another article from the morons who gave us ‘Eleanor Calder asks for 90210 help!’ No one cares about Eleanor. She’s as irrelevant as the gay Teletubbie.

  23. Sarah says:

    You people do know those email addresses were fake right? And even if they weren’t why would she publicly announce them to her 1 million + followers? Just so they would get hate? She could’ve privately emailed them. And why wouldn’t the Uni personally contact the people sending the emails or better yet block them?

    • NatLi says:

      I emailed the lstylinsonlover one and it went through and she replied saying she never spammed them she sent one email. I’m not sure about the other one. But that email address isn’t fake

    • Oh look, no intelligent form of life in these Elounors. says:

      It was actually a real email. I emailed her, and she replied stating that she only emailed once.

    • Sarah says:

      And if it’s real (which you say it is) that’s worse then it being fake because she intentionally set someone up to get hate. She should have dealt with it privately, that would’ve been the mature thing to do.

  24. Hannah says:

    what does it matter if they did they were celebrating and u do some crazy stuff while celebrating xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so proud of them super proud to be a directioner xxxxxxxxxx

  25. haha omg says:

    HHAHA omg and once again a Larry shipper made us look like crazy people. When we aren’t.. But okay, the beard needs to stop getting all attention to herself when no one cares about her. :]

  26. aya mamlouk says:

    this all so pathetic…we have NOOOO right to interfere in there personal lives….we dont know what they feel or what the do,we only see them on tv or videos or in a picture,we arent there parents.for Elounor fans please stop i like her too but she is just a normal girl,she is not famous and she isnt the best idol….and Larry shippers im sorry to tell you this but you dont know how they feel….you guys jump into conclusion and hate on her,she hasnt done anything for you,im not saying all of you all bad but some of you are over board,you have all the right to believe what you want to believe but dont go around saying “i hate her” “there fake” “you are stupid if you believe they are dating” and the last one is said alot and i hate so much……….so ALL OF YOU GROW UP AND STOP STALKING THEM AND STOP GETTING INTO THERE PERSONAL LIVES..EITHER YOU ARE AN ELOUNOR FAN OR A LARRY SHIPPER YOU ARE HERE TO SUPPORT THEIR MUSIC AND THEIR CAREER SO…..WILL YOU DO THAT!!!????!!
    PS: management is powerful but not powerful enough to control their personal lives and im sure the boys are old enough to make their choices and if you believe that then check your life and if they do control it then the boys are idiots and need to stand up for themselves

    • misha says:

      modest management are actually powerful enough to exercise control over the boys’ personal lives. they’ve been dropped before by at least four other artists for being too controlling (rebecca ferguson, for example). they control the boys’ images and the way they’re portrayed to the media, they control their sound, they control almost everything. i’m no expert on the kind of contracts that artists are supposed to sign when their label takes them on, but from the research i’ve done i know that management has more power over them than you think. in regards to louis having a beard, or a fake girlfriend, just look up lance bass and stephen gately. both were in big boy bands, both were gay, both had fake girlfriends.

  27. Jay T says:

    Honestly this is sad; Eleanor was completely out of line by posting those emails publicly. It would have been much more effective (not to mention mature) to deal with this privately. This, like many of her other responses to Larry shippers, is being used to lump the whole fandom together as crazy, rude, and hurtful to Louis, Harry, and Eleanor.

    All I want to see is an article that treats the fan base with respect. Larry Stylinson shippers care so much about the boys and it breaks my heart to see them demonized publicly by people who call themselves adults. It’s sickening. If you honestly believe that Larry Stylinson is tearing the boys apart, you need to step back and do some critical thinking about how absurd that idea is.

  28. R says:

    Can we please just move the hell on from this? I mean seriously this is getting beyond ridiculous. Some fans are taking Larry too far, correct. But there are other extremist fans, for example there are some Calderics (Eleanor’s “fanbase”) who are starving themselves to be as thin as her. Do you not feel as though that’s too far? She should not of publicised those emails, real or not, it was an immature move and as someone who personally knows how hard hate is to deal with the fact she then enabled 2 people to get hate, if the emails were real, is horrible.
    Let people ship what they want to ship, let the boys and Eleanor have their lives, just because they are 1 half of your OTP does not mean you should get them involved by asking for people to tweet them your fanvideo or tag them in your fanfiction when you do update alerts on twitter. Ship your ship but do not attack the people involved or those that are “stopping” it from happening.
    Do no generalise the fanbase in terms of ships, thought it is easy to do, it is incorrect to assume every fan is the same for believing in Larry or believing in Elounor.

  29. love7 says:

    no i dont feel bad for eleanor. she’s a beard. paid to ‘date’ louis. Louis and Harry are in love, and if people can’t accept that and support them, I don’t undertstand it at all.

  30. Joy says:

    Ok, I’m new to all this Larry stuff. I’m not even a huge one direction fan, I know two of there songs and that’s it. I started hearing and seeing stuff about them and wasn’t all that interested. I thought they were cute, and that Louis was gay off the bat, but that’s about it. Then I hear about the bromance, so I watch some vids and they were so darn cute with each other. Sure, All the guys seem a little more affectionate then normal, at times, but I figured they were just really close and comfortable with one another. However, Larry and Harry seemed a lot more affectionate then the other guys, espcially with each other. Again, I thought it was cute but dismissed it as them being really close. So I can’t say that I think Larry is real, but I can’t 100% dismissed that the relationship is completly platonic. The fact remains that if any of the straigt guys I know happened across some of the interactions I’ve seen between the two, they would call them gay. Hands down. Carassing, holding each other, jumping into the other’s arms, these are just not things I see from straight guys. IDK, maybe british guys are just more affectionate with each other.

    • Joy says:

      What ring? When was leeds? I’m trying to get caught up on all the “evidence” for lack of a better word. Right now, all I will commit to is the whole relationship is eyebrow raising. Seriously, are british guys more affectionate then american guys, beacuse there is just no reason for some of the petting I’ve seen between the two.

  31. tommothehomoandbabycakes says:

    Larry is as real and clear as water. They do love each other, so bad, they went to leeds festival together, slept in a tent, do things in the tent, live together, Harry keeps wearing his Leeds bracelet and t-shirts about “love is equal” and stuff and Louis the same. They went both on a date for Valentine’s day and Louis gave his boyfriend a ring. Louis loves more his babycakes than his beard. Finally, let me tell you something:


    xox, yap, it’s me

  32. 'deluded'. says:

    these articles are really getting on my last nerve. i’ll admit that some larry shippers (mostly on twitter) can take it a little too far and trend something stupid, but we haven’t actually done anything wrong. ziam and lilo shippers etc don’t get half the shit that we do. they don’t get bashed on the internet where everyone can see by stupid articles. they don’t get hate from other fans telling them they’re deluded and not a true fan for even daring to believe that two boys could be in love. they don’t get sent death threats and ridiculed for what they believe, and yet they’re exactly like us. they write fan fictions and analyses, they freak out when their ship do something extremely cute, some of them will swear on their lives that their ship is real. they are no different to larry shippers, but we still get made fun of and judged because we believe louis and harry are together. this is so unfair. we’re not the only fandom to ship – just look at the sherlock and harry potter fandoms, for example – but we’re one of the only ones being ridiculed for doing so. what i want to know is why? why do websites like this feel the need to mock a group of teenagers for believing in an entirely realistic scenario of an inter band relationship? why do some fans think that we deserve to be told to kill ourselves over something that should make absolutely no difference to them? i’ll say it again: we have done nothing wrong. we haven’t ruined louis and harry’s friendship (they’ve moved into a new home together for god’s sake) and we definitely haven’t split the group up or whatever you crazy calderics say. we have a right to believe in and support what we want without being called deluded and being hated for it. grow up, leave us alone and get on with your own lives.

  33. larry69stylinson says:

    i dont feel bad for Eleanor at all, shes lucky she gets to be a beard for Louis freaking Tomlinson and Harry freaking Styles. and yes im a larry believer and always will be. i cant wait till larry comes out so i can rub it in the elounor shippers faces.

  34. Mira says:

    Well at least this one wasn’t outright calling Larry shippers immature children like the TinHatter article…

    That being said, some of us Larry shippers are completely bonkers, and some Elounor shippers are too. And all the Super Shippers have wars with each other about who is deluded and which relationship is real and it’s getting old really fast.

    Personally, I believe Eleanor made a mistake sharing those email adresses publicly (fake or not) where everyone had access to them and could proceed to sick the hardcore Elounor shippers on the people in charge of those accounts to threaten them and tell them to die, which unfortunately is a common thing on both sides of this shipping war among the more extreme fans. She could have emailed them personally on a secondary email account and asked them to stop there, or she could have politely asked the emailers to stop without listing the email addresses on her Twitter. But I’m going to chalk it up to her being frustrated about her University being assaulted via email about whatever they were emailing about.

    About the Larry kiss last night, well obviously we don’t KNOW if it happened or not. We’re just evaluating what fuzzy evidence we have differently than Elounor shippers would. Remember that we look for things like this. We actively try to find evidence that we consider to be proof FOR US that Larry is a canon relationship. Elounor shippers do that too. You just look at the evidence differently because you’re looking for something different than we are. We’re not much different from the other shippers of this fandom like Ziall or Lilo. The only real difference is that Larry shippers are larger in numbers because we have more evidence that WE consider to be valid than the others do. All we can do is hope that we will have more concrete evidence toward the ship we love. That’s how ships work. And really, it shouldn’t matter who we ship with who. And I don’t understand why it does. Because it’s a personal ideal and it’s okay for people to believe in something other than your ideal ship. And it’s possible to let them believe what they like without insulting them. I mean come on now. Let’s be civil here.

    As far as ruining Larry’s relationship, I don’t believe we are. They were very friendly toward each other, and there wasn’t really any hostility between any of them. They were the same friendly cuddly group that they’ve always been, and Harry and Louis were whispery huggy derps like they’ve always been. Whatever stress they’ve been under lately didn’t effect them last night.

    Basically whatever you believe in is yours. You don’t have a right to bash those who think differently, and they don’t have the right to bash you for it either. Either way we can all agree that thanks to us (meaning the entire collective fandom) we’ve allowed the men to win every category they were nominated for. Take care, Best wishes, and DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.)

  35. Meg says:

    I don’t understand why it’s so far fetched to believe that Louis & Harry are together. There is so much evidence that points to a relationship between them, and so much evidence and inconsistencies in Louis & Eleanor’s ‘relationship’ that points to it being fake. Personally I believe they’re together, and I don’t think that should mean I’m crazy… I actually think that it’s sort of awesome how there are so many people who love and support the idea of Lou & Harry being in a relationship. And it’s also ridiculous to believe that ‘Larry Stylinson’ is tearing them apart…did you see them at the VMAs? They seemed as close as usual.

  36. Julia says:

    I love Louis and Eleanor as a couple. I love Larry Stylinson. I ship both couples. Harry and Louis shouldn’t care of what we think. They love us no matter what. They live together, so what! They have a bromance. Usually two guy best friends do! I hope Eleanor and Louis stay together,but I also have faith in Larry Stylinson!

  37. Cali says:

    …I have never seen a fandom get so much media attention. One Direction really does have the craziest fans lol. Lord. (And no I don’t mean just for thinking these two are together)

  38. Boybanders are hiding a secret says:

    Despite being someone who believes in and supports the relationship between Harry and Louis; I don’t find harassment fair. Eleanor is just a normal girl doing her job, there is no need to send her hate (however, publicly sharing email addresses was low). Likewise, I think bullying (which is what this article -& similar media coverage of Larry supporters- is doing) people who are for the most part respectful & fun members of the one direction fandom.. Is also unnecessary.

    To anyone with emotional intelligence and common sense, who have experienced love & don’t blindly accept everything the media spews at them.. (many Larry shippers are not teens & have life experience or are married or are parents (I’m all 3!).. the romance between the boys is obvious and inspiring. All the evidence is there.

    Fortunately for their management and popularity (in a heteronormative society), most of their fans are very young & wouldn’t challenge anything they see/read/hear. ‘Directioners’ will continue to think Eleanor and Louis’ relationship is authentic. It is sad that the general public would prefer to believe that Harry is a cougar-chasing womanizer than in a committed relationship with his best friend.

  39. Ginny says:

    LARRY IS REAL :) btw.. Eleanor isn’t even at Uni and those emails doesn’t even exist, nice try management! Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and that’s all that matters ;)

  40. A says:

    Some Larry shipper need to learn the fine line between ‘BROMANCE’ and ‘ROMANCE’

    • alice says:

      because it is so ‘bromantic’ to show intense jealousy when someone else touches your friend/ to invite fellatio in front of hundreds of people / to have their management block people on twitter with ‘larry’ in their name. look at the bigger picture.

  41. Sydney Nicole says:

    seriously dude your taking this way out of hand i emailed eleanor asking “does eleanor calder go to your school thats it you guys assume things you don’t know and it’s really annoying and am getting hate emails, so quit writing stuff you don’t know about and ya i hate eleanor now because she said my email out in the opening x

  42. Hola To Everyone On Here says:

    Dear UnRealityTV,
    You are simply UnReal. On the internet, though. Not all Larry shippers are rabid fangirls. That’s about the one percent who go craaaaaaazy overboard. The rest of Larry shippers are sweethearts who just want to ship in peace and quiet.

    Don’t blame Eleanor’s insecurities about univ on them. It’s her own fault. Just because she is some famous person’s GF (she might not be, I don’t know) doesn’t mean she can put people down.

    And by the way, I wanna know how much you got paid to write this awful article.

    Love and Hugs To The Larry Shippers put Down,

    P.S. I may not be a Larry shipper, but that was a kiss. End. Of. Story. Now stop pretending you’re still a teenager, grow up, and stop putting LS shippers down.

  43. Zoe says:

    There is no point hating on Eleanor. Seriously. I’m sick of it so I can imagine how she is feeling about it. Larry was cute in the beginning, as a BROMANCE but now it’s been blown out of proportion as a romance. They Harry and Louis have denied it. Grow up and move on. Louis and Eleanor are sick of ‘Larry Shippers’ getting involved in their relationship. Please just let them be, and realised that Larry isn’t real. Larry Shippers have made Harry and Louis’ relationship potentially awkward. Louis has moved out of his and Harry’s flat, because you all think they are doing each other, when really they were just best friends.
    Thank you for making the entire 1D fandom look bad.