One Direction 2012: Felicity Skinner admits she did love Harry Styles!!!! awwww

Felicity Skinner has become the latest of the ladies linked to Harry Styles to start getting abuse on Twitter.

The blonde beauty used to date the One Direction star, before he even appeared on The X Factor, but has been accused of using and abusing his love by ardent 1D fans.

The pair dated for over a year back in 2009 and were spotted together once more last weekend and supporters of the boyband weren’t happy about it, with many sending Felicity messages online.

She responded to the Twitter hate, commenting:

‘I can assure you when I dated Harry I didn’t use him, I did love him :) x,’

The stunning student insists that she has a new boyfriend Ollie denied reports that she and Styles are considering getting back together, before he returns to America next month for 1D’s sell out US tour.

She said that she and her famous pal are just ‘friends’ now but will stay in touch with each other, because of their shared history. She even asked his mum to help her out and confirm her claims, tweeting:

‘@anne42cox Anne can you tweet that there is nothing going on with me and Harry.’

‘Some fans seem to think were back together! Hope your well x.’

We can’t help but wonder if Harry is a bit miffed though, as instead of scrambling to be linked to the young hunk, it seems that women are doing all they can to distance themselves from him at the minute.

After he was pictured out in his home town with Ellis Calcutt, she also took to Twitter to insist that they are nothing but friends.

He’s going to get a complex if these ladies aren’t careful!

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