One Direction 2012: Harry Styles admits Caroline Flack has ‘really bad breath’

Harry Styles is not helping Caroline Flack’s cause any.

The Xtra Factor presenter attracted all manner of online hate, abuse and even death threats when she was dating the One Direction star last year and still receives the odd awful tweet from jealous Directioners.

We don’t imagine Haz’s latest comments about her personal hygiene will improve Flack’s public relations much then!

During a new interview with OK! Magazine, the 1D hunk was asked to play a game of snog, marry avoid, and he could choose between Tulisa Contistavlos, Caz and Cher Lloyd.

He laughed:

“Snog Cher, marry Tulisa and avoid Caroline! Caroline had really bad breath when we kissed.”

Styles added:

‘Could Do With a Tic Tac Flack’, that’s what I call her! Only joking.”

We can just imagine Caroline’s face when she reads his comments! The pair dated for three months at the end of last year but spilt in January 2012, reportedly after making a mutual decision though some conspiracy theorists do think his management may have given them a helping hand.

It sounds like Harry doesn’t have the best experience when it comes to kissing girls in general though, as he admitted that while his first girlfriend didn’t have bad breath, her snogging technique wasn’t up to much either.

He revealed: “It was like having an ice lolly. It was more like a cat drinking water from a bowl. Then somebody cut my lip once. She came in a bit fast, hit my lip onto my tooth and it started bleeding. There was blood everywhere.”

We are sure there are loads of willing Directioners who would gladly show Harry how girls are supposed to kiss. But then again, we doubt he’s short of people to practice on these days!

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