One Direction 2012: Harry Styles almost dies and is this Louis Tomlinson naked in the shower? (PICTURE)

It could have been a real life tragedy, young handsome star in the rpime of his life, dying prematurely while living his celebrity lifestyle to the extreme. Thankfully, after a brush with death yesterday, Harry Styles is ok!

Perhaps we are exaggerating just a little…but the One Direction singer did admit that he almost choked during a photoshoot yesterday.

Harry took to Twitter to confess that while posing for shots that will be used on the cover art of the band’s second album and it’s lead single, he got a blueberry lodged in his throat.

He told followers:

‘Good shoot today!! Long day but some great shots, hope you guys like them .x’

But I did throw a blueberry to the back of my mouth an choked..’

Phew! Close call Directioners eh? Imagine if he hadn’t spat that dangerous fruit out again…..the ending could have been so different…

It sounds like an interesting shoot though, between Harry choking and Liam Payne posing with all manner of exotic animals…we wish we had days like that!

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson has become embroiled in a new scandal, after a supposed naked picture of him was leaked online.

A fan posted a shot to instagram of a man who looks not unlike the 1D star, nude in the shower. The photo was posted on the website but has since been removed and it was accompanied with the caption ‘Next time lock the door lou’.

Sources have insisted that it is a total fake and definitely not Tomlinson, but we’d like to hear Eleanor Calder’s opinion on that. Surely if anyone knows she would?

What do you think fans? Is it Louis? Leave your comments below…..

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