One Direction 2012: Harry Styles is coming home for Louis Tomlinson’s birthday and leaving Taylor Swift behind!

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Harry Styles is coming home Directioners!

The One Direction hunk has spent the last few days enjoying a ski holiday with his new lady friend Taylor Swift. The pair were pictured having fun on the slopes, sipping hot chocolate in the lodge and joining her brother for dinner yesterday and insiders had claimed that Haz was considering staying with Swifty for Christmas.

It seems that mum Anne has put her foot down though, as it’s been reported that Styles is airport bound and catching a flight back to London today, so he can enjoy Christmas dinner and present swapping with his family in two days time.

Harry also wants to be back in Britain for Louis Tomlinson’s birthday it’s claimed and when his pal turns 21 tomorrow, insiders claim Styles will be celebrating with him and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

He already threw Lou Lou a surprise party in England last week, but it seems he doesn’t want to miss his big day tomorrow.

harry styles louis tomlinson

While Harry is relaxing at home, Taylor will be spending Christmas in Australia this year, as she travels down under for some album promo work.

The ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ hit maker admitted to Country Weekly magazine:

harry taylor 1

“It’s gonna be non-stop sun. So it will be weird to have a tan around Christmas but I’m really excited about it.”

Will you be glad to have Harry home? Are you a Haylor lover? Leave your comments below…

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35 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles is coming home for Louis Tomlinson’s birthday and leaving Taylor Swift behind!”

  1. staystrongharry says:

    wooooow , Larry time … although i assume management will have something in their pockets for the new year

  2. LovingLarry says:

    Yay!!!!! Harry NEEDS to be there for Louis!!! Forget Taylor for a minute and snap back into reality!!!! :D

  3. directioner all the way says:

    Yeah I glad his comming home during this time of year that you are supost to spend with friends, family, and loved ones. I know taylor is a loved one to harry but he NEEDS to be there for his friend/band mate’s birthday and he NEEDS to spend time with his other band mates and family

  4. LarryStylinson69 says:

    Well obviously he’ll leave Taylor! She is just a beard! Harry love’s Louis so Harry will be there for his boyfriends party…….

    • Sally says:

      *Face palm and long sigh*
      To: LarryStylinson69
      Listen here. And listen good because I’m only going to say this once. HARRY AND LOUIS ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER IF THEY WERE THEY WOULD COME OUT AND SAY IT!!!! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A VIDEO OF THEM???? THEY ARE TO CONFIDENT IN WHO THEY ARE TO HIDE! And if they turn out to be in a relationship, who are we to judge?

      Sally (A very irritated Directioner)

      • Nattaallee says:

        fyi a majority of the fandom wouldn’t even want the title of being a “directioner” so you can happily keep that title all to yourself. And have YOU ever seen a video of them??

      • AJ says:

        wow what kind of world do you live in? seems like a nice place where not a single homophobe exists.

    • Marilyn says:


    • Meg says:

      thank you for understanding! we really need to stop harassing the poor boys! all best friend acts weird around each other, it doesnt mean they are in a relationship or that they are gay! and every single fan of one direction should be proud to be a directioner, if they arnt then they arnt a true fan

  5. Sally says:

    I don’t like Haylor. If Taylor breaks my mans heart….. It is not going to be pretty:) jk jk

  6. Sally says:

    I don’t like Harry and Taylor together. And no, not just because I’m a huge Directioner and want Harry to be all mine. But because Taylor has dumped and been dumped so many times and I don’t want to see my man get hurt! If Taylor breaks his heart… Well, she is goin to answer to all of us Directioners! Now don’t get me wrong, Taylor is gorgeous and has an AMAZING voice and I love her music but Harry is to cute and funny to be heartbroken!

  7. Gabby says:

    I find this sweet that Harry actually would take time off of Taylor and stay with his best mate!

  8. nattaly says:

    Ele divia voutar para ficar com seu melhor amigo

  9. nattaly says:

    I find this sweet that Harry actually would take time off of Taylor and stay with his best mate!

  10. Jamie lynn says:

    I love Harry he is mine to be for sure but I think that they
    Are just really good friends they aren’t dating so don’t be rude and be
    Don’t believe the press the mags or the gossip
    News there really good friends

  11. Kaidey says:

    To be honest, I like Taylor. She’s got a beautiful voice and she’s a caring and sweet person all together; but Harry and her just don’t match. ._. I mean, they’re both beautiful people… But I just can’t see them together and well, I just don’t see how their relationship will work considering all her relationships. But hey, I guess I can’t really say much about it though. I don’t know how they feel for each other. o; but as for Harry going home to be there for Louis, <3 I just find that so sweet and cute! Larry Stylinson for life! And I'm not putting it like they're together, but because they've always been the best of pals! ^.^ they're bromance (not romance) is the cutest thing ever!!!!! :DDDD

    • Meg says:

      yes! i love taylor and her music and i obviously love harry, but i really dont think they match in any way and i really hope they split quickly so harry doesnt get hurt

  12. 1Dfan says:

    Will you be glad to have Harry home?

    Yes. He should be with his family and friends during the holidays. Louis’ 21st birthday is a key milestone that Harry should not miss.

    Are you a Haylor lover?

    Haylor is PR. As Louis said “It is what it is.” It’s being done regardless of what fans think. I wonder what it’s leading up to? It’s has been teased for months so I assume that something BIG is planned in the next few months with either Harry/Taylor/One Direction or any combination of those.

  13. Aly says:

    Good job Harry! I love you and I am glad your coming home and spending time with your family. Your a good man Harry!

  14. LovelyLadyGurlfriendPerson says:

    I’m not exactly a Haylor shipper/lover though I do love them both. I am really happy that he is coming home to spend time with his family and also happy he’s spending times with Lou on his birthday!!!

  15. Izabelle says:

    I’m glad Harry’s home for Lou’s birthday. He DOES NOT need to spend X-Mas with Taylor. He needs to spend it with fam and friends. I DILIKE HAYLOR A LOT DO’T EVEN BRING IT UP.

  16. Danni says:

    Im not a Haylor fan and Im happy that Harry will be spending Christmas with his family and with Louis where he is supposed to be! Theyve been “dating” for what 3 weeks and she cant cope being away from him, clingy much! Im sure she wont die without him! and yes Taylor irritates me beyond belief, even long before this Haylor business.

  17. noSurprises says:

    Finally! Family and friends are the most important in the universe!…
    In addition: Louis is a very valuable person – Harry, you have to take care of the bond!!! I think you can move mountains with him.
    All the best, Lou!

  18. says:

    Well you know bros before hoes lol

  19. :) says:

    I’m not a Haylor fan and I think it’s really good that Harry’s spending time with his family and friends. It’s also good that he’s going back for Louis’ Birthday because it is an important day for Louis and his family. I am a directioner and I like Harry and Taylor but not Haylor. They just don’t seem to suit each other very well. It’s just my opinion

  20. cole says:

    l o l at haylor. taylor is irrelevant and harry is back home for louis’ bday bYE

  21. Uyen says:

    I was getting really worried that Harry would stay with Taylor and not come home for Louis’ birthday. I’m glad he is going to be with Louis because they’re best friends (I think they’re actually romantically involved with each other. My opinion.) If Harry stayed with Taylor and missed Louis’ birthday, I would’ve flipped a table.

  22. Eljesaa says:

    I’m Gladd That Harryy Is At Homee…I Love Haylor But…It Was Better That They Became Together Like Zayn&Perrie or Liam&Daniell And Be Together With Gurls And Respect All The Band And The Girls Too Butt Thiss Was Their Mindd…I Hatee Itt :( But I’m Alwayss Directioner&Swifttiess ♥♥

  23. IDontShipHaylor says:

    Harry and Taylor need to end it already . She’s ruining the band and she’s tearing this fandom apart. He was considering spending Christmas with her? What the hell. If it wasn’t for him mum he wouldn’t have went back home. I DON’T SHIP HAYLOR. I never thought Harry would disappoint us like this….

  24. Harry Styles says:

    Don’t worry kids, I’ve shaved me beard for Christmas and I’m coming home to partay! Turn on that Beyonce CD, where’s Nicky! Get over here Nicky, gimme that mistletoe. Niall, get the booze in! Cold turkey now until New Year when me beard will have magically grown back. Shit. Thanks for NOWT, SIMON! :PPPPP

  25. Directioner not ator says:

    Ok soo I don’t like haylor because I think they are both really busy so if they keep spending time together then there missing out on friends. I am soooooo exited to see that Harry is coming to Louis birthday to see him! And personally I think that she has dated soo many guys (FYI Harry is very sensitive!!) and she needs to take a break and find time for a guy and not make him miss out on friends

  26. Love hazza says:

    I’m so glad that Harry decided not to spend Christmas with that witch. He should spend it with family and friends! Not with her. I swear I thought she was gonna hypnotize him and convince him to stay with her possessive and manipulative self. Oh and of course he couldn’t miss Louis birthday! I feel taylor is tearing the band apart because Harry is missing band meetings for her, and she called niall a pig and said f_ck directioners on her twitter :/ there’s no way of getting out of this Harry. She’ll still write that song. You’re trapped. -_-

  27. Kayla:) says:

    My god.. I’m glad he’s coming back over to the UK! Can he not like spend one day with her being with him?!? I’m sorry but I don’t support Haylor. Just Saying.

  28. says:

    Just break up with her already she calls ur friends and ur fans names she is gonna break his heart later anyway…just saying