One Direction 2012: Harry Styles last left the UK already and flown back to meet mystery blonde in LA!

Harry Styles was only back in the UK for a week, one week and he’s already left again.

Liam Payne recently insisted that 1D would never live anywhere other than Britain as they get too homesick, but it seems that Harry is the jet setting exception to the rule, as earlier today that curly haired cutie returned to America.

The 18 year old bumped into his old pals JLS at Heathrow airport and then boarded a plane to LA, where he reportedly has some ‘work’ mettings lined up.

Work? Without the rest of the lads? What’s going on there then?

After just a few days at home, zipping about in his posh car and taking mystery women out for coffee, Harry was today met by another beautiful blonde at LAX airport.

As minders walked with the young star, protecting him from over zealous fans, a lovely lady was also on hands to help him with his bags and journey with him to his chosen hotel.

The pair shared a car and Harry was pictured grinning out the window, as they sped off together.

Meanwhile, though he has been linked to a whole plethora of women in recent months, his mum Anne Cox has told Now magazine that her gorgeous son hasn’t found anyone ‘special’ just yet.

‘At the moment he doesn’t want to tie himself down,’ she admitted

‘He had one or two girlfriends when he was younger, but no one very special.’

We are sure that Caroline Flack and his other legions of lady friends will be delighted to hear that….not!

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