One Direction 2012: Harry Styles misses tattoo date with 1D boys for a date with Taylor Swift! And Louis Tomlinson worries about naked pics!

It really must be love between One Direction star Harry Styles and American pop star Taylor Swift, because not only has he apparently ordered an expensive ring for her this week, he also missed a joint tattoo session with his 1D band mates in order to go on a date with Taylor!

Two of the other One Direction lads, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, had the initials MSG tattooed on their arms to mark their visit to New York and of course, their performances at the iconic Madison Square Garden. But while they were getting their new ink, Harry took Taylor to a posh restaurant.

Now, given that we know how much Harry loves his tattoos, it really must say something that he missed out on getting a new one to be with Taylor surely?

However, according to Louis, Harry and the other 1D lads might want to avoid introducing new girlfriends to their mums given that they have a secret weapon they can unleash…

Pictures of the lads naked!

Speaking to the Daily Star, Louis said, “Our mums have cringe-making photos of us. Like ones in the bath. It’s bad.”

He also revealed that his mum used to get quite competitive on his behalf over events at school.

He said, “I remember once she wanted me to win sports day so bad at school, so she made me go jogging before.”

Lol, bless her! Here’s a reminder of Harry’s mum and dad talking about their boy when he was on X Factor…

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