One Direction 2012: Harry Styles says he’s NOT dating Emma Ostilly – his and Louis Tomlinson’s apartment for sale!

Harry Styles has denied reports that he is dating American model Emma Ostilly, despite pictures of the pair locking lips during a night on the town in new Zealand.

The handsome One Direction singer was snapped leaving Emma home in a chauffeur driven car, after enjoying some alone time following one of the band’s concerts down under. They shared a kiss, before she entered her house, however the curly haired cutie said there is nothing going on between them.

The Victoria’s Secrets model, 18, was forced to close her Twitter account, just one day after pictures of her snogging Harry were published, as she became the victim of a hate campaign, orchestrated by militant 1D fans.

Harry has tried to make life easier for Ostilly and insisted that they are not dating, in the hope that his fans will leave the beauty in peace.

The X Factor star said:

‘She’s just a friend. She’s working over here…I prefer not to talk about it.’

After seeing the pictures of what looked like a hot and heavy kiss, thousands of fans flooded Twitter to abuse Ostilly at the weekend.

Emma couldn’t have known what was coming, when she posted a picture of herself with the teen idol, accompanied by the caption:

‘Dinnnaa with harry styles’.

She closed her account the next day.

Meanwhile, now that Harry has bought his own apartment, it seems that Louis Tomlinson is planning to go solo too and the flat that the former housemates shared has been put on the market.

The swanky London pad in Friern Barnet is worth £3 million and the 1D boys rented it for £5,000 per month, when they finished on The X Factor in 2010. JLS and Alexandra Burke have previously lived in the apartment block and the flat shared by Harry and Louis, used to be owned by Ashley Cole, while Cheryl Cole once lived in one on another floor.

We can see why the boys loved the pad, with it’s HUGE beds, it’s grown up decor and more bathrooms than you can shake a stick at. But while Harry is the proud owner of his own bachelor pad now, we can’t help wondering if Louis is planning to move in with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder on his return to the UK….

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16 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles says he’s NOT dating Emma Ostilly – his and Louis Tomlinson’s apartment for sale!”

  1. Trisha Mae Mallari says:


  2. Jenny Viene says:

    Oh god. Emma is just a Flirt. Just flirt. Okay.

  3. Sarah says:

    Harry and Emma? Just no. NO.

  4. Sarah says:

    I hate Emma even more, because the fact that she has a boyfriend from Navy, fighting for our country yet Emma kissing, flirting, making out.. with Harry. WTF. And Harry should really find someone better.

  5. Lily says:

    Emma ostilly is the next Caroline Flack. I hate her too guys! :)

  6. Lily says:

    I think, Emma deserve the hate. It’s my opinion. So respect it.

  7. IHATEemma says:

    Emma? It aint pretty. God. Harry open your eyes!

  8. igotthat1thing says:

    as much as i dont like emma, i wont say anything bad about her and harry becuz its their personal life. if harry wasnt a celebrity, we wouldnt give a crap about this stuff. i think we shud just stop hating on emma and eleanor.

  9. Lizbob says:

    He likes her and that’s all that matters to me . That is if she treats him right

  10. Lizbob says:

    And if she does then she is a rude and selfish beep!!!!!!!!!

  11. Amanda says:

    Emma are using him only! She has already a guy. However, … I love Eleanor. She’s cute, it’s not Emma! Harry must be single, I think!

  12. stephany says:

    Guys stop talking crap bout them already, im a huge 1D fan and do u see me freaking out?i dont think soo, harry already said hes not dating her so just stop they are celebrities they need privact too…think before u put it on the internet

  13. stephany says:


  14. Haley says:

    Would you guys just stop?! Look, I love Harry styles like any other fan but he can’t just not date so his fans will be happy! It’s his life! And PLUS he said they weren’t dating! If you guys really love Harry you don’t need to give his girlfriend crap cuz that hurts him too!

  15. Chasade says:

    Why cant you guys just leave him alone with her emma if it made him happy you guys are just a bunch of haters -__- let harry be happy

  16. anon says:

    his taste in girls is so off