One Direction 2012: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift have a 2nd sleepover & make sweet music together!

Things seem to be heating up between the lovely Taylor Swift and gorgeous Harry Styles.

The pair have enjoyed a second sleepover in New York and for two mornings in a row the One Direction singer has been pictured leaving his new lady’s hotel, after they spent hour and hours alone inside the establishment.

Taylor travelled from LA to New York earlier this week, after receiving an award from her ex boyfriend Conor Kenndy at the 2012 Ripple of Hope annual ceremony, and joined Harry in the Big Apple in advance of his Madison Square Gardens concert.

They were spotted yesterday exiting the plush Greenwich hotel just building minutes apart and the ‘Love Story’ hitmaker looked stunning in her outfit of courdory trousers, a navy polka dot jumper and a simple collared white blouse.

Swift joined Harry earlier in the week at his after party following his huge concert and met his bandmates, his family and all his friends at the bash.

Insiders say one of the highlights of the evening was when Taylor and Styles took to the stage for a little bit of karaoke and performed ‘Islands In The Stream’ by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

A source told The Mirror said: “It was brilliant. There was a huge cheer when they got up.”

Haz made reference to the night on Twitter writing:

“Last night was the best thing I have ever done.”

“We’re on an Island over the Stream… Can’t wait to meet all the Golden Ticket winners today :) #BM1DLIVE”

Last night the hunk was spotted entering Taylor’s hotel again, carrying a rather large overnight bag. That was probably for his hair products alone.

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5 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift have a 2nd sleepover & make sweet music together!”

  1. Directioner says:

    I don’t ship Haylor. I don’t like Taylor. But if Harry is happy, i’m happy too, but it hurt, so much.

  2. Ghee says:

    I don’t know! She’s just 22 and already had few Bf’s…and good for her, for she always wrote Songs about her Ex, and making her successful! Next time, she will write about dirty Harry!

  3. Valentina says:

    I HATE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! That girl just wants a bf she doesn’t really love Harry, she still texts Conor saying that she misses him and she wants to see him again. Harry doesn’t deserve her. She’s 22, he’s 18. That is not right!!!! Booooo haylor or whatever stupid name they have. I love Harry but she is not right for him!!!

  4. Ghee says:

    From John Myer, to Jake Gylenhall, to Connor Kennedy and then Harry? Who comes next? James Arthur?

  5. jennifer says:

    comment if u hate HAYLOR