One Direction 2012: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift planning to get married?

taylor swift, harry styles

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may have only been dating for a month or so but some sources close to the pair think this if the real deal for both of them.

The One Direction star and the country singer hooked up last month during his trip to the US and they have been in each other’s company almost constantly ever since. We reported earlier this morning that Haz has been staying in her LA mansion for the last two days and was seen out shopping with Swifty’s mum yesterday.

Things seem to be moving fast and a friend of the couple thinks that they could definitely end up getting married.

He is well known to be quite the ladies man and a bit of a womanizer but it seems that Liam Payne’s steadying influence could be rubbing off on him because Harry seems to be settling down.

An insider told US Weekly that they think it’s only a matter of time before the loved up couple tie the knot and explained:

“Harry is totally in love. I can see them getting married in a week, just going for it!”

harry styles, taylor swift

We are hoping this so called source is just a hopeless romantic. Harry is only 18! He’s too young to get hitched surely? But then we never imagined he would settle down and take his girlfriend to the Lake District for her birthday either….maybe our little boy is all grown up1

A second source insisted that the pair are serious about one another, adding:

harry taylor

“This has gone from zero to 60 in seconds.”

What do you think Directioners? Is Haylor a flash in the pan romance or could this be it for Hazza? Could Taylor be ‘the one’?

Leave your comments below…

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14 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift planning to get married?”

  1. Kyra says:


  2. ann says:

    OMG!!!! NOOO it will totally ruin his life this can’t happen he is only 18…she only wants him cause he is super popular and she needs more songs, i love taylor and i love harry but they are horrible together!!! (my opinion)

  3. Aly says:

    Haha what even. These are just rumors. I doubt it will even last a month… Besides Harry seems miserable with her. She controlling him.

  4. Louis KSA Fans says:

    Harry so so young 4 marriage maybe he really love taylor and I don’t blame him she pretty so famous and lovely but both of them should take long time if that news true !! Cause alway the first days of love are like heaven but the time will show more things so clam down sweet haylor

    And please stop spread that hate a bout haylor cause I’m huge dirctioner and I hate what some girls from this great
    Fandom did ..

    Follow me please if u 1D girl @LaiLa1OO4

  5. Frynnyx+Liam says:

    Ok… they both looks a bit weird together. Taylor’s is beautiful but she should find another ‘victim’ to date. Harry should look for another girl. But I think they should do what makes them happy. For this, I TOTALLY DISAGREE!!!!!!!
    Isn’t that right Directioners???

  6. sierra says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY HARRY…..we all know what is going to happen they are going to break up and she is going to write a ssong about it… dont get me wrong i love them bothe but rally harry and talor come on..

  7. tamar says:

    Harry is too young! Really i dont want him to
    get married he only 18!
    I am BIG directioner and i love harry so
    much and i think taylor she is really nice and
    cute girl but..i love harry and i love taylor
    but not haylor!
    Sorry but just no :-C

  8. Mariana says:

    no no no …. has to be temporary but if harry is happy to do … So if you do not marry yet

  9. jade graham says:

    i think harry and taylor should get married because they are in love with each other and they are a perfect match Go for it harry get married to her xxxx

  10. Khrystenna says:

    i don`t think Haylor should be a couple they are no good for each other. I mean i like harry but i don`t like taylor. don`t get me wrong she is a good person but i hate the way she writes songs. if she writes a song about them breaking up then nobody will like her at least thats what i think. so really i think she should go find another superstar to sink her fangs into. she goes on and off with guys and she wonders why they all break up wiith her. she writes a bunch of stupid love songs and songs about life so taylor away from harry before i make you k.

  11. 1D carrots says:

    nooooo!!!! i wanted harry but oh well atleast hes found someone i guess

  12. sophie says:

    i think harry and taylor should get married there in love with each other they make a perfect couple together i think harry should pop the question soon rather than later .

  13. katlyn says:

    They probably aren’t even getting married! But in my opinion, I think that whenever someone says, “she’s just going to right a song about him”, they are just motivating Taylor to make sure the relationship lasts and that she doesn’t blow it! STOP BEING SO PREDICTABLE, DIRECTIONERS!! :)

  14. kashay says:

    No this can the why not another directioner ;c they been dating for a month why is taylor moving fast with the relationship