One Direction 2012: Harry Styles will date ANYONE, as long as they’re no older than 43!

It’s been evident for some time that One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles lives by the motto “made round to go round.”

And in an interview with Metro recently, he revealed that despite his much publicized affair with Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, he’s happy to date women of any age…

As long as they aren’t any older than his mum Anne Cox, who’s 43.

Of his somewhat short lived relationship with 32 year old Caroline, Harry was keen to play down speculation that it could’ve been a serious one.

He said, “It was just a fling.”

And while adding that he does in fact quite fancy Carol Vorderman – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – who’s 51, he quickly stated that she wouldn’t be on his go-to list because she’s older than his mummy.

He reiterated, “[I wouldn’t date anyone] older than my mum, and she’s 43…”

Harry added, “But really it comes down to what they’re like. Age is nothing but a number.”

Yeah, wait until you need to scroll for 15 minutes to locate your date of birth in a drop down box on t’interweb Harry, then tell me “it’s just a number.”

Grrs at the folly of youth.

Anyway, Anne recently told Heat magazine that while he might be the world’s most eligible bachelor, he’s still a mummy’s boy at heart.

She said, “He’s a mummy’s boy. Sometimes, he phones up to five times a day.

“When there’s a time difference, he tends to text saying, ‘I love you, Mum,’ or ‘I miss you’.

“He’s still my little boy [and] he gives the best hugs ever.

“I love hugging him and kissing him when he comes home. He’s a very caring and lovely guy.”

Altogether now… awww bless!

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71 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Harry Styles will date ANYONE, as long as they’re no older than 43!”

  1. kenzi says:

    my sister forced my to ask this question to one direction and I didn’t want to talk. so here it is why is it that they speak in a Australian accent or other and when they sing they have an American accent?

  2. Natalie Parkin says:

    So you would date a 12 year old if she was hot and had a sense of humor? Lol Thats me! :)

  3. Megan says:

    ho old ar you Harry?!
    I love 1 direction!
    1 directions music is fantestic!
    1 direction it’s perfect!

  4. Gigi says:

    No a fence 1direction but Harry is the cutest I sorry 1ditection love y’all lots

  5. Tesa says:

    Harry .. I love yoou and not just because you are in “one direction” yoou seem like the perfect person ever .. ! Yoou are really amazing and I know a lot of girls saay that to you but I’m actually being honest … I wish we could meet .. I may be a crazy fan but I wouldn’t be crazy around you .. :) and also I’m going too your concert in florida may 25 yay !!! Anywhoo you are like A-mazing and I cry even when I see your pictures on google lol buut I wouldn’t be like thaat around yoou .. I. Listen too your music everynight just so I caan sleep .. this maay sound a little bit crazy but if I don’t hear your voice or see your face I can’t sleep at all .. I’m not crazy though lol I swear. Ooh and I’m not 43 lol

  6. aliyah says:

    so im 11 and im the kind u want im nice and cute with a sence of humor..and i agree with you on this “But really it comes down to what they’re like. Age is nothing but a number.”

  7. .yasmin says:


    • Gracie says:

      Hi Harry I’m Gracie I’m 10 4″9 I live in Hawaii Hilo I’d love to go
      on a date with you .I’m brunet and I have curly hair.If you come to
      Hilo Hawaii we could go on a date

  8. Hannah haywood says:

    Harry, I love you. An I’m 13. I have blue eyes, blond hair, I’m tan, an I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall. An I love cats aha i heard you like them too. Ahaha. I live in cali im funn to be around and i have a great personality and sense of humor. and I’m up for any activity weather it’s indoor/outdoor. An I love you not only because your in one direction but because your a great guy and you funny cute nice and you have a great sense of humor an I love that. LOVE, Hannah

    • Harry says:

      When r u 14 Hannah? Maybe you might do xx Harry xxx:)

    • Lucy says:

      Hey hannah I am exactly like you just I am twelve I love cats too but my parents donts I like all activities especially rock climbing swimming and bowling Mabey we can be friends

  9. arianna says:

    hey harry my age is 12 and i love koala’s and i have a funny sence of humor and and to tell you i hate snakes and my first kiss i eleven and one time i got a black eye for a boy.

    arianna <3

  10. vanessa says:

    ..I’m 11…my friends say I’m funny so I guess I am. But my point is that I’m not like the others trying to sound all perfect for you, I just know that I’m a LARGE fan of yours and your band members. I will not say you are my favorite, I love the entire band! The reasons I like you are because you are funny, and not only do you have good looks, you have a good personality and voice. I’m highly sorry I don’t have any of your CDs or posters but its because I can’t buy it. I really do wish to meet you. But lets face it, your famous and rich, and you know what I am, I can’t afford to see you in person, I wish I could meet you . Your fan , Vanesss

  11. WhyDoYouCare says:

    Gee. That 11 year old could probably spell better than the first couple people. who all stated they were older than her…wow. But, remember you’re all beautiful!!

  12. Hayden says:

    Do you guys really think he’s going to read this. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan but I don’t think he’s actually going to read this one fan blogs out of thousands of others.

  13. nicole says:

    hey harry im 13 and my boyfrined just dumped me for a girl he bearly knew who was one of my best friend. TThanks vic, some friend huh………..i love u guys leave me your number on this sight. thx


  14. Mackenzie says:

    I’m thirteen and I doubt I’ll get any chance with him… I’ve also figured out that I’m not happy with any other guy because I have practically brainwashed myself into thinking that Harry would want me, and I hate it.

    • marissa styles says:


  15. marissa styles says:

    ello harry i am 15 and single i love u so much ur every were in my room i want u so baad i am not a girl who brags about her self but this is the time were i am not gonna be pushed in the corner I AM THE ONE I HAVE THE ONE THING THAT U NEED HARRY if u read this pls i care about u more than air wait no i dont cuz if we dint have air U DIE i dont want that to happing oh wow um… i am gonna stop here.

  16. mileyda cruz says:

    I LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES!! FOREVER ♥ so their’s a chance ♥.♥ and i love harry styles because he’s cute fun funny and he is so sweet! he is just perfect!! and dont think about the bad people think about the people that love you!! ♥♥♥ :)

  17. Leyla says:

    I love one direction but my fav is Harry Styles. I am 12 years old I am cute,friendly,nice,pretty,I have the sence of humor,I am funny,I love singing,dancing,acting( maybe someday I will be an actriss cz this is my dream) I love you more than everything in my life. So you would date a 12 years old girl??!! anw I you did it yes or not your picture is and will me forever in my heart! ur my king! luv u bye <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. Kaylee Mays says:

    Hey Harry xx I’m funny cute and everything you could wish for xx luv ya x plz will u date me? Xx

    • Kaylee Mays says:

      Yeah! Let me get to know ya and give me ya email address wiv ya pic! And when we know each other more change numbers and. Maybe meet up if that’s alright wiv u! Xx Harry xx

      • alayssa styles says:

        harry is to funny and i think he is a very very very nice guy in the world hugs

      • alayssa styles says:

        some girl say that harry is a great guy i think that to but the thing is some girl say that just because and girls in the world who love harry i know that harry would won’t to know why you like him so i am going to say why i like him he is funny he is him self and not somebody else i don’t like him because he is cute and i am not saying he is not cute he is supper hot but i like him cuz of his personality and his sense of humor and his beautiful smile his charming eyes and stylish curly hair and just so harry can have a image about me i am porter recon am color of hair is a brunette color and i love staying up until 2 or 3 am taking to friends and family i am at least 5 feet 3 or 5 feet 4 my eye color is brown i am 14 years old i love playin violin would you like to be friends with me if you do reply bake

      • alayssa styles says:

        i hate this every time that i think harry is talking to me next thing you know it someone else this has happed like 10 times i just want to tell harry how i feel and i can’t do that this makes me mad

      • alayssa styles says:

        Harry call this number 817-888-1598

      • alayssa styles says:

        Mackenzie how do you know that

  19. Harry says:

    Whoops! I accidentally put ur name as mine!! Sorry but I am Harry!!!!! Xx Harry xx

  20. Kaylee Mays says:

    Hey I was NOT nude!!! Xxx kaylee

  21. Harry says:

    All right but ur the sexiest thing ever ! Anyway left my num in email text me babe xx Harry xx

  22. Mackenzie says:

    I can’t believe that you guys actually think that that’s Harry… and what’s with all of these kids’ grammar? Most of you are older than me, yet your grammar is the worst I’ve ever seen… Wow, I’m just astonished.

  23. Shaela says:

    I read some people saying that was not the real Harry wats up wit that???

  24. Jordi says:

    Lol is that the real harry??

  25. alayssa styles says:

    i need harry phone number i spend 2 months looking for it

  26. alayssa styles says:

    i love you harry

  27. alayssa styles says:

    some girls say that Harry is a great guy I think that too but the thing is some girl say that just because and girl in the world who loves harry i know that he wants to know why you like him so i am going to tell you why i like him he is funny he is himself and not somebody else I don’t like him because he is cute and I am not saying that he is not cute he is supper hot I like him because of his great personality and his great sense of humor and his beautiful smile chinese eyes and his style a curly hair

    • alayssa styles says:

      sorry i did not mean to post it yet but the message that on kaylee mays is what I wanted to put and Nialls my cousin loves you and he nickname is gg and her real name is enmarie

  28. Sarah Lynn says:

    Please note, ‘Harry’ is NOT Harry Styles, and please don’t ever give your contact details out to anyone until you know who they are.

    To the person claiming to be Harry,your IP address has been logged.

  29. Mrs. Styles to be says:

    I have a feeling that when I met Harry we will become great friends or something more , if ya know what I mean!! Anyway I’m gonna meet him backstage ad also at signings!! I can’t wait… We are gonna hit it off! Huge

  30. Charlee says:

    I am perfect for u Harry. I’m 15 i love cats i have 3 now I’m 5 feet 9 inches i like u cus u are a cute guy ur funny and a huge flirt. i live in Michigan and i don’t like u cus ur in one direction i like u cus ur sweet. I may be a huge fan but i wouldn’t act all crazy around u i will just be myself. Im loud funny a flirt and crazy but when it comes to a guy im different. I hope u like girls like me

  31. Harry styles says:

    I love you all if you want my number you must tell me my full name where I am from and what my birthday is and what color my eyes are I love you all Harry.

  32. Harry styles says:

    Hey this is me Harry styles if want my number you must tell me every thing you no about me

    • alayssa styles says:

      you like old movies at media event you held up a kim Kardashian poster with a sticky saying call me maybe your favorite artist is john Mayer your top movies are the notebook and love actually your full name us Harry Edward styles you birthday is February 1.1994 your hometown is England Holmes chapel you have a older sister name gemma she 21 your music idol is ColdPlay Chris Martin biggest splurge regular bake message you are 18 going on 19 it takes you 2.6 second to do you hair you where a teacher pet at school you got creative when it came to playtime you like weird and wonderful things you also love recording yourself with tunes of Elvis Presley you care what people say about you you are funny you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous

  33. Harry styles says:

    My number is [{\\{>%#^}~

  34. Harry styles says:

    So who what free backstage tickets to my next concert near you

    • alayssa styles says:

      me alayssa crystal Morale
      or alayssa crystal styles

      • alayssa styles says:

        sorry it alayssa crstily eresary iy a Indian name my phone is always miss spelling the words that i right i love you hary

  35. alayssa styles says:

    Harry you are amazing because you are not scared to shoe the real you and i love you for that xxxxxx o alayssa xxxxxxxxx o

  36. Mackenzie says:

    It’s not the real Harry okay?

  37. alayssa styles says:

    how do you know if that not Harry

    • Mackenzie says:

      Harry’s on break and he wouldn’t be wasting his time on here. It’s obviously just some pervert.

  38. Abby says:

    Hi Harry my name is Abby , I am cute , funny , sweet and
    I think I would be perfect for you. I would love to date you,
    but you would have to wait for me because I’m only ten almost
    eleven, so if you could wait for me and we could get to know eachother
    that would be amazing!:)

  39. Lexus says:

    guys This isn’t the real Harry. He has at least some kind of life. He wouldn”t waste time on here…. BUT I do love all of One Direction equally. OUI c’est j’taime One Direction

  40. Isabella Farkas says:

    Harry! I am 13 years old but in October I will be 14!😉 I am tan and 5’5″ I am also Brunnette and have long hair, and have green eyes[but its really cool because it hase a gold rim]and I act! But I’m not putting my stage name on here! Hahah😃 I live in Georgia, but I am moving to Cali!!☀I also sing and my voiceless coach is Jan Smith, who is Justin Bieber’s vocal coach. I would love too meet you and listen to your accent! I have 2 cats🐱 which is good😉I love cuddling and people who can take a banter, because I can take a banter quite well! I am DEATHLY afraid of roller coasters and sometimes my friends make me go on them and I don’t like it!🎢I have a lot of guys your age flirt with me😊 and I would just love love love too meet you!!

  41. Ana Chmiel says:

    His full name is Harry Edward styles
    His home town is England Holmes chapel Cheshire
    HiS eyes are green
    His birthday is February 1st

  42. Something says:

    Umm hey Harry styles my name is dhnskdjfhskisjs hehehe and I have always
    Wanted to meet u if I had the money I would go see u in concert and if I can
    I will just stick to listening with your music umm ☺☺☺I am not gonna say
    My age but I have blonde hair blue eyes and tan skin and i love dogs to be
    Honest I’m not gonna be weird and just say everything u like but I love staying
    Up late and riding in golf carts lolXD😝😝😝😃😃😝🚙🚙🚙And I dont
    Like flying alone I am to young for you obviously but I like to go have fun instead
    Of sitting down all day eating choate witch I hate chocolate but hope to meet u
    And see u live and u Probably don’t look at this but all well☺☺☺☺Enjoy life lol

  43. Something says:

    People give out to much info on here thts why I put my name as something because there a perves tht pretend to be Harry styles and no one should be outing out were they live it’s fine if u put your hair color or eye color cus there are millions of people with tht color or eye color I am just trieng to say if u put we’re u live how tall u are or what your name is some peeve probably saw it XD

  44. Rebecca says:

    Hi Harry! I <3 U so much!!! I'm turning 13 on December 24th and I'm 5ft. 4in.! I love u so much Harry Styles! XOXO