One Direction 2012: Insiders fear Harry Styles’ girlfriend Taylor Swift could cause 1D to split, just like Yoko Ono caused The Beatles to part!

It’s being reported today that Harry Styles seems to be alienating his One Direction band mates in favour of spending as much time as possible with his new girlfriend, US singer Taylor Swift…

And as we reported over the weekend, when 1D flew back to the UK from the States – after their hugely successful gigs in New York – to perform at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball, rather than fly with his band mates, Harry chose to fly home with Taylor on her private jet.

And according to The Sun today, even though Taylor’s jet could easily have accommodated the rest of 1D – that is of course Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan – neither Taylor nor Harry invited them. And they weren’t impressed.

A source close to the lads told the paper, “There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor’s luxury jet but he didn’t even suggest they travelled together.”

So it’s now being rumoured that Taylor may cause a rift within 1D that could see them split up, which is what reportedly happened to The Beatles – to whom 1D have often been compared due to the hysteria among fans that they cause – after John Lennon refused to ban his then girlfriend Yoko Ono from going into the studios with the band.

Yoko and John – who was tragically shot and killed by a deranged fan outside his home in the Dakota building in New York on December 8, 1980 – first became close after he went to an exhibition of her “conceptual art” in the late sixties.

By 1969, he and Yoko were inseparable, and he had little time for his Beatles band mates. However, the final straw came when John insisted that Yoko be allowed some input into the band’s music. And furthermore, having agreed between them that wives and girlfriends must never be allowed into the recording studios – an agreement that John flouted by insisting on having Yoko present – that was the end of the band members’ once close friendships. The official split was announced in November of 1969.

Do you think Harry would allow Taylor to come between him and his 1D band mates? Let us know.

For now, here’s a reminder of 1D’s performance at the Jingle Bell Ball…

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14 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Insiders fear Harry Styles’ girlfriend Taylor Swift could cause 1D to split, just like Yoko Ono caused The Beatles to part!”

  1. RC says:

    Okay so would ppl be saying this if his girlfriend was NOT Taylor esp. if his girlfriend was just some everyday girl or middle or upper class girl? I very much do NOT think so. To compare 1D and Beatles there is NO comparison. I am not a Beatles fan BUT 1D will NEVER be at the level or have a song as good as The Beatles & their early hits. It’s a lil funny that 1 member is trying to have a lil hint of a normal persons life and is having some success at it and ppl are complaining. Are his band members jealous perhaps? Just because Taylor is Harry’s GF doesn’t mean she is obligated to let the band tag along to everything and fly in her jet or ride in her bus/limo. Just as the band is not obligated to let Taylor fly in their plane, etc. I dont really think Taylor will try and do what Yoko did. She is NOTHING like Yoko. Taylor at least can sing although her more recent matieral is NOT as strong as the stuf from her past. And amyways I read in a recent interview with Paul McCartney that Yoko was NOT the reason the band broke up. Google or YouTube his interviews from the past year. But I suppose when any band or singer gets to a really famous pt and for a period of time ppl and the media are gonna throw up the ‘GF/BF Ruin Band/Singer Career’ card. The band will only split if they let this stuff get to them. If they really want to stay together they will. And if they have to replace Harry with someone else they have to. Harry needs to look out for himself and whats best for him just as the band has to look out what’s best for them. Fans might be sad for awhile but they’ll heal over time esp. if another band or singer comes along that gets the amount of fame the lads have. The average life of a boyband is usually 2 to 5 yrs anyways before things start to fizzle or they part to focus on solo careers or personal lives. Just enjoy the time they are as a band ppl.

  2. Reality Check says:

    Considering they aren’t actually dating, I doubt it.

  3. whatever says:

    Is the Sun all that reliable when it comes to gossip?

    Taylor and Harry have just started the relationship, of course they would want to spend as much time as possible together… I think his bandmates (most of whom have GF themselves) would understand that.

    I think that the press and fans love to speculate about the band and find potential problems for the band: Elenaor splitting Harry and Louis, then the Larry Stylinson shippers splitting Harry and Louis, Perry having caused Zayn to spend less time with his bandmates, now we have Taylor as the new front runner to split the band.

  4. Valentina says:

    Only 5 words to say!!! I HATE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! First of all there is no Larry stylinson, it’s stupid FANFICTION!!!!! Louis and Eleanor have nothing to do with this so don’t blame them, Zayn is trying to take care of Perrie as much as he can because she has a serious throat infection, don’t even mention Liam and Danielle because this is not their problem, Niall doesn’t even have a girlfriend so. Taylor is brain washing Harry, she says this has been a long term relationship for her, they haven’t even been together for
    2 freakin weeks, she is seducting Harry away from 1D, they r as big as the Beatles, haven’t any of u heard in the news that they r the #1 MOST famous boyband in the whole world!!! They have dedicated fans, who love them and support them like me. If anything happens to them, it’ll break Directioners’ hearts. I really do not like Taylor plus she has been texting conor saying that she misses him and that she wants to see him for Christmas. Take Me home is #1 in mostly the whole world, they r being more famous than Justin Bieber right now. If u r a DIRECTIONATOR, why even read stuff about them if u don’t care about them and make them feel like they don’t care. And Eminem’s daughter told Taylor that if she ever did something to Harry or hurt him or anything, she was going to cuss her out and beat her tail up because she loves One Direction and she doesn’t want them to break up because of the stupid of Taylor. If u don’t like what I’m saying, I don’t care. If u have sometime to say just say it. I’m a really nice person but when I think that something has to be said, it is my right to say it. The US is a free country. I’m a really huge Directioner and I love the boys do much. I really don’t them to split. I want the best for them and for all the Directioners around the world!!!!

    • mental says:

      You’re so funny! Hahahahaha.

    • Kaylea says:

      Okay you’re comment… I didn’t even fish reading it coz there is so many things wrong with it. First of all why do you hate Taylor Swift? Is it because she’s dating Harry and you think you might possibly have a chance with him so you hate Taylor because she’s taking that chance away? That’s what you make it sound like. Second of all Taylor isn’t “Brainwashing” Harry. You don’t know how Lon they have been dating they could have been dating since her and Connor split and just kept it a secret til now. Also she isn’t Seducting him away from 1D. AnOther thing, how would you know if Taylor is texting Connor do you have proof? Probably not. All I’m saying is I hope you have a better reason to hate Taylor than just because she’s dating Harry. Don’t hate because she is dating somebody you love. Wow.. You’re just… Wow…

      • laura says:

        Im completely agree with you Kaylea

      • RC says:

        I totally agree with you as well Kaylea. I would of said a lot of similar things had I posted before this.

      • Valentina says:

        First of all Kaylea, I have a boyfriend, second I don’t like Taylor since 2005 I only like her music, and third I know she is still texting Conor because she admitted that he was still in contact with her and my dad has a friend, who is best friends with Taylor’s manager, and he has been keeping me updated, with her news, and I don’t hate
        Taylor because she’s dating Harry. Get your facts straight.

    • Ashley says:

      I just now saw that they might slit up on the news. And I totally agree with you dude. I’m holding back tears from the news. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hope thet they stay together or else I will die!

      • Valentina says:

        Ikr, that’s like the worst thing that can happen to 1D, I really do not want them to break up though!!!

  5. Fidan says:

    OMG i never knew they had a girlfriend