One Direction 2012: Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer denies cheating and dating Zayn Malik!

Danielle Peazer has found the need to defend herself on Twitter yet again.

It was only a few weeks ago that the brunette beauty was facing death threats on the micro blogging site and being told she was too ‘ugly’ to date One Direction star Liam Payne, but now the fans are at it again, this time accusing her of cheating on her famous boyfriend.

The dancing teen has also been accused of seeing Liam’s bandmate Zayn Malik, before she took up with the blonde singer but she strongly denies both claims.

Taking to Twitter this week, Danielle wrote:

‘I think its so disrespectful to ask me if I’ve cheated on Liam.’

She added:

‘You don’t know me or about my relationship, I couldn’t love Liam more.xx.’

In response to a fan, who messaged her on the micro blogging website, she continued:

‘Rumours saying I cheated on Liam, and saying that I was with Zayn before I was with Liam.’

‘ALL LIES, and all hurtful. Xxx.’

She went on:

‘its not true but even if it were, why is it anyone elses business? Silly rumours are never fun :( xx’

Peazer also asked supporters of the band to stop asking her if they were on the brink of cracking, because of their hectic work schedule. She tweeted:

‘Please stop asking me if I think 1D need a break, they love their job and all have holiday time soon. They are still humans and get tired.xx’

The last time someone hit out at Danielle on Twitter, Liam waded in to defend his woman…..we wonder if he’ll do the same again!

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19 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer denies cheating and dating Zayn Malik!”

  1. Ali says:

    err liam isn’t blond. He’s a brunette. Niall is the blond

  2. holly says:

    this really gets on my wick it was only the ohter week when she was getting death threats people need to stop being so jellous of danielle and the relationship she has with liam. i love danielle so much and look up to her yeah shes not famous but still i used to spot her from any other dancer and say i like that girl i want to be able to dance like her… iv known about her before she was with liam and any true directioner would leave her alone be nice to her ask er how her day is but jellous people just make up rumors and it hurts people. and another thing one direction are humans just like us so yes they will get tired and again if you were a true directioner you wouldnt complain about management youd be happy for the boys .xx

  3. Rachel says:

    I don’t care what she says I love Liam he’s hot And why does she always write xx at the end of everything? I’m happy for Liam and stuff cause if u love someone u would truly be happy for them but I can still dream about him NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM THAT. Thanks :)

  4. Irisa says:

    This is annoying people need to stop being jealous, and get a life. Her personal life is no ones buisness give her a break and leave her alone. I get daily updates and emails about these stupid rumors and death threats and its soo annoying like i said before get a life and stop being an ass, grow up its not like any of you would have a chance to be with one of them get real and pay good attention to the girls they were with all famous or beyondd amazing and gorgeous and got annoyed by you people and your jealousy!!!!!!!!! -.-

  5. Hannah says:

    i know alot of us love liam but if we cared we would leave danielle alone and stop these coments she is probbley felling so scared over these coments how would you like to be threated like this you would hate just think for a second think how she would feel that massive fans of one direction threating her telling her what to do and how much they hate her so stop this for liam and his girlfriend to in peace

  6. I love louis I am a true directioner says:

    U people who believe this r dumb . U r obviously just jealous. If u were a true directioner u would be happy for Liam and u would know Zayn would never do that to his best friend . Even if Zayn did do it it’s none of our buisness it is Liam and Danielle’s buisness. I think danielle is obviously a lovely girl other wise Liam wouldnt be dating her . I think if u believe this u need to give them some room to have a personal life . If u r a directioner u should already know that duhhhhh

  7. Tamara says:

    heyy one direction is so cute

  8. Kirstie Turkowsi says:

    These haters need to go away! Like really? It’s annoying. Danielle and Liam are so cute together. Stop making rumors. Danielle is so pretty! She’s not ugly!

  9. Lorenza Guiao says:

    i don’t really care if he’s dateing her as long as she loves him and he loves her but hey i love Liam too he’s hot he looks like half of Justin Bieber and James Maslow in Big time rush but if he’s going to marry her i got Carlos pena from big time rush to replace him but he is still hot and one of my favorites but he can’t beat carlos pena hottness.

  10. iloveLiam says:

    She is so lucky i would do anything to be with Liam he is my favorite out of One Direction Love you

  11. Tahlia Horan says:

    Just leave Danielle alone.
    Imagine how you would feel if you were Danielle and you were getting all of this hate and everything I bet you would’nt like it.
    Danielle I hope your alright. Dont worry Danielle I believe you and I Love You so much ans always will <3.

  12. betty says:

    ilike your songs and you as well as you to so i hope you and your girlfriend get along so well

  13. betty says:

    ilike the one dirction so much and i even have there poster on my wall at home to

  14. patty says:

    liam is a nice person leave him alone

  15. Christina says:

    I love u liam Payne with all my heart you are my BF and soon 2 B husband but if your happy i am 2 (but if it doesn’t work out call me):)

  16. Kaylee says:

    I don’t think it’s right to be giving any of the one direction girls death threats there all beautiful! Not being mean or anything but hateing them isn’t gonna make the boys love you and trust me I’m a big one direction fan to but hating on them and sending them death threats is going to far!!:( If your a true directioner or one direction fan you like who he likes and maybe he’ll like you back!

  17. Isabella says:

    First off Liam isn’t blonde he’s brunette Niall’s blonde. Secondly it’s rude to accuse Liam’s girlfriend of cheating on him. People should just keep out of their relationship. A relationship is for two people not the whole world. How would you feel if every move you made was being watched? How would you feel if someone gave you death threats for no reason? How would you feel if someone accused you of cheating on your boyfriend with his best mate. Leave Danielle alone and stop with the hate against her. She makes Liam happy isn’t that what all his fans want? The fake fans need to stop the hate because I know a real fan wouldn’t mind that Liam has a girlfriend because as long as he’s happy we’re happy
    I support Danielle and Liam they are cute together