One Direction 2012: Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer denies cheating and dating Zayn Malik!

Danielle Peazer has found the need to defend herself on Twitter yet again.

It was only a few weeks ago that the brunette beauty was facing death threats on the micro blogging site and being told she was too ‘ugly’ to date One Direction star Liam Payne, but now the fans are at it again, this time accusing her of cheating on her famous boyfriend.

The dancing teen has also been accused of seeing Liam’s bandmate Zayn Malik, before she took up with the blonde singer but she strongly denies both claims.

Taking to Twitter this week, Danielle wrote:

‘I think its so disrespectful to ask me if I’ve cheated on Liam.’

She added:

‘You don’t know me or about my relationship, I couldn’t love Liam more.xx.’

In response to a fan, who messaged her on the micro blogging website, she continued:

‘Rumours saying I cheated on Liam, and saying that I was with Zayn before I was with Liam.’

‘ALL LIES, and all hurtful. Xxx.’

She went on:

‘its not true but even if it were, why is it anyone elses business? Silly rumours are never fun :( xx’

Peazer also asked supporters of the band to stop asking her if they were on the brink of cracking, because of their hectic work schedule. She tweeted:

‘Please stop asking me if I think 1D need a break, they love their job and all have holiday time soon. They are still humans and get tired.xx’

The last time someone hit out at Danielle on Twitter, Liam waded in to defend his woman…..we wonder if he’ll do the same again!

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