One Direction 2012: Liam Payne’s lady Danielle Peazer congratulates Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder on exam results

Eleanor Calder is not just relying on her good looks to get her somewhere in life it would seem, as she has announced today that she passed all her university exams.

The brunette beauty is dating One Direction star Louis Tomlinson and spent much of May panicking over her various tests and papers. However, while holidaying with the hunk in France this week, the student – who attends college in Manchester – found out that she had sailed through the exams and passed with flying colours.

She tweeted:

‘Passed my exams! Yaaayyy :) So I will be joining you next year @LaniBurton @EllaSpeakman @KattieCrisp @tanya_scanlon :) :)’

Soon after her announcement, Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer rushed to congratulate her pal, writing:

‘@EleanorJCalder well done babe! Hope you’re both having a lovely time xx’

Calder responded:

‘@DaniellePeazer Thanks babe! See you very soon :) xxx’

Eleanor is currently sunning herself in the French countryside, taking a well earned break with her famous boyfriend who has just returned from his month long American tour.

However, the holiday won’t last much longer as very soon the X Factor group have to reunite and head back to the recording studio to continue work on their second album, which is slated for release later this year.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Louis has admitted that all the gossip surrounding his relationship with bandmate Harry Styles is beginning to irritate he and his girlfriend. Read more on that story here.

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