One Direction 2012: LISTEN! Interviewer cuts Zayn Malik off after record label ban on questions!

Poor Zayn Malik was left a little red faced earlier this week, when an interviewer cut him off after being banned from asking a number of popular questions.

The One Direction star was appearing on radio show ‘Rush from The Morning Hot Tub’ and management had allocated them a ten minute time slot in which to chat to the handsome performer, but before the interview took place a team member from SYCO record label issued a list of questions which were not allowed to be asked.

We would have expected them to ban things like asking the boys about when they lost their virginity, or what Simon Cowell is really like behind the scenes however, the issues were fairly tame ones, such as asking them about their frequent pranks or quizzing them about their time on The X Factor.

In the clip below, the DJ explained how the interview went, saying:

“When you talk to a band like this, what you have is someone from the record company who handles the interviewing and they connect me to Zayn.”

“She, a very nice lady, gave me some rules that I had to follow before I could do my interview with Zayn.”

He then played some audio of the woman in questioning listing the banned questions. They were:

1. What is your celebrity crush
2. Which of you have girlfriends
3. Who came up with the name One Direction
4. Anything X-Factor related
5. Worst habits about each other
6. Do you guys fight
7. Best prank someone played on you
8. Describe each other on one word
9. Funniest fan stories
10. If not in the band, what will you be doing
11. Pre-show rituals
12. Anything about money or religion

Being left with not much to ask Malik, the presenter decided not to bother with the interview at all and said to Zayn:

“Hi Zayn you’re a very busy guy. I want to talk to you but I can’t do that…no X Factor, no pranks….well that’s about going to do it. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and continued success for the future.”

You can listen to the chat in full below.

This isn’t the first time we have heard these complaints, as last week, when the lads were doing a whole round of promo in advance of the release of their new single ‘Live While We’re Young’ other radio stations complained that they had been banned from asking Liam Payne about his rumorued split from Danielle Peazer, as well as a whole host of other questions.

The news comes on top of reports at the weekend, that SYCO have imposed a sex and booze ban on the boys and have forbidden them from smoking in public, openly dating or flirting with fans, or being photographed while drunk.

It was also reported that management insisted that more than ten minutes of content was cut from the 1D Alan Carr interview last week, because too much personal information was revealed that could harm their clean cut image.

Listen to Zayn’s non interview and tell us, do you think management are doing the right thing? Does this spell trouble for the future of One Direction?

Leave your comments below….

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13 Responses to “One Direction 2012: LISTEN! Interviewer cuts Zayn Malik off after record label ban on questions!”

  1. Brittany says:

    Management is going to ruin the fact that they are normallike come on lady let us ask him questions and have fun. I mean I guess I respect her cuz she works with one direction but still.

    • Julia says:

      first of all.. Canadian radio broadcast. Secondly, are kidding me? they want to be publicly recognized and have fans and all that, and they think they have the nerve to ban these simple, non-invading questions? get real please. they were questions that the fans (who brought them the success that they have) deserve to know. it’s called CELEBRITY STATUS. if they can’t handle it, then perhaps this business isn’t right for them.

  2. Amy says:

    I think that was very rude and disrespectful to puclicly air that on radio and to laugh about is even worse. Those questions were the ones they get asked all the time since day 1 during X Factor. A good interviewer would come up with questions that that were no not on that list. To no suprise the radio station was in America. Nothing like this would ever happen in the UK

    • Brookie says:

      First of all Amy the interview was in Ottawa and second of all THEY ISSUED THE BAN OF QUESTIONS TO RADIO STATIONS IN THE UK AS WELL! So it’d be nice if you shut up.

  3. chi chi says:

    when 1D breaks up , management will be the reason

  4. Terry says:

    I agree that it was rude, though we shouldn’t be so quick to judge, for all we know these may be infact be requests from the boys, but who knows.
    I’m not a big fan, but I enjoy some of their tunes, I thought they were 14-16 years old till like 2 weeks ago, you would think every 16yr old girl would know their age, but I hope you continue with success, without so much media hiccups.
    I was wondering why 18yr olds were screaming for such young boys :/ my bad :P

  5. Kerri says:

    The radios station is in Ottawa. Last I checked that’s in Canada so get off your high horse, Amy. The UK is not so clean cut as you think. Wasn’t there a UK newspaper that published the naked Kate pictures? Yeah, I thought so!

    • Lily says:

      Actually Kerri, it was a French tabloid that published the naked Kate pictures. The media gag on royals is far too tight for anything like that. However, I don’t think where the radio station is located has anything to do with the way that country behaves as a whole, and this sort of thing could easily happen in the UK.

      I feel bad for Zayn though, here.

  6. Sam says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that many of these questions are repetitive, but others help to keep fans updated. Frankly, the fact that they would put so many bans on what interviewers can ask is going to annoy Directioners to no end. I understand the no money or religion subject. But, we want to know about other parts their lives; they’re who we look up to, and love.

  7. Tami says:

    The fans are what keeps 1D in the charts. Those questions were all legit, and if they didn’t want to answer all they would have to say is no comment. Fans want to know about 1D and all this banning crap will just hurt their image.

  8. hollis says:

    Manegment is ruining itbif the bogs requested then fine but i mean seriously t and cutting time of the show cuz there clean cut imahe they dont hav one there weird crazy and fun leave them be

  9. Liza says:

    How embarrassing for a grown man in the radio business for 15 years to embarrass a teenager publicly. Unfortunate for him. He should have taken the high road and not done the interview at all. Instead, this grown man wanted to get his kicks. Pathetic…

  10. Cecila says:

    Management is ruining them. The last ban about money and religion is what I understand but everything else… Thats just wow. It’s not that hard if an interviewer ask them a question that is too personal or they feel is inapropiate they can say, “I dont want to answer or no comment.” And the question and things they’re banning are things that make one direction human. And banning them from dating a fan or flirting with one is dumb. The fan may truly be genuine and one direction may actually like them. Management is hurting the boys because no one has a clean cut image. No celebrity AT ALL has one. And if they find one that does i hope they let me know.