One Direction 2012: Louis Tomlinson treats girlfriend Eleanor Calder to a day at the Olympics – Niall Horan green with envy!

Louis Tomlinson has been itching to get to the London Olympics and it seems that today he finally got his chance.

The One Direction singer has managed to get his hands on some tickets for one of the prestigious sporting events and insiders told Unreality TV that he took his girlfriend Eleanor Calder along to watch from the sidelines.

It is claimed that Tomlinson got tickets for the men’s 100m final at the track, which takes place this evening.

Niall Horan will be green with envy, as he has been tweeting all day about how desperate he is to go along to the Olympics. The 1D singer wanted to support fellow Mullingar man John Joe Nevin in his boxing match tonight.

The hunk tweeted:

‘Really wana go watch @johnJoeNevin tonight! Cant get tickets anywhere’

He later added:

‘Just been talkin t @johnJoeNevin , he’s ready! Lets do it! #MedalforNevin’

‘Ohh buzzin about the fight tonight, cmon @johnJoeNevin , ur doin the country and little ole mgar very proud #proudirishman’

‘Never wanted tickets for somethin more in my life than i do now!’

Nevin, is an amateur boxer who won the Irish national boxing title and qualified for the 2008 Summer Olympics at the age of 18. Four years later he qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

This evening he takes on Mexico’s Oscar Valdez Fierro in the Men’s Bantam (56kg) quarterfinals.

It seems that one Direction have gone sports crazy like the rest of us and Liam Payne revealed that he has been glued to the TV also, writing:

‘Team GB are doing amazinnggg in the olympics!’

Liam has been to a few games of Beach Volleyball over the last two weeks, as his girlfriend Danielle Peazer has been dancing between the matches.

Zayn Malik is also caught up in the excitement and added:

‘Afternoon every1, watching Olympic canoeing, pretty cool :) x’

Did you spot Eleanor and Louis at the race today? Do you think they make a nice couple? Leave your comments below….

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19 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Louis Tomlinson treats girlfriend Eleanor Calder to a day at the Olympics – Niall Horan green with envy!”

  1. Madison says:

    I think they are the perfect couple, and Niall ended up making it to the Olympics with a friend because he recently tweeted a picture of him and a friend there and tweeted “I made it to the fight in the end! Cannot believe im here to watch this happen ! Me and @williedevine ran 1.5 lkm to the excel and made it”

  2. Abbie Siu says:

    OF COURSE THEY ARE A GOOOD COUPLE!! I love them together sooo much! They are perfect for each other. As long as they are happy, I`m really happy! xx

  3. arnelle says:

    lln no louis looks uncomfortable.

    • Chloe says:

      Btw Niall dosent like lln-Laugh like Niall-, he thinks we are making fun of his laugh, so us directioners changed it to LNL-Lovin’ Niall’s Laugh- If you are a true directioner you will to!

      • laura says:

        Please tell me where you got this information that niall doesn’t like “lln”. He has never confirmed it.

  4. HarryS says:

    No, I think Boobear would rather be anywhere than with his awkward Starbucks-dirnking beard. :) XxxxX

    • Lauren says:

      That’s extremely rude. I think they are the perfect couple. If Louis is happy then who are you to stand in the way by calling his girlfriend a ‘starbucks drinking beard’?

    • HarryS says:

      He is /not/ happy okay. If you would actually just /look/ at his face, at the forced, blank smile, then you would /see that./ He is exponentially happier when he is with Harry, it’s obvious. And Louis never gives El heart eyes. xx

  5. Victoria says:

    They are absolutely perfect together, I’m genuinely so happy for them. Super jealous they got to go to the Olympics though! Definitely wish I was there. :)

  6. Chelsea says:


  7. Eisha says:


    by the way…I just added in that Willward. I have never seen that anywhere else. Gee, I’m clever.

  8. pippa says:

    They are a good couple! I personally think that their personalities fit together like pieces of a puzzle. And Louis is definitely loved up with her :)

  9. ren says:

    “Did you spot Eleanor and Louis at the race today?”
    LOL no.. how the fck should i know…

  10. Deluded says:

    omgggg noo, elounor is s000 real. are yOU doubting them?:O:O:O:OOOO have youu nt seen howh they go out all the time nd buY starbucks!!!!11 so cute, eleanor is my thinspo and her style!!!! louis is SO happy with her, look at his totes natural smile when they’re together. ohmigosh my elounor feels </3Xxx

  11. Kaitlin says:

    Louis and El are the perfect cutest couple of all and following them are Zayn and Perrie and Liam and Dani they are all three the most perfect cutest couples ik i love them and couldnt be more happyier that the boys found love and are happy.

    true one directioner.

  12. Mary Ann says:

    Yes, Louis does look deliriously happy and loved up in all the pics with El–if looking constipated, awkward, and pissed off is your happy,loved up face.

  13. Adrienne says:

    Louis looks sooo happy!!!!! And ya! Niall got to go to the olympics!! :)