One Direction 2012: OMG did Zayn Malik just delete his Twitter account over Perrie Edwards hate?

Zayn Malik has just deleted his Twitter account!

The One Direction star has left the micro blogging website tonight, revealing that he can’t cope with the hate and abuse he has been getting online from so called fans.

The 1D hunk has been receiving a lot of negative attention ever since he started dating Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in April of this year. Many people hate the fact that he has a lady in his life, while a lot of Directioners believe that the whole relationship is fake and fabricated by management or SYCO, the record label that look after both X Factor groups.

Zayn tweeted tonight saying:

‘The reason I don’t tweet as much as I use to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter.’

The singer then deleted his account.

Of course Perrie also had to take similar action a few months ago, when she and her bandmates all closed down their pages and opened one joint account, after she was constantly attacked by 1D fans.

It is thought that Malik’s decision may have been driven by the publication of this video, showing him apparently coming on to another girl in America, when he was dating Perrie Edwards. If it is him he’s a bad boy, but the shot is so unclear it could be Jeremy Paxman trying to snog Julie Goodyear for all we know!

Fans were quick to react to the news this evening, with many defending the star. One posted:

‘It’s sad that Zayn Malik felt the need to delete his account due to hate messages. I can’t stand people who are jealous of someone’s fame.’

Another added:

‘wow this hate towards Zayn Malik has GONE WAY TO FAR!! if the hate keeps up all the boys will delete their twitter accounts! STOP THE HATE!!’

An account named 1D Updates said:

‘It’s not even okay how some people manage to hate on others for crying out loud you made ZAYN MALIK delete his freaking twitter.’

However some people were less than upset by the news. One wrote:

‘Everyone moaning about how Zayn Malik deleted his account so go join him and delete theirs too!’

Another more cynical Twitter user posted:

‘The only reason Zayn Malik delete his Twitter is so that he would get noticed and trending worldwide. Nicki Minaj did the same thing..’

What do you think of Zayn’s decision? Of course he can reactivate his account within thirty days and he won’t lose any of his followers or information. Do you think this is a) a scare tactic or b) a PR exercise, just days before the band announce their ‘big news’?

We want to hear what you think so leave your comments below….

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24 Responses to “One Direction 2012: OMG did Zayn Malik just delete his Twitter account over Perrie Edwards hate?”

  1. Kylie Moir says:

    im Kylie (my twitter is KylieMoir8) and i think its stupid how many people are hating on DJ Malik <3 we love you Zayn, dont pay attention to the haters, pay attention to the Directioners because we love you <3

  2. Savannah says:

    I am not surprised I am a directioner and sickens me to see all the hate they get for no reason. That video that most of you saw where zayn apparently cheated on perrie was on tumblr months ago, before he and perrie confiremed dating. So all the fans who loved zayn one minute and hated him when you saw the video, you got what you asked for. I accept zayn’s decision to delete his twitter account because I can’t stand to see someone I love hurt. And even if something happened between zayn and the girl in the video, so what it’s not your business anyway. Even if he wasn’t famous and good looking this wouldn’t be a problem. I wonder if there is anyone out there who feels as bad as I feel for him.

    • Noelle says:

      Savannah, I totally agree with you. I love Zayn the most out of one direction and I think that it’s stupid that even AFTER he has deleted his twitter, people are still insulting him. I dont underhand why haters feel the need to send their negative energy directly to where Zayn could read it. I mean he might be famous and all but he is still a human being like anyone of us and he has feelings. If you don’t support 1D, thats your choice but please don’t feel the need to send him hate messages. Think if you were in his posistion…

  3. lucy says:

    Lucy- twitter- Lucywitty66.
    I think it is stupid, any other 19 year old can be in a relationship without people slating them. Zayn and Perrie are not fake, as much as all Zayn Malik fans might wish. They are both happy together, and if all these so called one direction “fans” like Zayn they would appreciate that is with her and support him through his desitions, he must feel awful that he wants to be with her, and all these people are contantly on her back, making her sad, and saying that all this is for publicity, and if it is, its up to him, and if all these “fans” keep sending hate there will be yet another relationship ended because of all these selfish hater.

  4. Sanzi says:

    If it were anyone who was in Zayn’s position (being famous), I’m sure they’d get tired of it too. I’m not even sure how the rest of 1D can put up with the crap and hate that they get from a lot of people.

  5. Alexa says:

    I really don’t know what to think. Part of me wants to say “Good for him” and another part of me is saying that this is all just for publicity. Think about it, he had the least amount of followers on Twitter. If he comes back (which he probably will within the next few weeks), he will gain thousands of more followers. While I am a HUGE fan of Zayn and the rest of the boys, Zayn at times can seem very narsatistic and I wouldn’t put him above such a stunt.

  6. Angel says:

    I mean, sure he didn’t post too much but I (personally) think this was a stupid move. Twitter is one of only ways he can connect with the fans. I mean, if you read between the lines he did it for love which is totally sweet. But seriously, bonehead move Zayn Malik. I hope the boys tune you in for this.
    ~I’d just like to point our here that I still love him and this is just my opinion. Kthanxbaii~

  7. ZarryShipper says:

    I am so sick and tired of all this bs. Zayn did not cheat on perrie. He freaking loves her. I am like completely in love with him and its heart breaking to know that hes taken but i never sent hate. Zerrie is beautiful and real. All this drama is just ridiculous. Leave zayn alone. His dream is to sing, change peoples lives and live his dream why tf are people sending hate. He is beautiful inside and out. I just wish he would keep his twitter for us directioners who have supported him. Ignore all the dumb irrelevant people out there.

  8. Amanda says:

    Anyway I don’t really like twitter , but I do think it’s sad that he felt the need to delete his account. As for whether he did it to gain publicly or not I don’t know. I hope not. But seriously fans need to chill I mean the boys are gonna end up hatting us.:/

  9. Amanda says:

    anddd can I just say.. he looks pretty Sexy in that picture :D *drool*

  10. Zoee Kimball says:

    Really Why Should It Matter If he Chooses To Have A Girl In His Life …… More Than Likely The Fans Hating (because they think they could have a chance with him) Will Probably Never Ever Meet Him Personally Or Hang Out With Him ….. So GET OVER YOUR SELVES !!!!

  11. Zoee Kimball says:

    And I Honestly dont care what other people say or think about 1 Direction I Love Them & If You Are Hating On Them Or You Are A Hater Then You Are Probably Jealous Of Their Fame ….. Just Like Guys Hate On Justin Bieber & Call Him gay Its Just Because Jb Can Get 10 times as many girls in 5 seconds as 1 Guy can get in FIVE YEARS !!! SO I Feel Like In A way Its The same With 1D Guys Are Jealous Of The Amount Of Girls They Get & Some Girl Haters Are Probably Jealous Of 1Ds Fame & The Same With Jb !!

  12. Chloe Sweetie says:

    To be honest if they were true directioners they wouldn’t act like this. All the hate should really stop! I love Zayn and I hate that he is going through this… I mean people, stop treating him like a peace of trash and be happy for him.

  13. Zoee Kimball says:

    And Just Like The People Out There Who Choose To Listen TO What The Press & Those Stupid Magazines Say YOUR DUMB ….. Because You Listen To the things & you think that they are true, when that is wrong on your part because you dont know Zayns Side of the story … Most Of the time press & Those Magazines Are just as much haters as anyone else is ….. There Is No POINT In all this Retardedness From All Of You HATERS ….If You Arent Jealous Or Just Dont Like A Famous Person Then Dont Listen to their music & Dont Have Something Rude to say about them 24-7 …. Its None Of Our Places to Judge or Condem Other People When In Reality We DONT really Know them even if we think we DO !!

  14. Zoee Kimball says:

    And Chloe I Agree ….. I LOVE ZAYN !!!

  15. Chloe Sweetie says:

    I also agree with you Zoee, The press could just be haters..

  16. Georgia says:

    As a directioner I think that anyone who has a problem with 1D shouldn’t follow them and shouldn’t make comments towards them. These haters obviously don’t have a life and therefore feel the need to focus on others. They should just follow who they like and tweet who they like. What good does giving 1D hate do? I’m really sad that Zayn has just deleted his account but I can kind of understand :’( we’ll miss u on twitter Zayn :(

  17. I want zayn back on twitter says:

    zayn didn’t do it to get attention he did it because he was getting hate letters and one of the people is @perezhilton perez post bad things of one direction and zayn if you go to the @perezhilton twitter he has posted some things , also zayn deleted his twitter because hate letters more info @aracelyloves1D

  18. I want zayn back on twitter says:

    I agrew with georgia

  19. Directioner says:

    it’s not just because of perrie . and if she’s the reason treu Directioners respect her and now we are redy to love her . we will lern haw to love her and we will send her every day a tweet sayin that she’s amazing and we love her . but jut zayn back to twitter . we couldn’t stop criyn since we hear the news . we are sooo sed

  20. Noelle says:

    KEEP IT TRENDING!!!!!  Zayn needs to know that’s people do care. BRING IT UP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  21. Noelle says:

    If you look on YouTube, in the comments section under most of videos with Zayn in them you will likely find people talking about this twitter situation. One person states that on august 30th everyone should go on the one direction twitter page and tweet, “I’m sorry” only once with no otherwords. Also along with getting #ComeBackZayn to trend also #Fix1DFandom. Spread the word

  22. janet says:

    i think that its the fans fault for not letting him have a life and who ever said hate stuff to him look what u did u did u should feel a shame of your selfs

  23. razza says:

    idk but its sad for me to know that, he loves perrie that much. That he will delete his twitter because he loves his girlfriend and tired of all the hates sent to them. That it can make their relationship stronger. I love Zayn and it hurts me feeling like, he have a perrie and he can no longer love me. And that, they both love each other. But, I think im sounding selfish that way. I don’t wanna. I hope I was the one comforting him today. It’s really sad in my part. But, I also need to know his part… that, he also is undergoing some difficulties. So, I try to understand his love for his girlfriend so, I’ll just let destiny do the job if he is really for me. idk. mixed emotions really. too much thinking for me…