One Direction 2012: OMG Niall Horan talks ‘early retirement’ after knee injury & operation

Niall Horan has opened up about exactly how he managed to injure his knee.

The One Direction singer caused quite the furore on Twitter yesterday, when he told his six million followers that he had hurt his leg, was on crutches and was going to have to go into hospital for an operation.

Speaking on Daybreak this morning the handsome singer joked that he was going to have to go into ‘early retirement’ from dancing and playing football, because of his dodgy knee cap.

He said:

“No football for me. I’ve torn most of the ligaments in my knee.”

Horan added:

“Early retirement for me. It happened playing football about two years ago and every now and then…I’ve got a floating knee cap, so it pops out every now and then. I have to get an operation.”

Eugh! The lads revealed that their pal has a great picture of his leg the first time his kneecap popped out. They loved it, but just the though of it makes us want to chuck up our breakfast.

Meanwhile, our lovely little Nialler has also been speaking about his pride in their new album ‘Take Me Home.’ The record is set for release at the end of November and he teased it’s content to fans, saying:

“[We're] very proud, We worked very hard on it this year. It’s not a million miles away from the first album, it’s kind of a similar sound, but it’s a little more beefed up. The guitars are heavier, the drums are heavier and we personally think that the songs are better.”

Some of you brilliant Directioners left the sweetest comments and get well soon messages for Niall here on Unreality TV yesterday. Some of our favourite were:

‘Aww, Niall. Get well soon! We don’t want you to miss the other Concerts, Live stream, Photoshoots, Tours, Interviews…
We will miss you! Lovelots by a Fan. xx’

‘I’m so sad about this news ( I hope niall read this message .. I am very worried about you Nial but I’m sure you’ll be okay.. God bless you Niall and I love you so much~ hehe mm Get well soon! I’ll pray for you <3′

‘Hy Niall get well,i m sorry for your knee hope you’re good an all the CROATIAN fans loves you an wishes you good recovery…SO BE STRONG AND JUST KEEP SMILING!!CROATIA LOVES YOU!!! <3′

‘Aww GET WELL SOON NIALLER!! Just remember, there are more people in the world that love you than people who dislike you. Brush off the small things (haters) and get on with life! MUCH LOVE FROM ARKANSAS!’

Leave your message for Niall below.

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30 Responses to “One Direction 2012: OMG Niall Horan talks ‘early retirement’ after knee injury & operation”

  1. Rachel says:

    Aw Niall :( I’m sorry about your knee. I’m really worried about you but I know u will b ok cuz ur so brave ;) haha I love you Nialler I think you r the sweetest person ever. <3 oh yeah I hope you can still do your jumps! O_O haha get well soon! Connecticut loves you! <3


    hope you get better Niall! god I know how you feel! I broke my leg a while ago and had to have a cast on for three months, in tHe middle of summer! that wasnt the best! Get bettr soo!

  3. Ally (Nialls Girlfriend) says:

    Get well soon Niall….everything will be fine:)
    Im praying for youuu<333 Love u Niall

  4. Sarah says:

    I hope you get well soon Nialller! You’llbe fine :)
    I LOVE YOU NIALLER!!!!!!!!!

  5. Roy says:

    I hope you are ok Nialler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) ;]

    1D ROCK YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Hope you get well soon niall God will make it better lots if love-lindsey <3 :)

  7. niall horan future wife says:

    niall i love you and i hope you get well soon i am so worried i nearly cried at the thought of you having knee surgery and you teasing and talking about early retirement everyones heart would of been broken everybody is hoping that you get well soon especially me i love you so much GET WELL SOON i hope your surgery goes well and you will get better i know it xxxx

  8. rachael cowell says:

    hay niall stay strong and i know you will be fine becasue your the bravest person i know you will be in my mind and my prays i hope you make a quick recoery and get well soon love you niall just keep smileing and take everything cool i realy hope i can meet you in realy life to tell you how much i hope you get well love rachael stay strong x

  9. Allison says:

    Get well niall babe. We love you and hope you recover soon. Love, hugs, and kisses. xo <3

  10. chickabiddy says:

    Ah nialler feel better soon!! New York luvs ya to pieces!!!!

  11. Jaz says:

    Aww poor Nialler feel better soon hope your surgery goes well lots of love a fan and cant wait for the new album soo excited i love LWWY just cant imagine what the whole album is going to be like

  12. Shane says:

    Awe. Nialler, Hope you’ll be okay soon (: We’re all worried here… Always remember that the Directioners are always here for you guys… No matter what happen, WE LOVE YOU!~ <3 And we know that your Album (Take Me Home) will be a very very big success… Keep your head up high!~ <3 <3 <3 The Philippine Directioners love you <3 Take care and God bless ((((:

  13. nannasee says:

    please get well soon. i hope your knee gets better. i have hurt my knee really bad before and it sucks.

  14. Kayla says:

    That’s bad, hope you make a quick recovery after the surgery. I’ve had a knee op before you just have to work hard at physio and you’ll get better quicker:-)x

  15. @yazminbiebers3 says:

    hey niall!!! so sorry about what happened,hope u will get better soon!! :) cant wait to buy the new album!!! <3 <3 <3

  16. Jaymie says:

    Hope you get better Niall. All your fans love you. So you will have support. Love you and the boys. But your my favorite. Bye hope you see this get better.

  17. Lexie says:

    Me and my friends love you and the boys Niall! We hope you get well soon! <3 We love you guys here in Kansas. Wishing for a safe recovery! <3 Get well soon Nialler!!! There is a small amount of people that hate on you, compared to those that love you!! You deserve to be in the band, youre beautiful, and perfect the way you are!!! <3 always, this true Directioner! <3

  18. elana says:

    Oh niall get eill soon i know how u feel i was playing volleyball and i got a concussion its bad and now i cant play basketball im sad but hey i know that ill do fine and if i do ok do will you i love you niall get will really soon please!!!!!<3

  19. B.M.W. says:

    I am sorry to hear aout your knee injury Niall! You’ll be in my prayers tonight, I hope you get better and not go in to an ealy retirement! I and several fans would be deeply crushed.


    Dedicated Directioner ;)

  20. Reiko Ayco says:

    Niall I know you’ll be fine because you’re brave and strong enough to face your problems ;) MAKE NIALL SMILE EVERYDAY ;) x ♥

  21. ashley says:

    Aww poor Niall i hope u get better soon i dont like seeing you hurt.. I love u and the other lads.. :)

    ur bigest fan

  22. Allicyn Trammell says:

    I hope you get better Niall! It hurts when you pop your knee out of place i did it 3 years ago playing softball! I hope you feel better soon!(: Lots of love

  23. jenna barbarisi says:

    niall hope you feel better soon and you are ok it must of really hurt :( feel better soon

  24. jenna barbarisi says:

    feel better soon niall lots of love your the best

  25. Sinead says:

    Hey niall sorry to hear about your knee hope u get better soon:) is must hve really hurt ouch hope u hve a speedy recover<3

  26. Kat Stout, 12 says:

    Dear Niall,
    I really hope your leg feels better. You are a brave, lovable, young man, and I admire you for that! God Bless You and may HE grant us healing of your body, spirit, mind and soul.

    Kat Stout, 12

  27. Margot Wilson, 12 says:

    Love you baby! I hope your leg doesn’t hurt too much, and that you will recover fully as soon as possible. I’ll be praying for you, gorgeous! Lots of Love, your biggest fan! xx

  28. Lexi says:

    Niall get well soon!!!!!! Wisconsin loves u so very much :D

  29. Hannah says:

    Dear Niall,
    I hope u get better SOON.
    You know we love you hope u get well soon .



  30. Shelby says:

    My friend told me that Niall was hurt and I wouldn’t believe her. So I was curious and looked it up. Now I am bawling my eyes out I love Niall so much! Get well soon!