One Direction 2012: Taylor Swift gets the mistletoe ready for Harry Styles!

harry styles, taylor swift

Taylor Swift is an old romantic!

The pop princess is currently being wooed by One Direction star Harry Styles and is sounds like she’s planning to make the most of his infinitely kissable lips over the festive period.

The ‘Love Story’ hit maker has revealed that she has her mistletoe up and ready for some cheeky kisses, assumably with the hunky 1D heart throb while he is with her in America.

She’s a sucker for Christmas and despite being 23 years old – Haz helped her celebrate her birthday with cupcakes last week – she told that she still believes in Santa saying:

‘You have to believe in him, if not, he won’t bring you any gifts. Everybody knows that.”

Harry is in the States with Taylor at the minute and didn’t join the rest of his One Direction bandmates when they returned to the UK yesterday. It’s not yet known if he’ll stay with Swift and her family for Christmas but if he does it sounds like he’ll be lucky enough to get a smooch or two as Taylor added:

taylor swift, harry styles

“There’ll be mistletoe hung at my house.”

Swift is also a sucker for a Christmas tune but like us, she loves the old soppy ones best.

She admitted that Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ is her favourite festive song because of it’s sad message, adding:

harry taylor 1

“I like the song because it is about an old relationship.”

Are you a Haylor fan or does the thought of them kissing under the mistletoe make you mad with jealousy? Leave your comments below…

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6 Responses to “One Direction 2012: Taylor Swift gets the mistletoe ready for Harry Styles!”

  1. Meh says:

    To be jealous or hate haylor is really immature but I don’t ship Haylor… It’s just…. It doesn’t seem real. And SEE WHAT IT DID TO ONE DIRECTION! I’m so mad with this whole story.

  2. HateTaylorSwift says:

    I don’t ship Haylor and never will! She’s gonna break up 1D and write a bad song about Harry which will not be popular because directioners will not listen OR buy it. Harry’s blinded by love. Taylor called Niall a fat blonde pig and tweeted the f word to us, directioners. HOW COULD I STAND IT? On FB, an admin from a page said that Louis overheard her conversation saying that she’s using Harry to break the band up. I don’t know if it’s true. If IT IS, I’LL GIVE HER A PIECE OF MY MIND. Harry’s too good for Taylor and Taylor and Harry are NOT a good couple. Like 90% of directioners DON’T SHIP HAYLOR while the other 10% does. Harry Styles, wake up! and BREAK UP WITH TAYLOR before it’s too late. You’ll regret this!

  3. whatever says:

    I’m affraid that this fanbase might end up being the boy’s downfall.

    It seems like a lot of people rely on unproven rumours to hate on Taylor Swift: some supposed tweet that I can’t see, some admin who says that she suppositely heard Louis say something, her insulting Niall (but no proof that I have seen either). And people go on saying those things as if they were facts and convince eachother that they are true without any proof.

    The only truth here is that Harry spends a lot of time with Taylor… But doesn’t Zayn spend as much time as possible with his GF who he always rushes back to England for? Same with Liam and Louis to my knowledge. But it’s OK for them to do that because their GF have more or less been accepted by most of the fanbase.

    I would actually say that the boys started spending less time together outside of work before “Haylor”: basically when they all more or less got involved apart from Harry an Niall. They have all developped their own set of friends outside the band, and got GF one after the other. Blaming Taylor for that is the furthest thing from the truth IMO.
    If Harry did not have Taylor, he might be hanging out with his other friends (Ed, Grimmy, whoever else…) or his familly, but would he really be helping out Zayn or Louis decorating their Xmas tree and hang out with them all day long?

    I don’t think that the band is about to split either BTW, they seem to be great friends but they are developping a life outside 1D which is very healthy too!

  4. Tamara says:

    Look,everyone knows she is not good for Harry.She makes all of us upset when we see something about ‘Haylor’ by the way HAYLOR is such a stupid nick name.
    Is rumored that her fans are talking bad things about Directioners,but we cant know if thats true.its may a rumor,but I dont like her anyway.She will write a really bad song about Harry blah blah blah and shes buying a house in harrys area,and she all the time does the same thing like with everyone of her exs,and every single relationship was over before that bc she is going to fast with everything.I dont like her,but also I dont hate her.I’ve never loved her. i dont care what do u think shippers ,if u have something to tell me,dont,keep that for yourself,bye

  5. daphne says:

    I’m dead

  6. StilesStyles says:

    1) who would ever be a Haylor fan? 2) if they are together i will probably throw u-oh wait i do that any way and 3) i would hate to be Harry in this situation!! Im mad-jealous-and completely disgusted with the mistletoe thing!!😑😬😿 but im happy that Harry is back in Louis’, the boys, his friends, and family’s arms!!😸😺😻😽