One Direction 2012: What? Niall Horan admits he has a tattoo on his bum! (VIDEO)

We thought that Niall Horan was the only remaining unmarked member of One Direction but perhaps that isn’t true.

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are like tattoo canvases and have so many inkings on their fine bodies that we’ve stopped counting at this point.

However, during a visit to Dublin recently the singers persuaded Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – who up until that point had been tattoo virgins – to get some permanent body art and the pair got inkings of little screws to match their pals.

Liam went one step further and got some extra tattoos when he returned to London last month.

However, so far our lovely little Nialler seems to have resisted the urge to undergo the needle, or so we thought.

In an interview with Access Hollywood a presenter asked the boys which one of them had just got a new tattoo and Liam admitted it was him. However he added that Mr Horan has joined him and Nialler revealed that he and been to a tattoo parlour and had ‘I love S E’ on his bum.

We have to admit that we are very much hoping that he is joking, as we hate the thought of Niall’s lily white skin being defiled and spoilt by a crass marking.

But then he did promise his bandmates he’d get one done last month and after they teased and taunted him about being the only non tattooed 1D member, he tweeted Louis Tomlinson saying:

““Ok I’ll give into you! I’ll get it done! Jesus! Have you quite finished?””

What do you think Directioners? Has he succumbed? Leave your comments below…

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One Response to “One Direction 2012: What? Niall Horan admits he has a tattoo on his bum! (VIDEO)”

  1. rusher&directioner says:

    if you truly respected one direction then you would respect big time rush aswell. they both support eachother
    not cool!