One Direction 2013: Any idea what #1BIGANNOUNCEMENT is yet?!

#1bigannoucement 1d

One Direction devotees will know that the band are currently teasing their millions of fans with the promise of “a big announcement” on May 16th…

There’s even a special countdown clock on the band’s website that’s inexorably ticking down to the big moment, but of course, the question is, just what is this big announcement?

Well, 1D fans have been going nuts trying to figure it out, and on Twitter, various suggestions have been put forward, including that it’s going to be the announcement of a new acoustic album, new management and a world tour…

However, the 1D lads, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, are of course currently on a world tour, so I can’t see it being that.

Anyway, the Daily Mirror has today come up with some suggestions. Here’s what the paper has to say…

1) Something to do with the boys’ movie This Is Us. A chance to star in it? A chance to film part of it?

2) The new album is ready! Ed Sheeran, who has worked on all of the group’s LPs to date, claimed the new one had already been completed. The ginger one said: “I haven’t done any songs on this one.” Maybe they’re going to announce the release date?

3) A massive homecoming tour all around the UK just in time for Christmas.

4) The band are getting a sixth member. Open auditions nationwide.

5) Filling the mixed-sex pop group void left by Hear’Say and S Club 7 they’re joining forces with Little Mix to make supergroup ‘One Little’.

6) Bonnie Tyler has roped them in to be her backing singers on The Eurovision Song Contest (it’s on 18th May).

7 ) There’s going to be a One Direction baby! Anything to tell us, Harry?

8) One Direction: The Musical will be replacing Viva Forever in London’s West End.

9) The band are getting their own flag, and you can win the chance to design it.

10) The band are getting their own country, and you can win the chance to live there.

one direction antwerp

But we want to know your theories so let us know in the comment box below! For now, here’s a reminder of the band playing live recently…

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10 Responses to “One Direction 2013: Any idea what #1BIGANNOUNCEMENT is yet?!”

  1. whatever says:

    -new tour next year?

    -premiere of the movie with something special… maybe a concert? or the premiere could be streamed online worldwide?

  2. Bianca says:


  3. Dionne says:

    Louis and Eleanor are getting married?

    • girlvwholikesniall says:

      i want this to be true s bad…………………………………………………………………………

  4. Kara :) says:

    One of the girls are pregnant?:)
    The movie is cancelled?:)
    Liam has another kidney?:)
    They are getting married?:)
    They are going to all major stores around the world?:)

  5. Saphirra says:

    One Direction are getting their own plant and we get to live there;)

  6. Jinelys says:

    i think one of the boys girlfriend are pregnat or something idk lol but i wanna see the movie soo badd! or maybe they might be getting a new member or little mix and on direction might make the band ‘One Little’ I laughed at the name it was cute hah :)

  7. one direction fans says:

    what r they gonna have thier own plans?
    oh….dont tell us that louis and leonor are gething married…i`m gonna die oh louis…
    where r they gonna live plz.. tell

  8. one direction fans says:


  9. TheRealOneDirectionFans: Darcy,Shaye,Wynnie,Kelly,Dayle,Xandra,Frances,Angelika says:

    -Are you kiddin` me
    -When will the audition start?
    -I wanted to audition (I`M EXCITED)